Classpass Review [Free Trial]: Is The Fitness Subscription Site Worth It?

Classpass Review [Free Trial]: Is The Fitness Subscription Site Worth It?

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You’ve heard it a million times, health is wealth — but it is so hard to go to the gym and so expensive to take studio exercise classes! The good news is that Classpass changes that. People kept asking us about ClassPass, so we broke it down for you and wrote a ClassPass review.

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What Is Classpass?

Classpass is a site that allows you to book boutique fitness classes. ClassPass runs on a monthly subscription model — subscribers book fitness classes with credits. It’s easy to search by kinds of classes, how close classes are to your home, etc.

It’s a great way to try out fitness studios while getting more than 30%+ off on a single class.

ClassPass was created in 2013 by Payal Kadakia after she spent an hour trying to find a ballet class in NYC. ClassPass has since received $239 Million in funding from venture capitalists. It’s safe to say there’s a lot of people behind the idea and they love it!

Does ClassPass Have A Free Trial?

ClassPass currently offers a free trial! You’ll get up to 7 classes in your first month for free. If you don’t like it, just cancel.

ClassPass Free Trial

How Does Classpass Work?

You can book a fitness class on Classpass whenever you like. You’ll get an email reminder and be told of any extra equipment you’ll need to bring. On Classpass, you’ll be allowed to visit the same fitness studio one to three times per month. If you have friends on ClassPass, you can see their schedule so you can work out with them.

Once you’re done with the class, you can give it a rating on ClassPass. Only people who have actually taken the fitness class can give it a rating, so you know they’re authentic reviews.

If you’re a constant traveler for work, Classpass is a great way to get your workout in. You can book a ClassPass in the more than 50 cities Classpass is in.

If you can’t make it to any classes that week, you can stream over 100 partner videos on ClassPass Live from your living room.

ClassPass How It Works

How Much Does Classpass Cost?

Classpass’s current prices are based on credits. The number of credits a fitness class costs is based on how popular a class is, how much it would cost if you weren’t on Classpass, how many times you’ve been to the studio that month, etc. In other words, they’re using a dynamic credit system.

Keep in mind their pricing tiers are local to the city you are in.

Here are the pricing tiers of an LCOL city, Missoula:

  • $29 a month for 15 credits to book 2-4 classes
  • $49 a month for 27 credits to book 4-6 classes
  • $79 a month for 45 credits to book 8-12 classes

Missoula Pricing Tier for ClassPass

We also pulled up NYC’s pricing tiers because that’s where we live.

Here are NYC’s pricing tiers for ClassPass:

  • $49 a month for 27 credits to book 2-4 classes
  • $79 per month for 45 credits to book 4-6 classes
  • $159 per month for 100 credits to book 10-15 classes

NYC Pricing Tiers for ClassPass

As you can see, COL plays a huge factor in how much ClassPass costs in each city. That makes sense though because ClassPass needs to pay out their partner studios a reasonable rate. We played around with the pricing tiers for a bunch of cities, but NYC was definitely the most expensive. We checked out other HCOL cities like San Fransisco, Washington DC, and they didn’t even come close.

Don’t worry, your first month is free! Check it out and cancel if you don’t like it.

10 ClassPass credits automatically rollover per month, so you can get an extra class or two if you don’t exercise as much as you normally do one month.

ClassPass Live: On Demand HIIT Classes

ClassPass Live is live streaming classes you can take in the morning at 7 AM, 8 AM, and 10 AM.

The revolutionary part of ClassPass Live is that you’re doing a class live with strangers. If you’re doing well, the instructor might praise you. If you’re chilling out, the instructor might you to pick it up.

You’ll see your heart rate on the bottom of the TV in different colors. Green is for resting, yellow for slightly pumped, and red for where you want your heart rate to be. You score points whenever your heart rate is in the red — the longer your heart rate stays red, the more points you’ll get. You’ll see your score on a leaderboard, along with your rank in the live class everyone is taking. ClassPass Live gamifies classes so that you’ll enjoy a morning workout and work hard because you’ll be driven to compete internally.

ClassPass Live requires you to have Chromecast (a device that streams the live class to your TV) and a WAHOO Tickr Heart Monitor, both of which are included in a Starter Kit, which is $79. If you already have Chromecast, the Heart Monitor is specific to ClassPass, so you’ll have to purchase it for $49.

If you want to stream classes even when they’re not live, you can do that as well. Note that ClassPass Live classes are almost all (if not all) HIIT classes. I’m not sure why this is the case, but hopefully, they’ll add other options soon.

ClassPass Live: Heart Monitor and leaderboard on the right of the TV.

What Cities Are Classpass in currently?

Here are the cities ClassPass is in by region:

  • US East Coast: Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.
  • US Southeast: Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Orlando, and Raleigh
  • US Midwest: Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and St. Louis
  • US West Coast: Honolulu, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Missoula, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Fransisco, and Seattle
  • US Southwest: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Antonio
  • International: Adelaide, Brisbane, Bristol, Calgary, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Machester, Melbourne, New Zealand, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Thailand, Toronto, UAE, and Vancouver

ClassPass Stats

Who Is Classpass Good For?

Classpass is great for those who like a little variety in their exercise. That’s me!

Classpass is also great for those who need a little kick in the butt to exercise. I’ve definitely said I was going to the gym for an hour but given up 10 minutes in on a bad day. Whenever I go to a class (especially if I paid for it!) I stay for the entire session.

Lastly, ClassPass is good for those who are trying to find a bunch of fitness classes they really enjoy, but who don’t want to pay $30-$40 per class, and instead get a nice discount from ClassPass. We looked up Manhattan fitness studios on ClassPass, and there were 641 options! They had everything from classes that made you do surf moves, aquacycling (where you bike in water!), cycling with a leaderboard against your classmates (FlyWheel), Barree, and basically every kind of fitness class you could think of.

ClassPass Benefits Chart

Who Is ClassPass Not Good For?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys going to the same exact exercise class each time, you probably won’t enjoy ClassPass. Same if you love going to the gym and just want to run on the treadmill, stride on the elliptical, or lift weights on a power rack.

If you only like going to one specific fitness studio, then Classpass won’t be right for you. Classpass limits the number of classes you can take at a single fitness studio to one to three classes per month. You’d be better of buying a 10-pack at your favorite boutique fitness studio.

Does ClassPass Have An App?

Of course! You can book classes on the go on the app with your phone. This make it easy to cancel a class as well.

Book ClassPass Classes With Your Phone

Can You Purchase ClassPass For Someone?

Absolutely! If your friend is a minimalist but has been saying she’d love to try out ClassPass, they offer gift cards.

Does ClassPass Have A Referral Program?

If three of your friends sign up for ClassPass, you’ll get $40 off. The good part about this is you can be each other’s workout buddies and peer pressure each other to actually make it to the gym.

What If You Need To Cancel A Classpass Class?

Classpass has a cancellation policy to incentivize people to go to classes they book. Otherwise, clients might book up a lot of classes, cancel last minute, and leave a spot unfilled that someone else could have enjoyed.

If you cancel less than 12 hours before a class, you’ll be charged $15. If you miss a class without canceling, you’ll be charged $20.

How To Cancel Your Subscription To ClassPass

If you want to cancel your Classpass subscription, you’ll need to cancel 3 days before your next billing cycle. However, if you resubscribe, it’ll be a $79 fee, which is pretty pricey!

I suspect Classpass does this (like all other gyms do, to be honest) to keep you from canceling your membership. They often offer free reactivation, so if you ever do want to reactivate, I’d just wait until an email turns up in your inbox.

If you want to put your membership on hold, you’ll need to do so one day before your billing cycle. Classpass will make you go down to 1 class per month for $15. Yes, that’s a bit weird for a hold scenario, but most gyms that allow you to put your membership on hold charge a similar fee but you can’t go. So I guess that’s a step up in allowing you one class per month.

Classpass Pros And Cons

Like every product, nothing is a one-size-fits-all for everyone. So, here are the main pros and cons of ClassPass so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Classpass Pros

If you love boutique fitness classes, booking via ClassPass will be more than 30 percent off for each class.

For those who love variety, ClassPass is a perfect fit because you book classes at tons of different kinds of fitness studios.

The user interface is incredibly easy to use and you can book classes on the app on the go.

For those who want a live morning workout from the comfort of your living room, ClassPass offers ClassPass live.

Classpass Cons

ClassPass isn’t good for those who are okay with going to the gym and using the machines.

You can only go to a specific fitness studio one to three times a month, so if you want to go to the same place twice a week, you should stay with class pack deals.

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ClassPass Fitness Trial

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