BeFrugal Review [$10 Signup Bonus]: Cashback Site Guide

BeFrugal Review [$10 Signup Bonus]: Cashback Site Guide

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8 out of 10 Americans shop online, so what better way for those people to get cashback than to simply go through a cashback site? It takes less than 15 seconds and could net you hundreds or thousands a year. BeFrugal is one of those cashback sites, and we’ll be going how to make the most money with BeFrugal via cashback in our BeFrugal review.

Get Cashback With BeFrugal ($10 Bonus)

An Introduction To Cashback Sites

What exactly is a cashback site? Cashback sites aggregate coupons, deals, and discounts in order to entice you to order through them by clicking through to the retailer from the cashback site. These cashback sites have agreements with the largest online retailers to receive a small commission every time someone buys something through the cashback site. They give you part or all of the commission they receive in order to entice you to order through them. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Another great thing is that they usually have sign-up bonuses.

BeFrugal offers a $10 bonus just for signing up.

Ebates also offers a $10 bonus for signing up.

Lastly, they offer cashback on very common online retailers. You know, the ones you probably spend the most money on! Amazon, Walmart, Target, Jet, etc. are all popular sites listed on cashback sites.

BeFrugal cashback process: BeFrugal Review
BeFrugal cashback process: BeFrugal Review

For example, if you were buying something through Nordstrom and the item cost $100 and the cashback rate was 8 percent, you’d get $8 back.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spends ~$26,000 on things you can get cashback on. In order to get to this number, we subtracted out things like taxes, rent or mortgage, auto and student loans, insurance, etc, basically things you can’t get cashback on.

Most cashback options are between 1-10 percent, so if we’re assuming you’re getting an average of 4.5% cashback, that’s ~$1,170 in cashback per year. If you’re not using a cashback site, you’re leaving money on the table.

Imagine getting $1,000 a year just for using cashback sites and apps. Add in credit card cashback and bonuses, and you’re getting a ton of money back.

Generally online cashback sites don’t offer that many cashback options for brick and mortar retailers. Check out our Drop review [$5 bonus] for brick and mortar cashback.

What Is BeFrugal And How Does BeFrugal Work?

BeFrugal is one of the biggest cashback sites. It was started in 2009 as a coupon and deals site, but they added a cashback portal a short while later.

BeFrugal has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Sign up for BeFrual for free here and get a $10 sign-up bonus through this link.

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BeFrugal offers up to 40% cashback on 5,000+ retailers. It’s safe to say wherever you’re shopping, you’ll find some great cashback.

Getting cashback via BeFrugal is actually super simple.

Once you’re ready to purchase something, all you need to do is go to the BeFrugal site and search for that specific store.

We’ll use Sephora as an example. Go to BeFrugal¬†and search for Sephora. You’ll see the screen below. Dom’t click on “Shop Now” though! Click through to “Online Coupons” to get an extra discount. Or in Sephora’s case, free extra skincare or makeup!

BeFrugal Search Page For Retailers
BeFrugal Search Page For Retailers

This is what the page looks like once you search Sephora. You can see that they offer 7 percent cashback. How much do you spend on skincare or makeup per year? The cashback you get just from Sephora or your favorite skincare or makeup sites is probably enough for a few new products!

The great thing about BeFrugal is that they show you all the coupons available. If you’ve ever shopped at Sephora, you know they have a page of beauty promos with free large-size samples if you spend $25+ per order. I like that BeFrugal goes ahead and lists all these coupons on the page.

Click on the Online Coupons to see what they are.

An Example Of BeFrugal Deals For Sephora
An Example Of BeFrugal Deals For Sephora

Copy the code by clicking the blue “copy code” button next to the codes so you can paste that in your cart when you check out. Once you click shop now, you’ll see a page that shows that BeFrugal is tracking your order.

Redirect Page On BeFrugal To Make Sure You Get Your Cashback
Redirect Page On BeFrugal To Make Sure You Get Your Cashback

You’ll see the redirect page once you click through to Sephora. You’ll then land on the actual Sephora page and do your shopping as you would normally do. I want to emphasize that you’re shopping through Sephora ultimately. You’re just going through BeFrugal so you collect that extra 7 percent cashback.

You Can Always Check Your Shopping Trips On BeFrugal
You Can Always Check Your Shopping Trips On BeFrugal

BeFrugal tracks which sites you click through to so that they can ensure you get your cashback. If you go to “My Account” at the top and hover over, you’ll see “Shopping Trips”. Once you click on that, you’ll see that BeFrugal tracks the time, date, and store of when you leave BeFrugal to go shop. It should look like the screenshot below. This is great because if there’s an issue, you can go back to this page and BeFrugal will be able to track your cashback much more easily.

This Is What Each Click Track Looks Like: Click Number, Date, And Time.
This Is What Each Click Track Looks Like: Click Number, Date, And Time.

I’ve blocked out the personal info here, but you’ll see that BeFrugal is able to track every click, so you’ll get your cashback.

Note: If you have some kind of adblock turned on, the retailer won’t be able to tell the cashback site sent you, so you won’t get your cashback. Make sure that if you use Adblock or another kind of ad blocking software, to turn it off when you’re purchasing something.

BeFrugal Cashback Guarantees (Coupons and Cashback Rates)

1). BeFrugal Cashback Rate Guarantee

The best part about BeFrugal is that they match cashback rates from other sites.

Below is a screenshot from the website. If you find a better cashback rate on another cashback website, you can file a claim within 24 hours (since cashback rates frequently change) and BeFrugal will match 125% of the higher rate. Not only will they match it, but they’ll give you an extra 25 percent. That’s awesome! I would guess they offer this rate guarantee to show people they’re serious about providing the best cashback for you. I’m assuming no one actually tracks the cashback rate across sites. But if you decided to, it could be lucrative for large purchases!

BeFrugal Cashback Rate Guarantee
BeFrugal Cashback Rate Guarantee

2). BeFrugal Coupon Guarantee

In addition to the cashback guarantee, BeFrugal offers a coupon guarantee. If the coupon on the BeFrugal site doesn’t work when you’re trying to purchase something, you can get $5 if you contact BeFrugal within 24 hours.

BeFrugal Coupon Guarantee
BeFrugal Coupon Guarantee

These two things are like price matching, but with bonuses attached. Name another site that offers a bonus when price matching! It’s rare.

BeFrugal has livechat on their site and when I tested it out, someone answered in less than 5 seconds. So if you have to talk to someone, it’s super quick and convenient.

How Does BeFrugal Pay Out?

BeFrugal takes 10 business days to process your cashback redemption request. BeFrugal pays out as soon as they receive their commission from the retailer. Usually it is sent out after the return policy of a retailer ends. This is because they won’t get a commission if you return the product, and in return, can’t pay you your cashback if you return the product.

Previously, BeFrugal paid on a similar timeline as Ebates (4x a quarter), but they now pay as soon as they receive the commission, which is awesome. They used to offer an extremely high cashout rate for minimum payment at $25, but BeFrugal has since changed that. You’re now able to cash out at any dollar value. If you make a penny in cashback, you can cash out!

Here’s a screenshot of what the Paypal payout looks like.

Cash Payments

BeFrugal Cash Payment Options
BeFrugal Cash Payment Options

BeFrugal offers 3 types of payout via cash. The minimum payout for direct deposit and Paypal is $.01. Yup, a cent! It’s awesome because it means you can cash out every time you make a purchase for cashback.

If you want a check, there’s a $25 minimum. It takes a few weeks for the check to get to you, so your best bet is Paypal so you can use it somewhere else immediately if you want to. Bank transfers take a few days to process.

However, none of these beat the fact that BeFrugal offers a Visa prepaid card as well with a 2 percent bonus!

Gift Card Payment Bonuses

You also have the option of getting paid via gift cards. BeFrugal offers a bonus if you decide to get paid via gift card.

Here are the companies they offer gift cards for below:

  • Amazon (1% bonus)
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond (5% bonus)
  • Best buy (2% bonus)
  • Dell (6% bonus)
  • eBay (3% bonus)
  • Gap (6% bonus)
  • Kohl’s (5% bonus)
  • Overstock (6%bonus)
  • Sephora (6% bonus)
  • Visa Prepaid Card (2% bonus)

Yes, you read that right. For whatever reason, the Visa prepaid card gets a 2 percent bonus. That’s awesome, because a visa prepaid card is basically a cash gift card! It’s probably the best option here if you literally want cash but it does require $5 minimum in cashback.

BeFrugal gives bonuses of 1-6% on gift card redemptions.

BeFrugal Payment Via Gift Card
BeFrugal Payment Via Gift Card

CashBack Site Tips

Don’t Overspend Jut For The Cash Back!

We’re all about saving and making more money on this site, so make sure to go through the BeFrugal cashback site only when you were going to buy something anyway. Don’t just shop for the deals or coupons!

If you tend to shop through the phone, BeFrugal also offers a mobile app on both the Android and iOS. You’ll be able to get cashback regardless of if you’re on your phone or your desktop. The app is free.

Something else to note is that sometimes a retailer has “cash back up to 10%”. This means that there are different levels of cashback for different categories. I didn’t realize this when I first starting using cashback sites, so I definitely missed out on some cashnack.

What BeFrugal Up To Cashback Looks Like
What BeFrugal Up To Cashback Looks Like

BeFrugal Referral System

BeFrugal give you a $10 bonus when your friend signs up with your code and earns at least $10 in cash back.

It seems to take around a month and a half to get the referral bonus if you sign a friend up. BeFrugal needs to make sure your friend hasn’t returned the item, so they pay out after a store’s return policy is over.

BeFrugal $10 Referral Bonus
BeFrugal $10 Referral Bonus

Other Helpful Befrugal Sections

Bonus Cashback Stores

The Bonus Cash Back page is similar to Ebates’s Double Cash Back page.

These deals change daily, so if you put the purchases you want to make on a spreadsheet, you can check back once in a while if you’re looking to really save.

If you like just passively making cashback, you can always just take the cashback offered normally.

BeFrugal Bonus Cash Back
BeFrugal Bonus Cash Back

Weekly BeFrugal Ads

Each week, BeFrugal has the online version of the weekly coupon classifieds. Instead of coupons, they show discounts and deals for online retailers. It’s great for if you have a wish list. They’re mostly in the form of the weekly circulars. It’s kind of nice to be able to see the grocery store ad without having to go there first.

BeFrugal's Collection Of Weekly Circulcars
BeFrugal’s Collection Of Weekly Circulcars

BeFrugal Toolbar and CouponOMatic

The toolbar is an extension on your browswer, and automatically lets you earn cashback without going through the BeFrugal site.

It also automatically applies coupon codes to your purchase in addition to cashback and allows you to get the deal of the day.

BeFrugal Toolbar
BeFrugal Toolbar

Drive Or Fly Calculator

I’m not sure why this is a thing, but BeFrugal has a calculator that tells you if it’s cheaper to fly or drive to a certain place. I think it’s because if flying is cheaper, it routes you through a travel booking website (think Priceline, Travelocity, etc) and earns you cashback that way. If driving is cheaper, they can also make money from cashback on renting a car.

Electric Car and Car Spending Calculator

I’m not certain why these two calculators are on the website other than usefulness. They give you a cool analysis of car comparisons but don’t drive you to any other page. I think the creator just wanted to create something useful and awesome.

Though if they were able to get us cashback on a car purchase, I wouldn’t complain!

BeFrugal Electric Car Calculator
BeFrugal Electric Car Calculator

BeFrugal Review Pros And Cons


It’s one of the largest cashback sites and offers high cashback rates. If you find another site with higher cashback, BeFrugal will match 125% of the cash back you would’ve gotten back with them. You also get $5 every time you try to use a coupon that doesn’t work.

The site is pretty easy to use overall and tracks your clicks to retailers, so that if there’s an issue, BeFrugal can easily track the purchase then and take it up with the retailer in case anything goes wrong.


The site definitely doesn’t have as sleek a design as Ebates, but otherwise is a great site to use for cashback.

That’s the end of our BeFrugal review! Check them out below and get your $10 bonus.

Get Cashback With BeFrugal ($10 Bonus)

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