[$5 Signup Bonus] Checkout 51 Review: Get Cashback For Groceries

[$5 Signup Bonus] Checkout 51 Review: Get Cashback For Groceries

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Want to get cashback for your groceries without having to clip coupons? The Checkout 51 app does just that! If you’re searching for cashback apps, you’ve probably heard of Ibotta. The 3 main advantages that Checkout 51 has over Ibotta is that you don’t need a smartphone to use it, the cashback offers work with any retailer as long as they stock the item, and Checkout 51 is also available in Canada as well as the US.

Get $5 With Checkout 51

What Is CheckOut 51?

CheckOut 51 is a grocery cashback app that was created in 2014 by Andrew McGrath and Pema Hegan in Toronto, Canada. A year later it was acquired by News Corp. Since then, Checkout 51 has been continuing to help people save money on groceries. Considering how much of a monthly budget groceries are, this app has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Checkout 51 has 3,200 reviews with a 4.0 rating on the Apple store and 58,700 reviews with a 4.2 rating on the Google Play store. If you’re looking to save money for buying things you already do, Checkout 51 is a great place to start.

how checkout 51 works

How Does CheckOut 51 Work?

checkout 51 step 1: download the app

Step 1: Download The App

Get the app through this link for a $5 signup bonus.

step 2: checkout 51 browse and buy

Step 2: Find Cashback Offers

Unlike Ibotta, Checkout 51 offers cashback offers for products that aren’t tied to specific stores. Ibotta mainly offers cashback offers from very large chain retailers. In NYC, the nearest grocery stores are small NYC chains that aren’t on Ibotta are unlikely to get onto the platform because they’re very small compared to Walmart and Target. I go to Costco and Trader Joe’s once in a while and get cashback via Ibotta, but that isn’t every week.

checkout 51 works at any store

Checkout 51 offers cashback offers for products that you can buy anyway. If you love your neighborhood grocery store, but still want cash back, Checkout 51 is great for that!

checkout 51 offers products for any retailer

Checkout 51 also has had a lottery offer for a while. Whenever you submit a $60 receipt or more, you get the chance to win $500. Make sure to check that offer if you spend that much on every grocery trip.

Checkout 51 also offers a cashback option on a Sam’s Club membership. We couldn’t find a Costco or BJ’s one, unfortunately.

checkout 51 sam's club and $500 lottery

step 3: checkout 51 select your offers

Step 3: Select Your Offers

checkout 51 add your first offer

Make sure to select your offers before you purchase. You need to have chosen your cashback offers before you upload the receipt.

checkout 51 step 4: upload your receipt

Step 4: Upload Your Receipt

One advantage Checkout 51 has over Ibotta [$10 signup bonus] is that Checkout 51 allows users to upload receipts onto a computer if they don’t have a smartphone. If you only own a scanner or camera, but not a smartphone, Checkout 51 will be a better option for you.

Make sure you include the following in your receipt upload:

  • Date
  • Store Name
  • Address of Store
  • Products
  • Total Price

checkout 51: get cash back on your grocery trips

If you have a super long receipt (CVS, anyone? I have no clue why those receipts are 5 feet tall for 2 items!), you can take multiple pictures to get the entire receipt.

checkout 51: step 5: earn cash back

Step 5: Get Your Cashback!

Checkout 51 pays out in check when you reach $20. They’re currently in Beta for PayPal and should launch soon.

Key Things To Note For Checkout 51

Limited offers

Offers are refreshed every Thursday at 12:00 AM in each time zone and expire on Wednesday at 11:59 PM. Offers are limited, so if you see a really good offer, be sure to take advantage of it.

Stacking Coupons With Checkout 51

checkout 51: stop losing money at the register

Unless an offer specifically says you cannot stack the Checkout 51 offer with other cashback apps or coupons, you should be able to stack your physical coupons and other cashback apps.

Don’t Let Cashback Offers Entice You To Buy Things You Don’t Need

Grocery cashback offers exist to help grocery store and consumer goods companies make more money. Don’t let a $.50 cashback offer entice you to spend more money on products you didn’t want! Make up your grocery list before you look at the app cashback offers, and don’t buy things just because there is a cashback offer.

How Do You Get Paid With CheckOut 51?

The only way to cash out with Checkout 51 currently is by check. Most other cashback apps give the option of PayPal or gift cards, so I’m not sure why Checkout 51 doesn’t offer this. The app did originate in Canada, so that might have something to do with it? Though they haven’t talked about getting gift cards for the future, they did mention PayPal payments are currently in Beta testing. Checkout 51 updated their Terms of Service to include PayPal In November of 2018, so I suspect PayPal is coming real soon.

The minimum cashout amount is $20. Once you hit $20, you can request a check from Checkout 51.

Is This The Best Grocery Cashback App?

CheckOut 51 Vs Ibotta

Ibotta and Checkout 51 are very similar, so we’re only going to note the differences for Checkout 51.

Checkout 51:

  • Doesn’t have non-branded offers. Ibotta frequently has $.25 for any receipt and any brand of generic items (milk, eggs, etc) some weeks.
  • Checkout 51 doesn’t have as many offers as Ibotta
  • Doesn’t offer PayPal yet (but this is in Beta, so soon!)
  • You don’t need a smartphone to upload receipts
  • Checkout 51 works with any retailer as long as they stock the item
  • This grocery cashback app is available in Canada as well as the US.

Checkout 51 Referral Program

checkout 51: refer friends and get more cash back

Once you redeem one offer via the Checkout 51 app, you’ll get your referral code for a signup bonus. You’ll get $5 for each friend or family member you refer.

How Does Checkout 51 Make Money?

I’m always curious how companies make money because if they don’t make money on the retailer side, they’re probably making money from you. In this case, Checkout 51 is making money from the retailer side, so that’s good.

In this case, Checkout 51 partners with grocery stores and food, beverage, and consumer goods brands. Whenever you see a cashback offer, a retailer or brand might have partnered with Checkout 51 to offer cashback for products in exchange for more sales or to get you to try a new product.

checkout 51: loyal, trial, repeat, and lost app users

Checkout 51 groups app users into 4 categories: Loyal, trial, repeat, and lost app users. Retailers and brands can see data on each of these groups and try to offer rewards.

checkout 51 retailers and brands working on campaigns

For a brand example, if a large food brand came out with a new cereal, they might offer $1 or $2 in cash back in order to entice you to try it. For a retailer example, perhaps they offer cashback on a grocery staple, such as milk, eggs, fruit, produce, etc. in order to get you into the store. Once the app learns your grocery preferences, it could offer higher cashback offers on certain items you buy more often.

checkout 51: KPIs

I’m pretty sure Checkout 51 will be a grocery cashback app over the long run because it benefits both retailers, app users, and Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 Pros And Cons

Checkout 51 Pros

The Checkout 51 grocery cashback app is easy to use and well designed.

You can redeem any product at any store, unlike Ibotta, where you need to redeem them at specific stores.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use Checkout 51 by uploading your scanned or photoed receipt. Ibotta only allows you to use the smartphone.

You can enter the $500 giveaway if you buy more than $60 of groceries on a receipt, so it’s a nice added bonus.

Checkout 51 Cons

The biggest con is that Checkout 51 only offers a check for cashing out. They’re beta testing PayPal though, so that should change soon!

The other downside is that Checkout 51 doesn’t offer as many cash back offers as Ibotta. The two apps seem to offer different products though, so you can use both of them in conjunction to save more.

Get $5 With Checkout 51

Have you used grocery cashback apps? What has your experience been?

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