14 Best CashBack Apps And Sites To Get You Money Back

14 Best CashBack Apps And Sites To Get You Money Back

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We’re a big fan of monetizing your life and making money doing things you’re already doing here. That’s why we’re such a big fan of cashback apps and sites. Who doesn’t want free money? Here are the best cashback apps and sites.

What Are CashBack Apps And Sites?

The best cashback apps and sites give you money back for buying things you were already going to buy anyway.

They are some of the best ways to make money for doing things you were going to do.

Basically, these companies get paid a commission every time you click from a cashback site to a retailer. The companies then pay you most of this commission in order to convince you to shop through their site. They make their money on the volume of people who go through the site, while you get the majority of the cashback in your pocket. Win-win for you both, right?

Most cashback apps give you signup bonuses as well. If you’re the type of person who loves those things, this list has a huge list of the best cashback apps and sites with sign-up bonuses.

There are also a few famous cashback portals. The portals themselves don’t give you a signup bonus, but the credit cards they offer give pretty hefty signup bonuses and are some of the best credit cards to use on a daily basis.

Best CashBack Apps With A Website [1-3]

1. Ebates Cashback [$10 signup bonus]

Ebates Cashback site and app

There are two popular cashback sites, BeFrugal and Ebates.

Here’s how it works: When you’ve found something you want to buy, you simply go to the Ebates website, and click through to the retailer. The retailer gives Ebates a percentage of your purchase (between 1-40 percent), then you get that money back from Ebates.

Awesome, right? Free to use and you’ll get paid to do it!

Of the two cashback sites, Ebates has been around longer and has a better user interface. Ebates and BeFrugal have the best cashback rates, so you should check both of them when you’re buying something online. It only takes me an extra 30 seconds each time.

Ebates also offers a cashback credit card that gets you an extra 3 percent cashback on all purchases you make through their site. No other cashback card offers that much.

Ebates is also offering a $10 bonus when you sign up with them. Here’s our Ebates review.

Get Cashback with Ebates ($10 Bonus)

2. BeFrugal [$10 signup bonus]

cashback site BeFrugal

BeFrugal is the other cashback site I use. Their main advantage over Ebates is that you can cash out whenever you want.

However, remember that Ebates and BeFrugal have different rates and the better rate depends on what store it is, so check both! Unless you need you cash back ASAP every time, I’d advise always going with the higher rate.

You also get a $10 bonus for joining, just like Ebates. Collecting both bonuses is awesome. Here’s our BeFrugal review.

Get Cashback with BeFrugal ($10 Bonus)

3. SwagBucks [$20 In Sign-Up Bonuses]

SwagBucks cashback site

SwagBucks offers surveys, cashback, getting paid for videos, etc, but they stand out in one particular cashback area.

Swagbucks is the best cashback app for product trials, aka product offers.

For example, if you took a look at Blue Apron cashback, you’d see that you get 3,500 SwagBucks or $35 back for trying it out, since 1 SwagBuck is 1 cent. Since you get $50 off your first two boxes, that’s getting Blue Apron for free!

A similar story is true for Harry’s (razors) product. For this one you get paid to purchase the item since the cashback amount if more than the cost of the item. I’d warn you that you should only go after offers you’re truly interested in, because SwagBucks could ban your account for getting too many trial offers.

Basically if you want to try a product out, SwagBucks generally has a cashback offer for it. I count multiple delivery kit cashback offers, shaving sets, etc.

You also get SwagBucks, which are transferrable into Paypal and gift cards, for just using their search engine. You get around $5 a month just searching.

Here’s our SwagBucks review.

Get cashback with SwagBucks

Best CashBack Apps [4-7]

4. Dosh [$5 Bonus]

Dosh - Best Cashback apps

Ebates and BeFrugal are cashback sites for online shopping.

Dosh is the best cashback app for in-person cashback for brick and mortar stores.

They offer a ton of restaurants that give cashback on the Dosh app.

The best part about Dosh is that you simply link your credit card and the app gives you cashback without having to do anything. No clicking through anywhere, you just get a notification each time your credit card is used at a place that gives cashback.

Here’s our Dosh review.

Download The Dosh App ($5 Bonus)

5. Ibotta [$10 Signup Bonus]

Ibotta cashback Get $10. Best cashback apps

Groceries carry a specific type of cashback: coupons for specific products.

For decades, there have been manufacturer’s coupons. For example, if Oreo wanted you to buy a certain brand, they’d offer you a coupon to get it for cheaper. Savvy shoppers would combine the manufacturer’s coupons with in-store promotions, at times getting things for a super discount.

Ever seen the show Extreme Couponers, where they load up the cart with food and it somehow costs $10 or even a scenario where the store pays them? Yep, that’s what they’re doing!

Ibotta has made it easier for you to do that. Ibotta is the best cashback app for groceries. Instead of clipping coupons, you can just tap a button to get a coupon on your phone and scan your receipt. Every week it seems they have a 25 cent promo for any receipt scanned. They also offer 25 cent cashback offers on generic items like eggs, milk, beef, etc.

You get a few bucks off of 6-packs of beer and cashback on wine. It’s the only app we’ve seen that gives you money back for alcohol.

Get $10 on your first receipt scan and get cashback on your groceries. Here’s our Ibotta review.

Get Grocery Cashback With Ibotta ($10 Bonus)

6. Checkout51

Checkout51 cashback on groceries

Checkout51 is very similar to Ibotta.

You can simply scan your receipt across both apps and pick up cashback here as well. Ibotta is better in my opinion, but you can use your receipt across both apps it seems, so there’s no downside to spending an extra few seconds scanning your receipt on Checkout51.

Checkout51 doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus, but you can still signup here.

7. Acorns Found Money [$5 signup bonus]

Acorns cashback app $5 bonus - One of the best cashback apps

Acorns is an app that rounds your transactions up to the nearest dollar and deposits that in an account to invest.

It’s basically a robo-advisor that invests your spare change.

Now Acorns has added a cashback component. The cashback is automatically deposited in your investment account. It’s nice if you need to automate your cashback in your investments. I don’t know about you, but there is always the temptation to simply spend that cashback instead of putting it into my savings or investments. Acorns makes that much easier for you.

Acorns gives cashback for hotels and famous retailers like Jet, amongst other cashback retailers.

Get a $5 bonus when you sign up with Acorns.

Invest Your Cashback With Acorns ($5 Bonus)

Best Cash(back) Apps for Activities [8-9]

8. SweatCoin

Sweatcoin, get paid for walking and taking steps

While not a cashback app exactly, SweatCoin does reward you in cash and rewards for not doing anything extra.

In my mind, that’s basically what a cashback site does.

With Sweatcoin you get rewarded for walking or running, ie taking steps!

You can get paid with Paypal, giftcards, or merchandise. Check out our review of Sweatcoin here to maximize your rewards.

Download Sweatcoin to get paid for walking.

9. OpenTable

Did you know you get points for making reservations at restaurants?

With OpenTable, you get 100 – 1,000 points for every reservation you make. 2,000 points gets you up to $25 in dining credit or $10 in Amazon rewards. I pick the $25 one because I’m definitely going to dine somewhere eventually.

Now, don’t try to pick a restaurant because it’ll give you more points! Just pick up a reservation on the app when you definitely know where you want to go.

The best part? You can get a reservation right before you get to the restaurant. That way, you’re getting extra points even if you’re about to enter the restaurant in 15 minutes. The closest reservation is usually in 15 minutes if there are seats available. I just click on it and let them know I’m 15 minutes early — works fine!

Best CashBack Apps For Price Protection [10]

10. Paribus

Paribus price protection - get your cash back

Did you know that most retailers have price protection rules?

For example, Nordstrom says that it will adjust your purchase price if the price drops within 14 days. Retailers generally allow price adjustments up to 30 days. I’d say that’s getting cashback, wouldn’t you?

But who has time to check the price of their purchases everyday? I don’t.

Paribus does all of the checking with a software program, and then they contact the retailer for a price adjustment for you for free, so you just get cashback automatically.

Signup for Paribus to automatically get price protection.

Check out our review of Paribus here. 

Rewards Portals For Cashback-Like Miles And Points [11-14]

11. Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal

There are a few Chase cards that give you access to the Chase portal. There are certain retailers that Chase has negotiated better cashback rates than normal cashback portals and they offer bonuses on retailers.

The great part is that UR points are worth more than 1 cent per point.

You can get access to the UR portal by being a cardholder of the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Chase Ink Business Preferred.

You can only get one of the Sapphire cards and must have opened less than 5 cards in the past 24 months due to the Chase 5/24 rule.

Both of the Sapphire cards give 50,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards (UR) points, which translates into $500 cash, being able to transfer UR points to 13 different airline and hotel partners, and bonuses via the travel portal. If you’re not sure which card to get, we do a break-even analysis here.

You can get the Chase Ink Business Preferred if you have a business (this includes blogging, selling on Etsy/Ebay, dog-walking, etc). It gives a bonus of 80,000 UR points, which translates to $800 cash or $1,000 in travel credit. It also comes with a host of benefits.

12. Discover Portal

Discover has a portal that does the same thing as Chase’s Ultimate Rewards, but you can only earn actual cashback, since Discover doesn’t offer points.

The Discover It card gives you access to this portal and offers 1 percent cashback with rotating categories of 5 percent cashback each quarter. You also get a 0 percent APR for the 1st 14 months, but make sure you pay it back within that time period, or you’ll get hit with a hefty APR that you don’t want! Always pay off your balance so you don’t pay interest.

The Discover It card gets all your cashback matched your first year, so you double your cashback. There isn’t an annual fee, so it’s a great offer for the first year.

13. Rewards Dining

With Rewards Network, this isn’t cashback, but you get 1-5 miles or points per dollar at these specific airlines. If you’re a fan of traveling for free or travel hacking, you might decide that miles are more important to you than dollars. You generally start off at 1 mile or point per dollar — the more you spend on dining, the more miles per dollar you end up getting.

Choose one airline partner to redeem with, ie you can’t sign up with all 10 and get 10 different kinds of points with the same dollar spent. You can switch between airlines whenever you want, but since you’ll have to link your credit card, you can only get points for 1 airline at a time.

All of the partners are US-based carriers, but you can always redeem international flights via their partners.

  • Alaska Mileage Plan
  • American Airlines AAAdvantage
  • Delta Skymiles
  • TrueBlue JetBlue
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards
  • Free Spirit
  • United MileagePlus

Here are there hotel partners:

  • Total Rewards Caesars
  • Hilton Honors
  • IHG Rewards Club

14. Uber App

The Uber app offers Visa local offers and gives you up to 10 percent in rewards. Note that in order to use this cashback offer, you’ll need a Visa card. This is because Uber is partnering with Visa for this program.

A few famous places on the list are Whole Foods, Walgreens, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.

All you do is link your card and collect when your card is swiped, similar to how easy Dosh is to use.

If you have an Uber account, you’re already signed up for the program, just open your app and go to the visa local offers section.

Any other cashback sites you use that you love?

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One of my favorite ways ways of monetizing my life is via credit card bonuses with cards that give you cashback or rewards. Check out our review of the Chase Sapphire cards, which give you at least $500 in cash or $625 in travel credit.

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