Drop App Review: [5,000 Point Drop Referral Code] For Cash Back

Drop App Review: [5,000 Point Drop Referral Code] For Cash Back

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Drop is an app that gives you cash back for spending money on things you already buy! Who doesn’t like free extra money? You can earn money from Costco, Uber, Lyft, Whole Foods, and so many more big brand name retailers. You’ll also get access to special cash back offers. Nothing is easier than getting cash back without having to do anything extra.

Get 5,000 Bonus Points With Drop

What Is The Drop App?

Drop was created in 2015 by 4 co-founders who wanted to revolutionize the loyalty rewards market for retailers. To date, Drop has received $31 Million in venture capitalist funding. Drop started out in the United States, but has since launched in the Canadian market as well.

They currently have a 4 rating with 5,000 reviews on Google Play and a 4.7 rating with 33,000 ratings on the Apple store. They’ve been featured in tons of media outlets and have over 1 million users.

Drop media outlet reviews

How Does The Drop App Work?

Getting cash back with Drop is super easy. Each Drop app point is worth 1/10th of a penny and you get 5,000 just for signing up. 1,000 Drop points are equal to $1. Don’t worry, your points never expire!

Drop gives you cashback on retailers you’d spend money on anyway just by linking your credit card.

how drop works

Step 1: Download the App Through This Link

Drop is available on both the ios and Android app store. Sign up through this link to get 5,000 bonus points. You’ll get asked for your phone number so you can download the app on your phone. There isn’t a desktop version, so you’ll need a smartphone to use Drop.

drop app screenshot

Step 2: Link Your Card To Get Cash Back

Once you link your card, you’ll start to get cash back on every purchase you make through a Drop partner.

The reason you need to link your card is that Drop tracks your purchases through your credit or debit card in order to pay you. Unlike other cashback apps, you won’t have to click through a site for online cashback or take a picture of a receipt for grocery cashback apps. You’ll just get a notification for cash back on your phone!

drop app shop with your credit card as usual

You can use any of the below credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citi
  • Discover
  • TD Bank
  • USAA
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Step 3: Pick 5 Retailers For Bonus Cashback

After linking your credit card, you’ll then get to pick 5 retailers to get cash back from. You won’t be able to change your picks after this, so make sure you pick retailers you frequently shop at!

Here are the current options you can pick:

  • Bath & Body Works – 15 points per $1 (1.5% back)
  • Blue Bottle Coffee – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • Chipotle – 12 points per $1 (1.2% back)
  • Dunkin Donuts – 14 points per $1 (1.4% back)
  • Lyft – 10 points per $1 (1% back)
  • Macy’s – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • McDonald’s – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • Peet’s Coffee – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • Safeway – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • Seamless – 16 points per $1 (1.6% back)
  • 7-Eleven – 16 points per $1 (1.6% back)
  • Sephora – 10 points per $1 (1% cash back)
  • Starbucks – 12 points per $1 (1.2% back)
  • Target – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • Trader Joe’s – 12 points per $1 (1.2% back)
  • Uber – 10 points per $1 (1% back)
  • Walgreens – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)
  • Whole Foods – 8 points per $1 (0.8% back)

I went with Lyft and Uber because I use them a lot in NYC and I always check which one is cheaper in price. The other 3 I picked were Trader Joe’s for groceries, Starbucks for coffee for networking purposes, and Sephora for beauty products. You should choose the 5 options you know you already spend the most at.

drop app choose 5 cashback options

Step 3: Cash Out And Get Rewarded!

Cash out to get paid! Drop offers a ton of gift cards at different point intervals. You can cash out beginning at $5, which is awesome since that’s how much you get signing up through this link! The rewards go all the way up to $100 with different gift card providers. Unfortunately, they do not provide PayPal or a Mastercard/Visa gift card at this time. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

drop app redemption options

What Are Other Ways To Earn With Drop?

The Drop app has one-time and ongoing offers that give you bonus cash back.

For an example of a one-time bonus, check out this Harry’s bonus with 1,000 points just for signing up for a free trial. However, make note that SwagBucks usually offers higher one-time bonuses, so be sure to check them out before deciding which cashback app or site to get the offer though.

harry's drop option

The other kind of offer is a recurring offer that frequently pops up. This could be something like getting a few hundred points to shop at a particular store. Trial offers are generally one-time because you can only sign up for a trial once.

Both kinds of offers will take a few weeks to change from a pending state to being deposited into your account. This is because the retailer pays Drop whenever you purchase something through an offer and it usually takes 30-60 days for Drop to get paid in order to make sure you’re not returning an item. The retailer will not pay Drop if you return an item.

Here are some bonus ways to get Drop points.

  • 5,000 points ($1) for joining Drop
  • 5,000 points ($1) for each referral

drop jet option redemption

How Do You Get Paid With The Drop App?

The Drop app offers gift cards, but no PayPal or Visa or Mastercard gift cards. I’d always rather have straight cash, but Amazon to me is pretty much the equivalent of cash given how much everyone spends on there!

Here are the gift cards that Drop offers:

  • $5 Aerie – 5,000 Points
  • $5 Starbucks – 5,000 Points
  • $10 Amazon – 10,000 Points
  • $10 iTunes – 10,000 Points
  • $10Nordstrom – 10,000 Points
  • $10 Old Navy – 10,000 Points
  • $15 Banana Republic – 15,000 Points
  • $15Groupon – 15,000 Points
  • $15 AMC – 15,000 Points
  • $20 Whole Foods Market – 20,000 Points
  • $25 Applebee’s – 25,000 Points
  • $25Barnes & Noble – 25,000 Points
  • $25 JCPenney – 25,000 Points
  • $25 Lyft – 25,000 Points
  • $50 Hotels.com – 50,000 Points
  • $50 Best Buy – 50,000 Points
  • $100 American Airlines – 100,000 Points

Is Drop Secure?

Drop runs on Plaid, a third-party application that uses SSL and 256-bit encryption to store private data. Drop doesn’t have access to your credit card info to give you cash back, Plaid does. Plaid is used by all the main large FinTech companies, such as Mint, Acorns, Dosh, Qapital, etc.

If you’re still hesitant on giving Drop access to your card info, I’d recommend checking out Ebates or BeFrugal. They don’t need a credit card to give you cash back at all.

Drop App Referral Program

Once you sign up with Drop, you’ll be able to get your own link to refer your family and friends. Since Drop is an awesome app that gives you cash back on things you were going to purchase anyway, you’ll be doing good for your family and friends by referring them! You’ll get 5,000 points for every complete referral and your friend or family member that you referred will get 5,000 points as well.

Who Should Use Drop?

There aren’t really downsides to using Drop, so if you’re willing to link your credit card, you can start collecting cashback via the app as soon as you download and spend money as you’d normally do.

The only reason we can think of not to use Drop is that you don’t want to give out your card info. In that case, we’d recommend checking out Ebates and BeFrugal for getting cash back.
drop redemption screen from various retailers

Tips To Use Drop Wisely

The reason all these cashback apps exists is that they secretly try to nudge you into spending more money by giving you a tiny bit of cash back.

The reason Drop makes you pick 5 stores is so you can subconsciously be locked into 5 retailers. Knowing that you’d get a bit of cashback off of those 5 retailers will make you more likely to shop there. So make sure to pick 5 retailers you always shop at anyway!

I’d also recommend turning off notifications to the app because they do offers some lucrative cashback deals once in a while. You don’t want to be persuaded to shop there just because there’s a good deal going on if you weren’t going to get anything anyway.

Make sure you stack your purchase with credit card rewards, other cashback apps, loyalty programs, and shopping portals.

Remember the categories that Drop doesn’t cover: gift cards, business purchases, and manufactured spending.

drop get rewards just for shopping

Drop App Pros And Cons

With every app comes both pros and cons, so we summarized them for you at the end of this review.

Drop Pros

The Drop app is an awesome cashback app for those looking to link their card and just get cash back on autopilot.

The app is intuitive and easy to use, with gift card rewards being sent instantaneously.

Big brands are on Drop: Costco, Uber, Lyft, Whole Foods, etc.

The Drop app allows you to triple dip on cash back with credit card rewards, loyalty programs, etc.

Drop Cons

Drop only lets you get cashback on 5 retailers and doesn’t allow you to change them. I wish they would allow you more options, but the bright side is there are other cashback apps you can stack Drop with.

Get 5,000 Bonus Points With Drop

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