Blanco Par Mandiff Review: Michelin Worth Ubud Experience?

Blanco Par Mandiff Review: Michelin Worth Ubud Experience?

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Ubud is a gorgeous and lush location, where nature combines with the modern for an unbelievable experience. That’s the feeling we got at Blanco Par Mandiff as well.

We stumbled upon Blanco Par Mandiff when we looked at the best restaurants to go to in Ubud.

After riding our scooters to the top of a small hill, we were met with a security guard who told us how to secure a reservation and let us look at the menu.

Blanco Par Mandiff Menu Blanco Par Mandiff view of the kitchen Blanco Par mandiff kitchen view blanco par mandiff course menu blanco par mandiff first course blanco par mandiff crisps course blanco par mandiff blanco par mandiff blanco par mandiff floral veggie course blanco par mandiff course blanco par mandiff soup course blanco par mandiff noodles course blanco par mandiff sea course blanco par mandiff lobster course blanco par mandiff sea course blanco par mandiff blanco par mandiff egg course blanco par mandiff espresso Blanco par mandiff meat blanco par mandiff meat blanco par mandiff meat blanco par mandiff dessert blanco par mandiff candy dessert blanco par mandiff stairway

Blanco Par Mandiff Bathroom

The bathroom was quite nice and stocked with L’Occitane products. It was difficult to get to through the stairway though.

blanco par mandiff bathroom

Blanco Par Mandiff Seating Arrangements

When we visited in 2017, there were only seats in the open kitchen area. It was cool to watch the chefs prepare your meal and converse with them.

Since then, Blanco Par Mandiff has opened a separate dining area that looks like a fine dining room. These two photos below are from the Blanco Par Mandiff site:

How Does Blanco Par Mandiffs Menu Work?

Blanco Par Mandiff’s menu is Prix Fixe. You can choose between 7, 9, and 13 courses and a wine pairing to go along with them if you choose.

Here are the prices of Blanco Par Mandiff’s menu in USD at the time of this blog post being published:

  • 7 Course – IDR 1.25M ($87 USD) With Wine Pairing – IDR 2.5M ($175 USD)
  • 9 Course – IDR 1.4M ($98 USD) With Wine Pairing IDR 2.8M ($196 USD)
  • 13 Course – They’ve discontinued this one!

How To Make Blanco Par Mandiff Reservations

Blanco Par Mandiff’s reservations are powered by Chope, which is the Asian version of OpenTable (a platform used to make restaurant reservations). Chope gives points just like OpenTable does, but if you’re not in Asian often, it might take you a while to rack up the points for a redemption.

Make a reservation to Blanco Par Mandiff here.

How To Get To Blanco Par Mandiff

There are three methods of transport in Ubud: Scooter, Uber, and private driver.

You can rent a scooter for $6 per day in Ubud. The city is small enough that you can get around that way. We rode around for miles on the scooter for 20 minutes at a time and were fine — a lot of Ubud residents ride scooters as well.

Uber: Uber is very cheap in Ubud, but it might take a while for the car to get to you.

Private Car: You can rent a car in Ubud for the day to take you to see the sites for a pretty reasonable price. You can find a private driver for a day at $35. Odds are you can’t drive as well as they can on the roads and they’ll be able to plan a great day for you too.

What Is The Blanco Par Mandiff Menu?

Check out Blanco Par Mandiff’s menu here.

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