Long Game Promo Code Review [1,000 Coins]: Best Saving App

Long Game Promo Code Review [1,000 Coins]: Best Saving App

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The coolest inventions are ones that help people and still reward them. That’s why I’m so excited about Long Game — an app that treats savings as a game and is as addictive as Candy Crush. You even get an extra 1,000 free coins with this Long Game referral code, just for signing up!

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What Is Long Game?

Long Game - Get on the right financial path!

Long Game is a secure savings app, meant to help you save and create an emergency fund so that you have money during the times you need it most. Stanford professor Ashby Monk and Lindsay Holden, MBA created the app in 2015. Long Game and has received $2.6 Million in venture capital funding according to Crunchbase. Long Game has been mentioned in the press at the following places:

Long game featured in the media

According to a survey done by Magnify Money, 56 percent of people in the United States have less than $1,000 in their savings and checking accounts combined. Long Game tries to fix that. When social good and entrepreneurship come together, it creates something amazing.

Long Game wants to make sure everyone has that emergency savings account to cover 3-6 months of unexpected expenses. Long Game is meant to help you save by gamifying your savings and rewarding you in the form of quick games for saving.

Long Game: 3 steps to how it works

After all, so many people play Clash of the Clans and Candy Crush while not earning anything – why not gamify your savings plan? Long Game turns that model on its head by giving you coins and rewarding you in real cash for saving.

Long Game is based on a concept called “Prize-Linked Savings” (PSLA). I remember first hearing about the concept nearly a decade ago in 2010 on the Freakonomics podcast and think it’s awesome a large-scale app now exists and has put it into action.

How To Maximize Your Long Game Coins

To earn money in Long Game, you need to gain coins. You cannot buy the coins with real money, which is a good thing, so you’re never tempted to spend money on Long Game coins.

Earning coins in Long Game consists of referring friends and getting 1,000 coins, keeping money in your savings account, and depositing new money into your savings account.

There are 7 mini-games in Long Game, and we ran the expected value of playing each game. The games definitely have different payouts, so if you’re interested in the best game with the highest payout, you can skip down to the Expected Value per 1,000 coins section.

What Mini-Games Are There In Long Game?

There are 7 mini-games in Long Game are all pretty fun. In each game, you can choose to skip to the win or play through.

Long Game: Roshambo

1. Roshambo (10 coins): Rock, paper, scissors with a friend. Each of you bets 10 coins and the winner takes all and earns 20 coins.

Long Game: Flip It Game

2. Flip It (basic – 5 coins, bronze – 60 coins): Flip up to 12 tiles. If you flip matching tiles, you get the reward on the matching cards.

Long Game: Creature Scratchers Game

3. Creature Scratcher (basic – 5 coins, bronze – 60 coins, silver – 80 coins, gold – 100 coins, platinum – 1,000 coins): Similar to a scratch-off ticket. Scratch 6 boxes with an extra Jackpot box. This is one of two platinum games where you can win $5,000.

4. Crypto Spin (crypto – 120 coins): Wheel of Fortune style where you spin the wheel and win a prize.

5. Lucky Slots (basic – 5 coins, bronze – 60 coins, silver – 80 coins, gold – 100 coins): Set up like a normal slots game with 3 columns and 3 icons per column. Match any three in a row, column, or diagonal.

6. Spin To Win (silver – 80 coins, gold – 100 coins, platinum – 1,000 coins): Spin the wheel and win a prize. This is one of two games on the platinum level, where you can win $5,000. This is different from Crypto spin because you can’t win Crypto on this one.

7. Omega Millions Weekly Drawing: Enjoy the psychological thrill from playing the lottery, but upset you never ever win? In Long Game, you can pick 6 numbers from 1-56 and 1 emoji (out of 7 different emojis). This is a weekly drawing, and you can win up to $1,000,000, which is the grand prize.

What Levels Of Games Are There In Long Game?

In Long Game the payout is different amongst the level of games. Long Game has mini-games with levels that are included in the below with the cost to play each Long Game mini-game in parenthesis:

  • Basic (5 coins)
  • Bronze (60 coins)
  • Silver (80 coins)
  • Gold (100 coins)
  • Platinum (1,000 coins)

Specific Games with just one level:

  • Roshambo (10 coins)
  • Crypto Game (120 coins)
  • Omega Millions Lottery (20 coins)

The Basic game is the only one that doesn’t reward you with actual dollars and only in potential coins, so we’re skipping over that one. After all, the main point of the game is to get more money — why waste your time playing the Basic game if it doesn’t give you cold, hard, cash?

What Is The Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins For Each Kind Of Long Game Mini-Game?

  • Bronze (60 coins To Play)
BRONZE GAME (60 Coins To Play)  
Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins: $0.83
Coin Prize$ PrizeOdds% Win Chance
  • Silver (80 coins To Play)
SILVER GAME (80 Coins to Play)   
Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins: $0.80
Coin Prize$ PrizeOdds% Win Chance
  • Gold (100 coins To Play)
GOLD GAME (100 Coins To Play)   
Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins: $0.97
Coin Prize$ PrizeOdds% Win Chance
  • Platnium (1,000 coins To Play)
Platnium Game (1,000 Coins To Play)   
Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins: $1.00
Coin Prize$ PrizeOdds% Win Chance
  • Crypto Game (120 coins To Play)
Crypto Game (120 Coins To Play)    
*Calc With ETH = $113.25 And BTC = $3971
Coin Prize$ PrizeETH PrizeBTC Prize% Win Chance
Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins: $0.17
  • Omega Millions Lottery (20 coins To Play)
Weekly Omega $1,000,000 Lottery   
Expected Value Per 1,000 Coins: $0.68
Coin Prize$ PrizeOdds% Win Chance

Here is the table with all of the expected values per game play per 1,000 coins.

Expected Value Of Games  
Game$/1000 CoinsRank

Does Long Game Pay Interest?

Yes, Long Game pays interest! That’s on top of earning prizes from coins.

You get 0.1 percent annually on your savings account. Interest deposits are made monthly, as long as you’ve earned a penny of interest. If you haven’t earned a penny, don’t worry, they’re still logging that interest, they just can’t deposit it into the account until you’ve earned a penny. Which makes sense, given the lowest denomination of US currency is actually a penny.

Would it surprise you to know the big banks pay 3-10 times less than Long Game does, not even counting coin rewards? Yep, that’s three to ten times less.

Bank of America pays 0.03%.

Wells Fargo and Chase both pay 0.01%.

Nope, I didn’t forget the decimal point. That is 1/100th of 1 percent.

You could say that those banks all have physical locations so they might not be able to pay as much in interest, but they’ve continued to pay minuscule interest rates even as the Federal Reserve has increased rates 2.25 percent in the past few years.

You also get money in Long Game from playing its games and that is your “interest” as well. I think they legally cannot say this part is literally interest, but you can kind of view the expected value of playing the games with dollar/crypto prizes kind of like prizes.

If you’re looking for a high-yield savings account that pays you a set amount of interest per month, then you should check out CIT’s Savings Builder account instead, which pays 2.25 percent annual interest.

How Many Coins Can You Earn From The Long Game Savings Account?

Long Game has a regressive earn rate for coins. This means you get more coins for the first few dollars you save and fewer coins the more money you have in your savings account. This is because the game is meant to get you to save for an emergency fund. It’s not for y

Hopefully, once you get 3-6 months of expenses saved up in your emergency fund, you’ll start putting money into tax-advantaged retirement accounts and start investing for your retirement as well.

Long Game is most helpful for those who need to gamify their savings. If you already have 3-6 month of expenses in an emergency savings account, consider a high-interest savings account instead to take advantage of interest.

You’ll get 2 coins for every $1 you deposit into your account.

Long Game Beginner's Mission

Beginning promo:

You’ll get 300 coins just for signing up and 1,000 for using this link or you can enter in D2G8KZ if you’ve already opened an account.

In your first week, you’ll also get 3 coins for every dollar deposited and for setting up auto-deposit.

Can You Win Crypto In Long Game?

You can win crypto in Long Game in one of two ways.

Long Game Crypto Rewards

1). Play the Crypto Spin game for 120 coins. You can win coins, dollars, or crypto (Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC)). Ethereum is currently worth $113 and Bitcoin is worth $3,971 at the time of this post today. Keep in mind the game pays out a fixed amount of crypto. This means the payout is very different depending on how much BTC or ETH is worth.

We calculated the expected value of playing the Crypto game based on the dollar value crypto is worth today, at the time of this post, so keep that in mind. This means that if Ethereum and Bitcoin go up, the best game to play might be the crypto game one day.

We calculated the price Bitcoin would need to be in order to make this the best game and that’s north of $24,000. I have no clue where Bitcoin goes, but that’s quite far from today’s price of $3,971.

Don’t worry, the crypto game isn’t the best one to play today. We’ll have a calculator soon on this page so that you can calculate if the crypto game beats the other game’s expected values based on current ETH and BTC prices.

Long Game Crypto Tokens: BAT, Ethereum, 0x Protocol

2). You can also win small amounts of crypto from the game via leveling up in your savings account. Crypto rewards include ETH, BAT, and ZRX. Leveling up in Long Game Requires “Brains”, which you get when you reach milestones in your savings fund.

Long Game Ethereum Token

For example, you get rewarded with coins and brains for every $10 you save in the beginning. When I reached $40 in my savings account, the next reward level was at $55, then $70, and so on. As you save more money, you start getting rewards at higher intervals, because Long Game tries to make it interesting and easy for you to want to save even more.

Long Game earn brains

You also get brains for a variety of other actions:

  • 3 brains for logging in each day
  • 30 brains for a deposit into your savings account (max 52 times)
  • 100-400 brains for savings level missions
  • 100-500 brains for savings streak missions
  • 100 brains for connecting with friends (max 20)
  • 200 brains for monthly savings bonus
  • 1,000 for referring a friend

Playing The Lottery In Long Game

Every time a lottery gets close to a Billion dollars, the media writes a ton of news articles about it. Every week, millions of people spend their hard earned cash playing the lottery.

If you buy one ticket per week at $2 for the Mega Millions, that’s $104 per year that you’re throwing down the drain. I often see people buy multiple tickets every time this happens. They think: But what if you win? You won’t. Statistically speaking, that is.

You’re better off saving the small amounts of money instead, then building that habit to save larger sums of money and investing it and seeing that sweet compound interest build up your portfolio.

You’ll get the same level of psychological happiness from playing the Long Game Omega Millions drawing, but without spending any actual money.

Long Game Weekly $1,000,000 Omega Millions Drawing

The Omega Millions drawing is held once per week at 3 PM on Thursday. A great way to break up your week!

Long Game allows you one lottery entry for 20 coins.

It’s not hundreds of millions or even a billion dollars like the real lottery, but it doesn’t cost you $2 per week like the real lottery. What’s better than a free lottery ticket each week?

The expected value of the Long Game Omega Millions weekly drawing is $.68. The Omega Lottery is not the highest expected value, but if you enjoy playing the lottery and this makes you save more money in the long run, do what works for you.

To enter, you pick six numbers 1-56, and then one of 7 emojis. If you play the real lottery, the emoji is like the Powerball.

There are 13 ways to win, with eight different coin prizes and five dollar value prizes of $20, $100, $1,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000.

If you were like me and wondering how a small company can afford to host such a crazy amount of winnings per week, you should know that there is no guaranteed winner every week. The odds of winning the Long Game lottery are 1 in 227,279,052. Even if someone wins, I suspect Long Game purchases lottery insurance so the lottery winnings are ultimately paid out by reinsurer (so I’m hopeful if someone wins, it’ll get paid out).

Unlocking Creatures

You unlock creatures by leveling up in Long Game.

The only benefit from unlocking creatures that I can see is that you get to play higher levels of scratch cards. However, remember that all levels give out a distinct prize system, so it’s not like you’d make more playing scratch cards than Flip to Win or Spin the Wheel.

I’m not sure why these creatures are locked until you level up. There doesn’t seem to be a monetary benefit, but maybe they get cuter the more you level up?

How Do I Earn Powerups In Long Game & What Are They?

Long Game savings goals

When you’re starting out, you get a weeklong powerup of 2x coins per dollar deposited into your account.

Every time you level up, you get more powerups. Powerups are small boosts of coins you can earn for a limited amount of time.

Milestones Vs Leveling Up In Long Game?

You get prizes of coins and brains when you reach milestones. A milestone is defined as a dollar amount you’ve saved.

Milestones and leveling up is different.

Leveling up is when you collect a certain amount of brains. Brains are like XP in Long Game. Coins are what you use to play the games.

Can You Skip An Auto-deposit In Long Game?

In the first week, you should set up a large auto-deposit from your bank in order to take advantage of the 3 coins per $1 they give you for auto-deposits. You can always skip an auto-deposit, so it’s not like you’re locked into it.                       f

Is Long Game Secure?

Long Game’s savings accounts are FDIC insured for $250,000 for a single person or $500,000 for a couple. They have partnered with Blue Ridge Bank to ensure that your savings accounts are FDIC insured through them.

Long Game FDIC insurance and Blue Ridge Bank partnership

The federal government insures FDIC insurance. That means the government will step in and pay out your account in case anything goes wrong with the bank’s solvency.

When connecting a bank account to fund your Long Game savings account, Long Game uses Plaid, which is a third party piece of software to ensure secure SSL connections. Long Game does not keep your bank info — Plaid keeps it safe. In case you’re wondering if any large companies use Plaid, know that Venmo, Betterment, Amex, Citi, and Coinbase all use Plaid.

How Do You Open A Long Game Account?

Long Game savings reward in app

Since you are opening an actual savings account that is insured by the federal government through FDIC insurance, you’ll need to give the usual information necessary to open a bank account: name, address, SS, etc. You can do it all through the app through and it takes less than 5 minutes.

1,000 Free Long Game Coins: D2G8KZ Code

Does Long Game Have A Referral Program?

Long Game friend referral

Long Game rewards you for referring friends.

You get 1,000 coins per referral and your friend gets 1,000 coins too. It’s a win-win.

What Is A Prize-Linked Savings Account (PLSA)?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned PLSA’s.

The PLSA concept is genius because it tries to use addictive behavior to guide people into doing what is good for them.

There are two major problems when it comes to trying to save:

1). Saving money is hard. It’s easier to just blow it on an impulse purchase.

2). Keeping that money saved for emergencies is also hard. If there’s not a big barrier stopping you from taking that money out, you might save some and then end up back where you were.

Long Game uses the PLSA framework to try and solve both problems.

Long Game solves the first problem by rewarding you with 2 coins per dollar to play the mini-games for new deposits.

To nudge you into making sure you don’t spend money from the savings account unless it’s really an emergency, they pay you coins each week based on the number of dollars you still keep in the account.

This way you both get a reward for keeping money in your savings account and putting new money in.

Is Long Game For You?

Long game personalized savings account

If you’re tired of bloggers and financial advisors telling you “Just start saving”, then Long Game might be for you.

Money is not simply numbers, it’s also has a psychological aspect.

The pull of gaining coins and crypto to gamify your savings might just make you start saving more money, and you’ll get to earn actual dollars from that!

1,000 Free Long Game Coins: D2G8KZ Code

Remember, you can’t buy any coins even if you do get addicted to the mini-games, so you can’t lose any money. Your money is also FDIC insured up to $250,000 per person or $500,000 per couple, which means the federal government guarantees your money.

If you’re the type of person who wants to optimize your yield/return on your money, you can see that smaller amounts of money have a higher expected return. Obviously, the more money you save, the lower your return is with Long Game. That makes sense, given that the whole mission of Long Game is to help those who haven’t been saving start to do so.

The app isn’t for people who are on top of their personal finance game (unless you really enjoy the games). It is more for people trying to save up an emergency fund so that they don’t get hit with crazy fees the next time they need to pay for a car repair, unexpected medical bill, or some other surprise expense.

Long Game Pros and Cons

Long Game Pros

The app is simple and fun to use, with setting up a savings account taking less than 5 minutes.

You’ll get to earn money and crypto with Long Game. You can’t lose any money that you put in, only gain.

The gamification of savings in Long Game makes it a great way to start tricking yourself into psychologically wanting to save.

1,000 Free Long Game Coins: D2G8KZ Code

Long Game Cons

If you’re already a personal finance expert and are maxing out your 401ks, know what VTSAX is like the back of your hand, and are using a backdoor Roth, then you probably won’t find Long Game much use. I would recommend Long Game for personal finance beginners.

Have you tried out Long Game? How much money did you win with your first 1,300 coins?

Author: Olivia

Olivia worked in finance and wants you to learn the secrets of financial independence. She believes there are so many ways to monetize your life and make money doing the things you're already doing because so many companies offer free money.

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