7,317 pageviews Monthly Blog Report Card #2

7,317 pageviews Monthly Blog Report Card #2

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Month #2! Most of the month was met with a post every other day, but I didn’t post at all the last week due to the financial independence course I created.

Here are my Google Analytics stats from February. They’re more conservative than Jetpack, so I thought I’d choose them.

Blog Stats

Global Alexa Ranking: 896,000 (down from 1.42M – lower is better!)

US Alexa Ranking 160,000 (down from 200,830 – lower is better!)

Twitter Followers: 509 (up from 181, though I didn’t get to 500 until March 1st)

Pinterest Followers: 64 (up from 25)

FB Followers: 0 (I created a page, but forgot to approve it or something? Oops?)

Google referrals: 225 referrals! Install the Yoast plugin and try to make all the colors turn green!

Blog Features

1). Rockstar Rumble: This post made it to the competition! I got knocked out the first round, but before that it got really good traffic.

2). Random Reddit traffic to this one post – see the giant spike in early Feb? That’s what that was.

3). Rockstar Finance also featured this post in their daily newsletter in the quotes section.

4). Defined Sight featured me in their weekly round up :).

5). BusyMom featured me in her 100 day celebration.

6). Free Money Finance’s blogroll thanks to the RSF program :).

7). Budget Kitty featured this post about me nearly dying while snowboarding.

8). Angela put me in her woman of the financial independence movement post.

I suspect I am missing a few thank yous to feature’ers but I cannot think of them right now. I really should start writing this post as the month goes by and not just on the first day of the next month. I’ll do that next month:)

If I am missing you on this list, please let me know :). It was not intentional!

Cool Bloggers

Busymom continues to be one of my best blogging buddies. We share lots of information with each other and she is amazingly upbeat and positive.

I asked Angela about her FB vs Pinterest ROI for marketing and she let me know that FB was much better for her. I tried it out and got disabled by the end of the 2nd day. Apparently FB does not like Anon accounts who ask to join too many blogging/FI groups. Oops?

I have asked Kiwi about her Pinterest experience because she replied to some other tweet about Pinterest (I think, not sure since I can’t track down the original tweet). She was super helpful. She gets 20-100 referrals from a day from manual pinning! I’m much to lazy to do it manually, so hopefully Tailwind gives me the same success! She also gave me invites/links to a few boards to try out. She’s super sweet and helpful.

Church (whom I met at the NYC blogging meetup) reached out with some kind words in the middle of the month, just in time for my blogging meltdown haha.

99to1percent invited me to an awesome Pinterest board. She’s also financially independent now! Saas (software as a service) seems to be the best way to go :P.

Chelsea created a cool #womenrockmoney collaboration for Women’s Day in March. I also get a free T-shirt! If you know me, I love free things. In fact, at a recent board game night, we were playing Cards Against Humanity and I drew “What would Olivia bring back from Mexico”. A friend tossed in a card that said “free samples”. I picked that one. 😂😂😂

J from Millennial Boss asked if anyone would like to sponsor her FireDrill podcast and I thought it was a great idea.

January’s Goals & Data

Pinterest: 500 Referrals (FAILED)

Twitter: 500 followers (SUCCESS)

Page views: 7,000 – (SUCCESS)

Subscribers: 133 total (no goal was made about this)

February’s Goals

Last month, I failed to implement a Pinterest strategy. In January, I was getting 5-10 referrals a day from Pinterest before I ran out of my free 100 pins from Tailwind. According to Google Analytics, I had 21 referrals from Pinterest in February, so you can see that the buzz died down from my previous pins. I guess the longetivity of a normal pin is a month or so? None of them went “viral” so maybe if they had gone viral they would’ve lasted longer.

In February, I paid for a year’s worth of unlimited Tailwind and committed to growing that social media platform (well, search engine) for the month of March. As such, I only have one goal for social media in March since it is so large.

Pinterest referral traffic – 5,000 referrals

Pageviews – 20,000

Blogging 3x a week, unless I come up with another idea for some other course haha.

If you’d like to know where I promote my blog for all the referral traffic I get, sign up below and I’ll send you a sheet with all my favorite places, so you can know how I grew my blog to 7,000 views/month in just my second month:).

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts this Month

Any questions or comments about the blog? I love constructive criticism!

Author: Olivia

Olivia worked in finance and wants you to learn the secrets of financial independence. She believes there are so many ways to monetize your life and make money doing the things you're already doing because so many companies offer free money.

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20 thoughts on “7,317 pageviews Monthly Blog Report Card #2

    1. Thank you! I am quite jealous of your fb views but the price of anonymity is too high to pay for me! Pinterest for sure!

  1. Hi Olivia!

    Great stats! Yes – come play in Pinterest land! It is Fun! Some days with a capital F, some little f. 😉 But, it is a good resource when people are on it and pins are timely. Monday nobody must have worked in the world – that was a huge day for us. Tuesday was like tumbleweeds…on all platforms!

    I dislike Facebook, and have trust issues with that platform. I created a page, but, all of the sudden it starts showing me the weather for my current location and pulling up my 38923498 contacts as a suggested friend from my personal account. Now somebody’s gotta explain it to me, how if I created a new facebook account, on a device (computer) that I’ve never logged into facebook before with – can pull my suggested list of contacts. I have facebook on my phone (never go on it, because, that’s where are parents are now, ha!), but, can’t remember the user name and pass – and have never logged onto it anywhere else. It’s all so interesting and eyebrow raising to me. So I said no thank you, deleted account immediately and will focus efforts elsewhere! Maybe someday snapchat or Instagram will be doable. Until then, meh – happy with what we have so far.

    1. lol I love your description of fun! Lol the lack of productivity in jobs due to blogs must be huge haha. Were you on the same wifi as the other devices? Or did you have other accounts (gmail/hotmail/etc) that you logged into? The internet is big brother and knows all! Yes, it’s so creepy! I’m waiting for a blogger to tell me how I market via Snapchat lol, maybe you can be that person?

    1. Thanks a bunch! Yeah, the # of followers on Pinterest doesn’t seem directly correlated to number of pins you get lol. It’s a great platform for newbie bloggers!

  2. Nice month, will be looking forward to seeing you keep it rolling into these upcoming months! 🙂

    I’m going to be looking to rock on Pinterest and well. Let’s grow together 🙂

  3. How do you find time to write 3 posts per week while balancing work and life. That has been my struggle in my second month. I’ve had a fraction of your success but I’m happy with how far I have come. I have reread a couple of my first posts and I believe that my writing has improved. That is a win for me. You seemed very focused and the results are showing that.

    1. It takes me around 2-3 hours per blog post so 10 hours a week is not bad :). I think it gets easier, you write posts faster, find pics faster l, etc. Everything improves with time 🙂

  4. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll make next month’s numbers! For reference, I think everyone did better than me in month 1 (like 650 PV), and you’ve done three times better than me in month 2. Just make sure to remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Lots of bloggers have gotten burnout trying to grow as fast as possible. Think hard about what you’re trying to achieve (loyal readers, page views, get a book deal, etc.). That’s my two cents!

    1. Thanks so much Luxe! Let’s not jinx it, I could have peaked lol. Def putting the breaks on a little and only blogging 3x a week and not really doing all the social media promo. Trying to crack Pinterest and hopefully it will be fun and easy? Probably not haha.

      I really do need to think hard about what is good for my blog. Currently I’m just trying to navigate and learn all about blogging and social media. A book deal does sound like fun though! Maybe I will include that in my goals :). Thank you!

  5. Olivia, these are awesome results, you are killing it! And perfect Cards against humanity answer there with the free samples.

    I need to put together my first blogging month numbers, but I know they will not compare favorably to the rockstars!

    1. Thank Ms ZiYou! It was quite hysterical because there were some other good answers, but none as “me”.

      Put it together! It gives you a chance to analyze it and see what really happened. The numbers don’t lie and can point you to which posts were the most popular, which venues have the best ROI on traffic, etc. Plus it gives other bloggers a chance to connect because I don’t see that many people doing traffic numbers, esp the newer ones. You’re doing great!

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