JobSpotter Review: Is It A Legit Money Making App?

JobSpotter Review: Is It A Legit Money Making App?

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Indeed, the online job board company, created the JobSpotter app to let people see jobs that are usually only posted in windows. It would be too costly to hire people to walk around the city all day trying to find “help wanted” signs, so they decided to crowdsource their data.

How many “help wanted” signs do you see per day? JobSpotter will pay you to take a picture of that. Take a picture of a “help wanted” sign and you’ll get paid in the app via gift cards.

What Is JobSpotter?

JobSpotter is an app that pays you to take pictures of help wanted signs in physical retail locations. It was created by the company Indeed in early 2016. Indeed was created in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan.

Indeed realized that there were a ton of small businesses that only advertised in their storefront and never advertised online that they were looking to hire. JobSpotter helps out small businesses and those looking for jobs by letting people access information to new jobs being posted in real life. Imagine trying to job hunt in NYC, a city of 8 million people! You can’t walk up and down all the streets, so JobSpotter does all the heavy lifting for you!

You can see the help wanted signs people took pictures of on Indeed with the label “help wanted”. The JobSpotter app is downloadable through the Google Play store or Apple app store. You must be in the US, UK, Canada, or Austrailia for JobSpotter to work.

Is JobSpotter Legit Or A Scam?

JobSpotter has been downloaded more than 100,000 times with a rating of 4.3 on Google Play. People have posted screenshots of getting paid with JobSpotter on the internet, and it’s run by parent company Indeed. It’s safe to say that JobSpotter is a legit app that can make you a little bit of money.

That being said, JobSpotter won’t make you rich, and you spend your time hunting down help wanted signs. If you’re in the vicinity, take a quick lap around the mall or strip and see if there are any stores with help wanted signs. If not, don’t worry about it!

How Much Does JobSpotter Pay?

JobSpotter doesn’t show you how much you get paid when you take the picture of the help wanted sign, but an algorithm determines the amount you get paid. Generally, the JobSpotter algorithm rewards 5 to 150 points per submission.

Best Payouts For JobSpotter

Small business signs are much more likely to get higher payouts. This is because small businesses tend to only put up help wanted signs up when they’re truly looking to hire. Small businesses also can’t go very long without hiring someone because they tend to have fewer employees and really need the labor.

The more handwritten and homemade the sign looks, the more money you’ll make with JobSpotter. I’m telling you this because I thought it’d be the opposite with nicely made signs being worth more. However, that’s not the case. The mom and pop stores have the best payouts.

Here are two examples:

Blue Front Cafe, mom and pop store - 94 points
Blue Front Cafe, mom and pop store – 94 points
Jammin on Haight, mom and pop store - 100 points
Jammin on Haight, mom and pop store – 100 points

If you’re the first one to take a picture of the help wanted sign at a specific location, you’ll get higher payouts. JobSpotter rewards the first person to find a help wanted sign at a specific location, so make sure you whip out your phone whenever you see one just in case!

Worst Payouts For JobSpotter

Nationwide, or even region-wide companies, will have much smaller payouts. This is because large companies will advertise their job offerings online and will often never take down their help wanted sign, even if they aren’t looking for help at the time. The bigger retailers do this to collect resumes in case they are looking for help. JobSpotter doesn’t value these companies’ help wanted signs as much because it is less likely to lead to a hire immediately.

Here are two examples:

GNC, a national chain, only pays 5 points
GNC, a national chain, only pays 5 points
Peet's Coffe, a national chain, also only pays 5 points
Peet’s Coffe, a national chain, also only pays 5 points

Each additional person who snaps a picture of the help wanted sign for JobSpotter will get paid less — JobSpotter will use these subsequent pictures to confirm the first.

You can see actual examples of payouts here. You’ll notice that the high payouts are all small businesses that only have one location. The payouts that only paid out the minimum of 5 cents were all national franchises like Peet’s coffee and Dunkin Donuts.

If you live or work next to a large retail location with a ton of storefronts, you can clean up with help wanted signs.

How To Maximize JobSpotter Earnings:

100 points in JobSpotter equals $1.

You can’t take a picture of the same sign within 30 days. This will be flagged as a duplicate. If you also take a picture at the same time as someone else, it’ll be flagged as a duplicate because the algorithm might think you’re using multiple phones.

You’ll need to take a picture of the photo with the app opened. I assume this is to make sure your GPS location is in the same place you’re taking the picture. Otherwise, you can just send the picture around to friends.

How to take a good JobSpotter photo:

  • Include the help wanted sign
  • Include the storefront and the name.
  • Make sure the picture isn’t blurry and the text on the sign and store is readable
  • Don’t have people in the picture
  • If it’s in front of a glass window, take it at an angle so you don’t get people’s reflection in it and can actually read the sign.

Take pictures of JobSpotter's Help Wanted signs

Once you submit the photo, the algorithm will take 24-48 hours to calculate your points.

If you’re looking to make money walking, JobSpotter might be a great way to do so.

Who Is JobSpotter Best For?

I would say it’s best for people living in large urban spaces with lots of businesses gathered in one area. If you’re living in a rural area without much businesses in town, you’re not going to make a lot.

In large urban cities, there will be many more small mom and pop stores, which you can use to your advantage to make a few extra bucks.

JobSpotter submissions page

Other Ways To Make Money With JobSpotter

You can verify other people’s submissions for extra points if you want. You get 10 points every time the bar fills up to 100 percent, which is pretty good for just checking if a couple of photos is of a help wanted sign and the storefront attached to that sign.

The first question will be: Is this a clear photo of a hiring sign posted at a business? The second question will be: Is this a clear photo of “store name”? You’ll answer yes or no to each question and then start filling up the top bar.

JobSpotter checks your answers against others in the system to make sure you’re not just clicking yes or no randomly. They start you at a “trust score” of 50 percent and for every answer you answer in tandem with the majority, you’ll gain percentage points. For every answer you answer wrong, you’ll lose points.

It takes about a minute to fill up the bar to 100 percent, so if you’re doing this for an hour, you can expect to make $6. That’s not even minimum wage! Your choice, though.

You can do this as often as you’d like. If you’re super bored and don’t feel like making money from surveys in your spare time, you should consider this when you wait in line, are on transportation, etc.

JobSpotter Top Ten Leaderboard

In order to make the app a little competitive, JobSpotter created a top ten leaderboard.

It looks like the top JobSpotter each month gets a $300 gift card. 2nd place gets $150 and 3rd place gets $50. It doesn’t look like the others get anything, so that’s a little disappointing, since it is a top 10 list! Check back though, maybe this will change!

How Do You Get Paid With JobSpotter?

Visit the Wallet section of the JobSpotter app. Gift cards are processed in about two weeks. The site says it processes them in 1-2 days, but when you look at Google Play store reviews, the gift cards seem to take 1-2 weeks. The minimum redemption is $1, which is a pretty low threshold compared to other apps, which is pretty awesome.

JobSpotter from the Google Play store - $400? I wish, but maybe one day over time.
JobSpotter from the Google Play store – $400? I wish, but maybe one day over time.

Here are the gift cards that JobSpotter offers:

  • Amazon

Just Amazon, but let’s face it, everyone uses Amazon anyway so it might as well be cash.

JobSpotter Referral Program

It doesn’t look like JobSpotter has a referral program, unfortunately.

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JobSpotter is easy to use if you live or work near a retail center with a lot of help wanted signs. It’s easy to snap a picture once inside the app and get points within 24-48 hours.

Getting paid in Amazon gift cards with JobSpotter is pretty nice.

You’re also helping people find jobs they might not have seen otherwise. That’s good karma!


If you don’t live near businesses with a lot of help wanted signs, you likely won’t make any money.

This won’t replace your income and you’ll have to leave your house.

This isn’t a knock on JobSpotter for earning income, but there are reports of the help wanted signs being online for months, even after they’ve stopped looking for employees. Hopefully, JobSpotter will start checking if the businesses are still looking for employees through the app.

Have you ever used the JobSpotter app to make money? How was your experience? What are some of your favorite apps, sites, and ways to make money?

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