30 Best Personal Development Books To Improve Yourself

30 Best Personal Development Books To Improve Yourself

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High school and college teach us facts and statistics, but they don’t teach us about actual life. Personal development includes self-help, growth, and self-development. If you’re looking for personal growth this year, check out the below titles.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK

Best Personal Development Books: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

Caring what others think about you is holding you back in your personal development. Your ego and feelings are holding you back from happiness, success, and love.

You Are A BadAss

Best personal development books: You are a badass

As a kid, you might be inundated with praise and love, but as an adult, things change! No longer are you a special snowflake and most lose confidence as they become an adult. Sincero gets you back your confidence.

Atomic Habits

Best personal development books: Atomic Habits

Habits are the compound interest for your actions. Atomic Habits teaches you how to create good habits and break bad habits — it’s possibly the best handbook on habits out there.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Best Personal Development Books:Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book was written over 2 decades ago, but its money advice is still incredibly relevant. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you about money mindsets, and money myths that aren’t true.

How To Win Friends And Influence People

Best personal development books: How to win friends and influence people

Carnegie wrote this before WWII and his advice has withstood the test of time. Skill and knowledge are important, but if you aren’t likable, it’ll be hard to get anywhere. Emotional intelligence is just as important as intellectual intelligence in your personal development.

Think And Grow Rich

Best personal development books: Think and Grow Rich

More than 80 million copies of Think and Grow Rich have been sold so far. The book is about changing your mindset and believing it is possible for you to achieve your dreams and potential wealth.

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

Best personal development Books: 7 habits of highly effective people

Ever had your motivation wane for a project? Unsure why you’re not being productive? The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People helps you become more effective at your tasks and life.

Make Your Bed

Best personal development books: Make your bed

Admiral McRaven gave an incredible speech a few years ago and came out with the book version. I read the book whenever I need a little bit of inspiration to do better in my personal development.

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The Power Of Habit

best personal development books: the power of habit

Filled with anecdotes on how others improved their habits and lives, Duhigg’s Power of Habit was the first book that came out about habits before Atomic Habits. Both books are great if you’re planning to build a better, habit filled life.

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The Minimalist Home

best personal development books: the minimalist home

Your productivity, happiness, and effectiveness start at home because you spend most of your time there. Becker shows us how to declutter and create a home we truly love.

Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance

best personal development books: grit

Grit takes us into your locus of internal control. Plenty of geniuses never amount to anything. Grit argues a reasonable amount of intelligence combined with perseverance will et you everywhere — Grit teaches you how to keep going in your personal development, even when it might get tough.

The One Thing

The One Thing

The 21st century is filled with shiny-object syndrome. You’re cruising along to achieve your goals, but at every turn there are distractions. The One Thing teaches you how to focus on your ultimate goal – your ONE THING.

Thinking, Fast, And Slow

best personal development books: thinking fast slow

Nobel-Prize winner Kahneman teaches us how the two halves of the brain work and how we can use it in our daily lives. Humans are illogical, Kahneman teaches you how to think statistically versus simply react.


best personal development books: outliers

Gladwell argues the most successful people get there with a lot of deliberate practice as well as some luck. Want to become an expert? Start putting in your 10,000 hours of work — get that personal development in gear!


best personal development books: essentialism

Essentialism applies the concept of minimalism to your personal life and business. Decluttering physical objects is simple, but minimalizing relationships and intangible things are hard.

The Happiness Advantage

best personal development books: The happiness advantage

Society tells us once we reach a certain goal or collect enough money, we’ll be happy. The Happiness Advantage flips it around — instead, happiness is the predecessor to success.

10% Happier

best personal development books: 10% happier

Meditation is an incredible tactic to become happier with a quiet inward focus on one’s mind. 10% Happier shows you how to use meditation to make your life better.

The Miracle Morning

best personal development books: the miracle morning

Ever see those articles touting waking up at 4 or 5 AM as being the secret to productivity and happiness? The Miracle Morning explains that. Getting up before sunset, planning your day, and getting more done in 2-3 hours than most people do in an entire day will change your routine and personal development.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

Best personal development books: The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

Organizing and decluttering your home will make it easier to love the space you’re in and the organization will spread to other parts of your life.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

best personal development books: big magic

Creative types love how the author of Eat, Pray, Love can teach you about creativity and inspiration. Learn how inspiration works and how to coax yours out of your shell.

Awaken The Giant Within

best personal development books: awaken the giant within

Robbins focuses on believing you can control your life, stoicism to continue past tiring life events, and motivation to start again.

Man’s Search For Meaning

best personal development books: man's search for meaning

Learn how to deal with past suffering, so that it doesn’t affect your future. Frankel argues our main reason for living is to learn puruse what we find meaningful, rather than look for pure pleasure.

The War Of Art

best personal development books: the war of art

Pressfield shows you how to win the war on the creativity of your mind. Figure out how to squash procrastination, laziness, and lack of motivation.

Deep Work

best personal development books: deep work

The 21st century is full of distractions, not allowing people to do deliberate, focused work. Newport argues why multi-tasking is terrible and how we can structure our work to be focused and deliberate.

The 5 Love Languages

best personal development books: the 5 love languages

Everyone views feeling loved differently. Dr. Chapman explains the 5 different love languages and how to make someone feel loved based on their love language.

The 4-Hour Workweek

best personal development books: The 4-hour workweek

Research has shown that the average worker only gets 3 hours of work done each day. Ferris took that to the next level and created an automated business that brought in a median salary with only 4 hours per week.


best personal development books: drive

Have you ever felt unmotivated? Drive teaches the different levels of motivation and how to harness it for yourself.

Unlimited Power

best personal development books: unlimited power

Robbins teaches you to write down and imagine what you actually want because it is often different than what you think you want.

UnF*ck Yourself

best personal development books: unfuck youself

If you’ve been going through a tough time in your life, this book shows you how you can unf*ck yourself.

What are some of your favorite personal development books? Which ones have you read from the above?

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