$10 Ibotta Referral Code App Review [AQYADJL]

$10 Ibotta Referral Code App Review [AQYADJL]

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Ibotta is one of the coolest cashback and rebate apps. Its main focus is on earning you money just for grocery shopping and has paid over $370 Million to date. You can get started with a $10 Ibotta referral code here:

Ibotta $10 Referral Code AQYADJL

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What Is Ibotta? Is It Trustworthy?

Ibotta Basics

I’m always wary of cashback apps because I don’t want to end up spending more money. That’s how most of them get you.

With Ibotta, you don’t have to worry about being tempted by small cashback offers. You can make your grocery list before you go, click on your offers, close the app, and then you won’t be tempted to spend any extra money (at least on random cashback offers). I’m all for monetizing your life and making money from things you’re going to do or spend on anyway.

In terms of expenses, rent or your mortgage is number one in expenses. Groceries are probably your number two. Well, they might be student loans, but we do have a blueprint hack to pay off student loans much faster here.

While I don’t have a rent cashback app for you, a cashback app for your second biggest expense is pretty awesome.

Is Ibotta Legit?

Ibotta - 4.5 Rating on the Apple App Store
Ibotta – 4.5 Rating on the Apple App Store
4.5 Rating on Google Play
4.5 Rating on Google Play

Ibotta is rated 4.5 on both the Apple store and Google Play store. The Apple store has nearly 60,000 reviews and the Google Play store has about 315,000 reviews.

Ibotta has also been written up in reputable press articles. See below for Ibotta’s features:

Places Ibotta has been referenced in the press.
Places Ibotta has been referenced in the press.

How Does Ibotta Work? How Do I Use Ibotta?

1). Download the Ibotta app

Download the Ibotta app via this link get $10 off through this special referral link. If you’re on desktop, the code should automatically fill in. If you’re on mobile, the code should automatically be filled in as well, but you might need to copy and paste this code in order to get the referral bonus just in case.

Enter in this code: AQYADJL

The Ibotta offer page. Easy to use, just tap a "+" to get an offer.
The Ibotta offer page. Easy to use, just tap a “+” to get an offer.

2). Choose offers for things to buy before you go to the store.

Each offer is between $.25 to $5.

If you really don’t want to be tempted by the rebate offers, write up a grocery list of items you want to buy so that you don’t add random offers in the Ibotta app to your shopping list.

The one thing I don’t want you to do is to buy a certain brand of item just because it’s on sale. You shouldn’t spend $4 to save $1 on yogurt when you can just buy yogurt for $1 with another brand.

Take your grocery list and choose the grocery store offers you want. You might be asked to watch a very short video or poll at times to redeem the coupon.

New offers are released every Wednesday and offers trickle in throughout the first 24 hours into Thursday. Certain rebates do run out so make sure to snap them up when you see them.

Buy any kind of a product and still get a rebate from Ibotta!
Buy any kind of a product and still get a rebate from Ibotta!

The great thing is that Ibotta allows you to get cashback for generic items. This means you can buy any brand of of a kind of item and still get cashback. I love getting my favorite brand of item and saving money anyway. What kinds of items are they? Below are just a few of the ones I’ve seen:

  • Dairy: eggs, milk, yogurt
  • Snacks: granola bars, chips
  • Household Cleaning Items: fabric softener, detergent
  • Hygiene: Feminine products, toothpaste
  • Drinks: Ginger ale, many types of alcohol
  • Meat: Ground beef

This is awesome because you can buy the store brand of the item. The store brand of an item is usually much cheaper because you’re not paying the premium for the brand. For example, Heinz is much cheaper than store brand ketchup, but the store brand tastes the same to me.

Basically, my favorite redemption is the “any item” one. You get .$.25 on every receipt because you can buy any item at all.

Your offers will be added to the pending tab, so you can double-check your grocery list in there!

3).  Go shopping!

Take your grocery list and go shopping for the right items! Make sure to keep your paper receipt.

3 ways to earn cashback via Ibotta - Receipts, loyalty cards, and in-app purchases.
3 ways to earn cashback via Ibotta – Receipts, loyalty cards, and in-app purchases.

4). Upload your receipt to the app or link your loyalty card.

Take a picture of your receipt and upload it to Ibotta
Take a picture of your receipt and upload it to Ibotta

If you choose the scanned receipt option, you’ll need to take a picture of your receipt. Don’t worry if the receipt is a super long one, you’ll be able to take multiple pictures.

If you choose to link your loyalty card, you can just go about your day because the Ibotta app will automatically be able to give you cash back for it.

If you link your loyalty card, you'll automatically get your rewards without the need to take a picture of the receipt.
If you link your loyalty card, you’ll automatically get your rewards without the need to take a picture of the receipt.
Cash out via Paypal or Venmo via Ibotta. You can also pick from other gift cards.
Cash out via Paypal or Venmo via Ibotta. You can also pick from other gift cards.

Cashback usually comes into your account within 24 hours.

5). You can cash out via Paypal or Venmo

You can cash out when you reach $20. There are also gift cards, but in my opinion Paypal is better because then you can spend it anywhere.

6). Mobile In-App Purchases

You can also make money via mobile in app purchases to Uber, Poshmark, and other online stores or apps.

Click on the “Mobile Shopping” tab to see these offers.

Where Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta may be known as a grocery app, but that’s just the way it started. Now, it’s so much more. You can earn cash back at more than 250 retailers nationwide.

Here are some of the bigger name grocery stores:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Aldi’s
  • Costco
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree
  • Walmart/Sam’s Club
  • Food Lion
  • BJs
  • Giant
  • Harris Teeter
  • Albertsons
  • Kroger
  • Wegman’s

You can even get cash back on online purchases with Amazon and Jet.

For people in metropolitan cities, Ibotta works on your neighborhood pharmacy/grocery store like Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade.

If you drive, Ibotta offers rebates and cashback on certain gas stations or quick food stops. These gas station and quick food stops include 7-11, Chevron, and Circle K.

Another way to earn via Ibotta is the mobile in-app purchase section.
Another way to earn via Ibotta is the mobile in-app purchase section.

My favorite is getting $1 back on every Uber trip I take. Uberpool in NYC matches the subway price sometimes for shorter distances, so that $1 is close to an extra 30 percent off!

Ibotta Redemptions That Don’t Exist Elsewhere

I love finding a hidden cashback gem that doesn’t exist on another rebate app.

For Ibotta, there’s 6 hidden gems in my opinion:

  • $1 rebate on every Uber ride – Uber codes basically don’t exist after the first time you use it, so this is especially nice. Uberpool is $3-$4 if you’re going under a mile, which makes it cheaper than the subway here.
  • Alcohol cashback – I’ve never seen a rebate for alcohol on another app or website because you can’t order alcohol online (most cashback websites are through online sites). Get 20-30 percent off on alcohol through the Ibotta app in the form of a rebate.
  • Dollar Tree/Dollar General — Getting a rebate from those two stores is like getting 25 percent off at least since rebates are at least $.25 each.
  • Getting rebates on fresh, non-processed food. Manufacturer’s coupons are generally processed non-perishable food. Getting cashback on fresh food is awesome.
  • If you’re an extreme couponer, you can use physical coupons in addition to the Ibotta app. Quadruple Dipping! Woohoo!
  • Ibotta is the only cashback app I’ve seen that offers cashback via Poshmark.

If nothing else, there’a $10 Ibotta referral code just for signing up.

Get cashback on Poshmark via the Ibotta app
Get cashback on Poshmark via the Ibotta app

How Do You Get Paid With Ibotta?

You can get paid in either Venmo or Paypal, so basically cash, none of that gift card stuff like some other apps!

Ibotta $10 Referral Code AQYADJL

Quadruple Dipping With Ibotta

One of the reasons I love Ibotta is that I can quadruple dip on rewards and cashback.

Check out the Chase Sapphire cards for awesome cashback and rewards.
Check out the Chase Sapphire cards for awesome cashback and rewards.

1). Cashback through a credit card.

We recommend a card from the Chase Sapphire series as the best 1st rewards/cashback card to start with. The sign up bonus for the Chase Sapphire cards is $500 cash or a minimum of $625 in travel credits (this goes up to $750 depending on which card you sign-up for).

2). Cashback through the Ibotta app

3). Rebates via a physical coupon. If you’re one who loves coupons, you can still use them in conjunction with Ibotta!

4). Uploading receipts via Checkout51, which is another grocery cashback app. You can upload your receipts via both apps.

How To Earn Bonuses: Teamwork and Offers

Get bonuses on Ibotta via the Teamwork section.
Get bonuses on Ibotta via the Teamwork section.


Every month you can make extra money by working with your team. Your team includes your FaceBook friends, the person who referred to you, and any people you refer.

There are 4 total levels each month, and you can unlock the next one once you meet each level’s requirements.

This is the requirement for the first level this month to earn $.5:

  • Redeeming 7 offers this month (ie, getting cash back on 7 items or bonus offers). Pretty simple to do if you go grocery shopping at least once a week
  • Have your team redeem $8 worth of offers

It’s basically an awesome little bonus if you have a great team.

Ibotta bonuses to earn extra cashback.
Ibotta bonuses to earn extra cashback.


Bonuses are usually 30 days and are automatically activated. They’re things like “redeem 3 offers and get an extra $2 in cashback” or “buy 2 items from BrandX for an extra $4”.

Ibotta Referral Code Bonus [$10]

You get $10 just for signing up and using this referral code. All you have to do is submit your next receipt.

Ibotta referral code $10 bonus
Ibotta referral code $10 bonus

Once you sign up, you’ll get your own code and you can get $5 per person who uses your referral code. There are bonuses for referring multiple people. For example, you’ll get $25 extra in July when you refer 5 people.

How Does Ibotta Make Money?

Ibotta has been around for a while and raised $20 Million in 2014 in VC funding.

They work with retailers and manufacturers to make sure certain products are sold. For example, if a company wants their product’s taste to get out there, they can offer a small rebate to entice customers. They’re betting on you liking the product and coming back to buy more of it.

For those generic “buy any brand” items, it’s possible a group that represents that generic item is behind it. Maybe they want you to get back into drinking milk (dairy industry) or ground beef (meat lobby) for example. Did you know that ground beef makes up the majority of the cuts of a cow? Guess sometimes they need to move that cut off the shelves!

In order to get some Ibotta redemptions, you’ll need to answer a question or watch a sponsored video, so they might make money that way as well.

Basically, Ibotta is the app version of a newspaper coupon clipping page. When I was a teenager in the 2000s, I remember there were coupons in the newspaper. Our generation as Millennial definitely doesn’t like paper coupons, so it was fitting they invented an app version of this. No paper coupons needed!

Ibotta Pros and Cons

Ibotta Pros

Cashback on generic brands, Uber, Poshmark, and Dollar General. These offers can’t be found elsewhere, which makes it such an awesome app. You can buy organic, good food and still get cashback due to the generic offers. Lastly, the ability to get cashback via alcohol is unfound anywhere else as well.

Ibotta makes it so much easier to get cashback and rebates while grocery shopping. You can make money via cashback, referral bonuses for referring friends, and teamwork bonuses when working with friends.

Ibotta Cons

You can only cash out every $20.

You need to have a smartphone and be located in the US.

Overall, the Ibotta app is an awesome way to earn cashback when you go grocery shopping and shop on certain apps. It’s free to use and requires minimal effort. I’m all for making money doing things I’m already doing, so why not sign up for Ibotta?

Ibotta $10 Referral Code AQYADJL

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Olivia worked in finance and wants you to learn the secrets of financial independence. She believes there are so many ways to monetize your life and make money doing the things you're already doing because so many companies offer free money.

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