[40% Off Code] Blinkist Review: Self-Development Book Summaries In 15 Minutes!

[40% Off Code] Blinkist Review: Self-Development Book Summaries In 15 Minutes!

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We love reading non-fiction self-development books because it teaches us so much knowledge that we can apply to our everyday lives. However, there’s only so much time in the week! Sometimes, we’re just busy. Most self-development books are filled with historical examples explaining a concept, but if you’re short on time and only want the meat of the story, now you don’t have to read the entire book with Blinkist!

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What Is Blinkist?

Blinkist summarizes thousands of books and has 5 to 15-minute audio summaries of the book as well. With 2,500+ non-fiction books in its library, Blinkist allows you to read and learn for years, even if you’re just reading one book a day.

Each book summary is called a “blink” because it is much quicker to read a summary versus an entire book. Blinkist is perfect for those wanting to learn how to learn, grow, and improve their lives.

blinkist premium's 6 features

Blinkist was started in 2012 by Holger Seim, Niklas Jansen, Sebastian Klein, and Tobias Balling in Germany. To date, it has received $35 Million in venture capital funding. With 7 million current subscribers, it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere. It has been received in the below news and media organizations.

Blinkist as seen in

What Is So Special About Blinkist?

There are a lot of book summary sites out there, so what makes Blinkist unique?

Blinkist has some of the most thorough reviews I’ve seen, with the summary being 10-15 pages long. After this, each summary shows you 8-12 critical points in short sentences so you can get a summary of the summary. If you really love portions of the summary, you can go back and read the actual chapters of the book with that information.

Blinkist is the only company that offers audio summaries. For those who just want to listen to summaries of books, this is perfect.

blinkist on book summaries

How Blinkist Chooses Which Books To Review

The Blinkist team scours the bestseller lists, book critiques, and listens to book lovers in order to find new titles to summarize, then record on audio.

Blinkist adds 40 titles a month to their library of book summaries, which is pretty impressive.

Here are the book categories that are on Blinkist:

  • Biographies
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Investing
  • History
  • Inspiring
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivational
  • Nonfiction
  • Parenting
  • Psychology
  • Sales
  • Self-Help

These 6 are the main overarching categories.

blinkist's 6 main categories

Why You Should Read More With Blinkist

CEOs and executive famously state they try and read a book a week. The 21st century is full of busy people, so a few hours a week is difficult to find sometimes. However, with Blinkist, you can read or listen to a book in 5 to 15 minutes. The median number of books an American adult reads per week is 5 books a year.

Can you imagine how much more self-development, knowledge, and growth you could have, how much more productive you could be if you just read or listened one book summary a week, then wrote down actionable steps as to how you could apply them?

blinkist: unlimited access, on-the-go learning, premium features

blinkist: insights in 15 min, over 2,500 titles, and 7 million users

Which Books Should I Start With On Blinkist?

I’ve read hundreds of non-fiction books and compiled a few lists of books in a few different categories so far:

There are hundreds of books in each category, but only 20-30 are worth it to get a good understanding of the topic.

Blinkist Pricing

Blinkist offers two main plans: A Free plan and a Premium plan. The free plan offers a daily book summary that Blinkist chooses. You’ll see it as the “Free Daily” option.

discover blinkist free daily blink

The free plan is free (obviously), but is severely limited in what it offers. You get to read 1 Blinkist summary per day that Blinkist chooses. You don’t have control over which summary is offered that day so it can be a while before you get a book summary you actually want to read.

blinkist pricing: yearly and monthly

The Premium plan is $5.84 per month or $69.99 per year. If you decide to pay month by month, it’s then $11.99.

There’s currently a New Year’s deal that gives you 40 percent off, making it just $41.99 per year, or $3.50 per month. That’s less than the price of coffee!

You could look up book summaries on blogs through Google, but most aren’t near as thorough as Blinkist. Cliff notes also provides book summaries, but you need to pay per book summary.

What Devices Does Blinkist Run On?

You can listen or read Blinks on your desktop, tablet, or any major smartphone.

We recommend the smartphone app for listening to Blinks on the go. The app is very intuitive and each book’s executive summary comes with 8-12 key points. You swipe on each key point, so it’s incredibly easy to get a bite-sized chunk of information each time. Blinkist created this so you don’t have to read the entire summary all at once. If you’re only going 2 subway stops, you might get in a few key points, but you probably won’t finish the entire summary. No worries! Just continue when you have some more free time.

blinkist app

Blinkist App

Blinkist allows you to add blinks to your curated reading list. Once you’ve read or listened to the book summaries, you’ll see a little checkmark next to them.

There’s also a trending section, as well as a new section so you can check out new books and ones that are the most popular.

You can speed up the audio, switch from light to dark mode, and sync your notes to Evernote or the Kindle.

Does Blinkist Replace Reading? Does It Critique Books?

Blinkist shouldn’t be used to replace reading, but rather used as an augmentation.

A 10-15 page summary is never going to go as in-depth as a 200-300 page book. It’s just not possible. A blink is great for a summary or deciding if you want to read a book, but if you really want to get in-depth on a book, you’ll have to read it.

Blinkist doesn’t critique any books, but just summarizes them. It would be awesome if they could write an encyclopedia based on a specific subject with all the books in that subject.

How To Use Blinkist In The Best Way

Some books are full of fluff with a few gold nuggets. Others are chock-full of details and actionable ideas. An example of a book with some fluff but good gold nuggets might Slight Edge. It takes a few examples to understand the power of compound interest and repeatedly doing one small task at a time, but after a few chapters, you really do understand the concept.

An example of book that is difficult to summarize might be Tim Ferris’s Tribe Of Mentors. The book is full of ideas, since each chapter is essentially a summary of Tim Ferris’s interview with successful people, it would be difficult to summarize it further.

Keep in mind that Blinkist does have a summary of Tribe Of Mentors, so you can choose to read or listen to that summary if you’d like. In my experience, roughly 5-10 percent of books might be extremely difficult to summarize.  blinkist qualities, audio and text across multiple devices. Enjoy it offline!

Reread Summaries Of Books Through Blinkist

After I read a book, I go over it again and summarize the book in my own words in a Google doc. Now that I have this blog, I’m working on fixing the summaries up and posting them. Now I can simply use the Blinkist summary and make notes in the margins for my extra thoughts on the book.

It’s always difficult to summarize a 300-page book into 10-15 pages because some people will think some details are important while others won’t. I follow the Pareto principle, where the book summary will have 80 percent of the details I think are important, and I can fill in the other 20 percent.

USe Summaries To Find New Books In Blinkist

Ever start reading a book, only to find out it is poorly written and doesn’t offer any good advice? Yeah, me too!

Read the Blinkist summary before you start reading the book to see if there is anything you can learn from there. Then once you understand the basic concepts and knowledge the book is trying to impart, you can focus on the details and steps you need to take to implement those concepts.

Use Blinkist For Genres You’re Semi-Interested In

My main interests are self-development, finance, entrepreneurship, and psychology. My second-tier interests include nutrition, wellness, politics, etc, but I’m not likely to go out and read books on those genres, so I’m more inclined to hear audio summaries

Know How You Learn

There are four kinds of learning processes: Auditory, reading/writing, visual, and kinesthetic.

If you’re an auditory learner, you should listen to the audio summaries. If you’re a reading/writing learner, you should read the summaries.

Know why you’re subscribing to Blinkist. If you are really trying to improve yourself based on other successful people’s advice, take a small notebook with you to write down actions you can take to implement that advice in your actual life.

When Are The Best Time To Read Blinks

Even if you have a few minutes to learn at a time, try and fit some blinks in if you’re really trying to improve yourself. You can read or listen to blinks when you’re on your commute, when you’re waiting in line to check-out at the grocery store, or if you happen to have gotten to a meeting a little early.

Don’t Listen To Too Many In One Sitting

You need time for the advice and knowledge in a book to sink in. That’s why I write down actionable steps in a little notebook and try to apply them to my life. If you’re trying to listen or read too many book summaries, it’s going to be difficult for you to implement actionable change in your life. Habits are best built slowly, one step at a time. Trying to build multiple habits at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Take your time with learning.

Highlighter Tool On Blinkist

On Blinkist, you can highlight sentences you want to come back to. Even though the Blinkist summaries get you the meat of a book, perhaps some advice isn’t applicable to you. Highlight the most important parts so that the next time you can see the most important parts easily.

Does Blinkist Have A Referral Program?

Blinkist offers a refer a friend option. For every friend referral, you get some time with Blinkist.

Is Blinkist Offering Any Promotions Or Special Offers?

blinkist special new years offer

Blinkist Pros And Cons

We love Blinkist, but realize it isn’t for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of Blinkist.

Blinkist Pros

Blinkist offers audio summaries, which is great for audio learners. You can listen to the audio on 2-3x if you’re curious about a book and want to use the audio summary as a way to decide whether you want to read it or not.

Blinkist has the largest library of non-fiction self-development summaries. With 2,500 titles, you’ll have tons to learn.

If you’ve read a book before, you can listen to the audio summary or read the summary to refresh your memory. If you haven’t read it before, you can check out the summary to decide if the book is worth a read or not.

The app was made to allow you to read a few short points of each book summary quickly, so that you could continue where you left off.

Blinkist Cons

If you enjoy reading physical paper books, this won’t be a good fit for you. Blinkist doesn’t offer a physical summary option, unfortunately.

Blinkist does cost $69.99 if the current discount code expires, which isn’t free. However, it’s much cheaper than Netflix or Hulu and is actually practical if you apply the lessons you learn from the books. There are websites with book summaries, but without the high-production quality and quantity that Blinkist has.

Blinkist is about summarizing non-fiction books so you can grow and learn. If you don’t want to do that or are too busy at this time, you shouldn’t use it.

Get Blinkist For 40% Off

Have you guys used Blinkist? What do you think?

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