How To Monetize Your Life By Doing Things You Already Do

How To Monetize Your Life By Doing Things You Already Do

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There are so many things you can do to make money from things you do every day. Check out this list. #makemoney #savemoney #financialindependence #retireearly #extramoney #monetizeyourlife #monetize
How can you monetize your life? You should just do the exact same things you've always done but just get paid for them now! Here's a list of things you can start today and side hustle your way to financial freedom! #sidehustle #makemoney #monetizeyourlife #moremoney #debtfree #financialindependence #financialfreedom #retireearly #earlyretirement

There’s a lot of ways to side hustle and make extra money, but what are the easiest ways to make money? Just by doing things you already do. Here’s a list.

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Getting Paid To Drive Somewhere You’re Already Going

If you have a car, you should consider this one.

A common argument against ride-sharing is that putting miles on your car for aimless driving might not be a good idea. But what if you’re giving rides along the way to work and going home?

On most ridesharing apps, there’s a destination filter where you can pin where you’re going (some only allow up to twice per day), and you’ll pick up riders along the way who are either going to your destination or want to get dropped off somewhere along the way.

If you do this twice a day at least (to work and from work for 5 days a week), thats 40 trips a month already if we’re assuming you just pick up 1 rider each time. If you also do this when you’re going to the grocery store, a bar to meet friends, etc, you’ll pick up a ton more trips.

You’re basically getting paid for something you were already going to do already, which is awesome.

Lyft is offering a $250 bonus for new drivers.

Losing Weight

We’re all trying to lose weight. All the time it seems. Why not have the incentive of extra money help you finally kick those pounds once and for all?

1). Instead of paying $45 an hour for your Soul Cycle class, why not become a biker for UberEats? If you don’t have a bike, consider your city’s BikeShare program. NYC has the priciest BikeShare program it seems, but when comparing a bike to the subway, it added up to a savings of $1,000 a year and hours of your transport life. Plus you’ll lose weight from riding a bike instead of just sitting on the subway or in your car.

2). SweatCoin pays you in SweatCoins. If you walk 10,000 steps a day (as recommended by the CDC), that’s roughly $50 in redemption a year.

3). Achievement also has a similar program that does the same thing as SweatCoin. Keep in mind they’ll have access to where your steps are, but if you’re a relatively boring person like me who goes to the same places, it might not matter to you.

4). HealthyWage and Dietbet are sites that allow you to bet on your own weight loss. Lose the bet and you’ll lose your entire bet amount. Psychologists have found that loss aversion is a huge motivator for getting things done, so this is where that betting system comes from. DietBet offers games for 4-10% of weight loss every week with small prizes (usually less than $100). Everyone puts money into a pool and people who meet their goal get a split of the pot after DietBet takes some money out for their cut. DietBet also allows you to host your own game where people put in money and bet.

5). HealthyWage is different. It allows for large bets on yourself. If you wanted to lose more than 10%, you could bet on just yourself and not compete with anyone else. You can set your own time limit to lose that weight (up to 18 months), number of pounds you want to lose, and then get a pretty large prize if you actually lose the weight. I wrote up a review about them here so you can figure out the best bet to make to maximize your dollars. That is, if you trust you’ll actually do the work and lose the weight!

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Passive Income Apps ($492/year)

With the recent Cambridge Analytica – Facebook debacle, I’m weary of using a corporation that “sells” my data to third parties and doesn’t pay me. I’m a pretty boring person, so I don’t care that they know random facts about me (oh man, I love fruits and veggies and go nowhere else except to the gym, my apt, the grocery store, and random restaurants). I’m just annoyed I don’t get paid for my mundane data.

Those social media companies are experts at monetizing your life. Flip the switch and monetize your own life instead.

Well, now you can! Here are 4 companies that will pay you for your data. The first 2 companies are from Nilesen, and the third is owned by Google. Nielsen is the company that does all the television ratings — did you also know they were the #1 market research firm in the world. Google needs no explanation, I’m sure. The fourth is a smaller marketing research company, but pays well.

Neilsen ($120/year)

The famous ratings company offers passive income for you if you install their app. They offer a monthly $10,000 sweepstakes if you install the app on your computer. You can also install the app onto your phones and tablet for a fixed $ every month ($5 for each device). So you can earn $120 a year just by installing their app per year, which is pretty great for some passive income.

$3 Bonus – ShopTracker ($36/year)

Get a $3 visa giftcard for just signing up with ShopTracker, and then $36 a year for staying with them. The only requirements are to have an Amazon account and connect it. They don’t take any personal information, and my Amazon buying history is pretty boring anyway.

Google Cross Media Panel ($156/year)

Google pays up to $3/week, or $1 for each kind of device you have synced (phone, tablet, and PC) per week. Cross Media is now owned by Google and since you’re probably giving them free data anyway, why not at least get paid for it? $3/week is $156 per year. I haven’t been able to join yet as it says they’re full, but I check back once in a while.

SurveySavvy/SavvyConnect ($180/year)

Get $180 a year just for installing SurveyConnect. They pay $5 a month on every device you install SavvyConnect on, which is $60/year per device. Install it on all 3 (phone, tablet, and desktop) and get $180 a year. 



For grocery shopping, there’s an app called Ibotta which gives you $10 for scanning your first receipt. Then you get cash back for future receipts based on what you buy. Since you’ve already done the shopping, might as well get some cash back for it.

For online shopping, there are two main cash back sites. Ebates and BeFrugal. Ebates has a better looking interface but only 2,000 stores. Ebates is also owned by Rakuten, the giant Japanese conglomerate. BeFrugal has 5,000 cash back sites but a slightly less cool looking interface.

Both give a $10 sign-up bonus. I usually just check whichever site gives the most cashback for a purchase I’m going to make already and go with that.

Get Paid to Use Search Engines

SwagBucks will pay you to use their search engine. If you’re already Googling, why not get paid for it at least? Click here to find out how to make hundreds a year with SwagBucks with minimal work.

Do you have other ways you monetize your life? Let me know and I’ll add them here!


There are two main ways to get cash back with eating. One is through Yelp Cash back, which gives you up to 10% cashback on a restaurant. It’s run through the Empyr network, which is what SwagBucks uses as well. I’d recommend signing up for Yelp cash back for restaurants instead of SwagBucks because there are no minimum redemptions.

You cannot double dip in the same network, and it seems the Empyr and Rewards Networks are finally talking to each other because online reports are saying you cannot earn Empyr rewards if that cc is linked to a Rewards Network account.

If you’re looking for passive cashback, just link your cc to the Yelp Cash Back program. If you’re more into miles because you maximize them at a higher cashback percentage, link your cc to a rewards network account to get airline miles.

Empyr->Mogl, Yelp, SwagBucks, Dosh, Spent

Rewards Network-> Rewards Network, Plenti, Groupon+


Author: Olivia

Olivia worked in finance and wants you to learn the secrets of financial independence. She believes there are so many ways to monetize your life and make money doing the things you're already doing because so many companies offer free money.

The average savings account rate is 0.1%. The big banks have incredibly low savings accounts rates. CIT Bank offers a 1.75% savings account. You can open an account with just $100 and no monthly fees or charge . Tired of being charged fees and getting peanuts in interest at your current bank? Open a CIT Bank savings account in less than 15 minutes online.

If you have a car, Rideshare apps allow you to pick a direction you want to go twice a day, so you can get extra money going somewhere you were driving to anyway at least twice a day. Get a $300 sign-up bonus with Lyft.

One of my favorite ways ways of monetizing my life is via credit card bonuses with cards that give you cashback or rewards. Check out our review of the Chase Sapphire cards, which give you at least $500 in cash or $625 in travel credit.

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    1. No problem! If you get REALLY enterprising, you can go to cashbackholic and they search through all the cash back sites for you all at once!

  1. I’m a bit fan of Achievement (I even wrote a review of it). Easiest money ever. Have read so so reviews on Sweat Coin so elected against it. I once had my car wrapped in advertisements and made $1,500 for commuting to work. But it messed up the pint something fierce. Looking forward to trying some of these other things. Thanks!

  2. I was not aware that ride-sharing companies have that option to pick up passengers and drop them off to places your driving through I drive to work in a downtown area so they are a lot of potential passengers that I could give a ride to.
    For the last few years I’ve gotten selected for Google focus groups where they ask you questions about a product Google is potentially releasing and I give my thoughts about it. They give me a $100 gift card for doing one. Luckily one of the Google buildings is close by here in SF so I have no problem doing their focus groups whenever they need it.

    1. I didn’t realize it either until I was chatting with my driver one day! He said he thinks it’s cool because you get to do at least 2 “direction destinations” a day, kind of like going to and from work. Which was awesome, because then you could monetize your work travel!

      That’s so cool! How does one go about signing up for that?

  3. Interesting take. In some ways it eliminates the excuse of dearth of time to earn extra money on the side.

    It’s also amazing to see the kind of digital finance innovations happening in the US. Unless I am extremely ignorant, I don’t think there are half as many options in India.

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