Monthly Blog Report Card #1

Monthly Blog Report Card #1

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I started my blog at the end of November, but put it off for a few weeks before frantically writing a bunch of articles during a few free days right before Christmas and spaced them out nicely. As such, January will be my first full month of blogging. So, here are the stats.

Global Alexa Ranking: 1.42M

US Alexa Ranking 200,830

Twitter Followers: 181

Pinterest Followers: 25

FB Followers: 0 (it might help if I create a page for this :P)

I was featured in 3 different places. Thanks a bunch :).

Revenue: $8.55 (Google Adsense + Sovrn + AMZ Affiliate) – Apparently I don’t have mobile ads, so it could’ve been a bit better?

Hours worked on blog: 40 hours (Guesstimated)

Hourly Wage: 20 cents (woohoo! It can only get better, right?)

I made some new friends commenting on blogs and mostly just interacting on Twitter. I find Twitter to be very fun, it’s like public chat forums that are alive for just a while. Went to a NYC meetup with:

I didn’t forget PoF’s and ProsperlyWay’s names, they’re still anonymous on their blogs. Check out their blogs!


Pinterest: 500 Referrals – I’m not counting followers because I don’t know the follower->pageview metric. I’d rather track how many people click on the pins and land on my page

FB: I’ve seen pages with tens of thousands of likes/followers, that only have a few likes per post. I think FB’s algorithm doesn’t make your page seen unless you are promoting it with dollars, so I’m going to shy away from this for right now. I’ll set up a page though, and post new blog posts to it.

Twitter: 500 followers

Pageviews: 7,000 – I’d rather have a high goal and completely fail, than have something I think I can hit and not have worked hard enough.

*Edit: I reached the 7,000 pageviews goal! You can see my Feb report here. Want to know where I posted to get some extra referral traffic? Sign up below to let me send it to you!

I think I’ll keep blogging for at least a year. In the beginning I made it a goal to blog every two days, but as evidenced by my December frantic blogging before Christmas, that wasn’t the best. I’ll keep working on it, with at least 3 blog posts per week :).

Top Viewed Pages

1). Hustle in your 20s to be financially independent in under 10 years

2). 2 Incomes Are Better than One: How to Online Date

3). Retire 3 Years Earlier By Cutting Down Your Clothing Consumption & Why I’m Going Cold Turkey

4). Tips on convincing your significant other to retire way earlier

5). How to Become Yelp Elite: The Perks of Fancy Free Food and Cool Experiences

6). Favorite Books of 2017

7). 7 Ways to Make Money With Your Body Legally

8). Travel Hacking Japan: Day 1 in Tokyo

9). Hedging Your FI Equities Portfolio

10). Top 8 Posts of 2017

11). Vanguard Target Retirement Funds vs. DIY Admiral shares

12). Get paid DAILY instead of biweekly, for FREE!

13). The Perfect Snowboarding Storm: Beginner + European + Snow guns + Toboggan = Hypothermia

14). How a 22 year old can easily save an extra 500k+ with one change

15). They reached FI, why can’t you?

Excited for February and what’s ahead. As always, feel free to drop me a message or suggestion, I don’t bite :).

Author: Olivia

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28 thoughts on “Monthly Blog Report Card #1

    1. Thank you! You’re doing incredible! I hope to be as successful as you in 6 months! Love reading your blog reports 😀

  1. Awesome job! I’ve been blogging much longer than you, and your Alexa rank is twice as good (half as good?) as mine. Very inspiring that someone can do that in much less time!

    1. Joe, you can do it too :)! Just keep keeping on! I think you’d just need more content maybe? I try and post 3x a week, I think it helps.

  2. I’ve seen your post “How a 22 year old” linked several times in the Personal Finance subReddit. I’ll definitely be coming back.

    1. Hey Thomas! Thanks very much! Happy to hear it has been of help:). If I can help a few people save their money and clean up their finances, this blog will have been a great success :).

    1. Haha, I’m ingrained to calculate things in units. I thought it was fun. Maybe one day it will approach minimum wage, lol.

  3. Seriously impressive. I have been blogging for quite a while and my views are way lower than yours. But this is great motivation for me to pick up the pace!

    Thanks for a great read.

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