[$5 Bonus] Mr. Rebates Review: Legit Cashback Site Or Scam?

[$5 Bonus] Mr. Rebates Review: Legit Cashback Site Or Scam?

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Mr. Rebates is a cashback site that gives you cash back just for shopping like you normally would. Check out our thorough review below.

Get A $5 Sign Up Bonus With Mr. Rebates

What Is Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates is a cashback site that pays you to shop through the site. There are 2,500 retailers that you can get cash back, at up to 30 percent. They’ve recently come out with a mobile app, so you can do your mobile shopping on it as well. Mr. Rebates is completely free to sign up and use, and even pays you. Mr. Rebates was started in 2002 by Craig Cassata.

Mr Rebates was started in 2002

Is Mr. Rebates Legit?

Mr. Rebates has 25,000 FaceBook likes and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Whenever I hear of a new website, I always stop and check if it is a scam. There are so many online scams these days, that it always pays to be safe.

Mr. Rebates is legit though and pays out your cash back in a timely manner.

How Does Mr. Rebates Work?

Mr. Rebates is a cashback site that works with retailers to give you a piece of their affiliate commission. This means every time you click through Mr. Rebates, they get a small commission, and Mr. Rebates will give you the majority of it.

How Mr Rebates cash back works

When Does Cash Back Get Credited With Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates credits your account within 1-3 days of the order being placed or shipped. It then takes around another 30 days before the cashback changes from pending to available because the retailer wants to make sure the return and exchange period is over.

If cashback still hasn’t shown up as pending within 30 days, make sure to contact someone in Mr. Rebate’s support so they can credit your account manually. The limit is 90 days, so be sure to contact support before that time period is up.

The great thing about most cashback sites nowadays is that the cashback sites will track your outgoing clicks to retailers. This is so they can follow up with the merchant later if something goes wrong during the cashback process. Each click is identified by its time, date, unique ID number, and which merchant it was going to. This makes it really simple to follow-up on cashback if it ever goes missing!

Mr Rebates missing and incorrect cash back reporting

How Do You Get Paid With Mr. Rebates?

The minimum amount you need to get cash back from Mr. Rebates is $10. You can request your cash back be paid in the form of PayPal, a check, or a gift card. New Mr. Rebates members will need to wait 90 days to cash out for the first time. You can cash out once each month, so 12 times a year.

Mr. Rebates Coupons Section

The fine print says that Mr. Rebates might not give you cash back if you use a coupon not found on the site, so weight this when you’re deciding whether to use a coupon! Sometimes it might be more worth it to just use a coupon off the site and sometimes it is worth it to use a coupon on the Mr. Rebates site and go through that to get cashback.

Mr. Rebates also has a store of the week and weekly deals.

Mr. Rebates Referral Program

mr rebates refer a friend gives you 20 percent back each time

Mr. Rebates has one of the most rewarding cashback programs if your referral keeps using Mr. Rebates. You get 20 percent of your referrals’ cash back forever while your friend gets a $5 bonus for signing up. Keep in mind this isn’t taking away from your friends cash back, it’s just an extra amount Mr. Rebates gives back to you.

This might be better or worse, depending on if your friend actually uses Mr. Rebates. Other cashback sites give a fixed dollar amount when a referral signs up, so this is a pretty unusual referral program.

Mr. Rebates Best Tips

Make sure you have your cookies enabled so that the retailer can track your cash back. Make sure you purchase the item during the same session you click through so you get the cashback and make sure to be logged into your account each time you make a purchase.

If you pay with gift cards, you won’t be eligible for cash back.

Gift card purchases aren’t eligible for cash back. If you’re looking to buy discounted gift cards check out CardPool. They guarantee the gift card, so if there is anything wrong, you can always go to them and they’ll fix it.

mr rebates amazon cash back up to

Lastly, not all retailers offer cashback on each department of their site, so make sure you look at the categories Mr. Rebates will give cash back in. The only store this is really relevant to is Amazon, which has different cashback rates for each of its categories. You’ll see “up to” if a site gives different cash back for different categories.

If you’re looking to triple or double dip, check out our cashback stacking guide.

Mr. Rebates Pros And Cons

Mr. Rebates Pros

The cashback site really shines with its referral program. If you have a lot of friends and can get 20 percent cash back each time they make a purchase, that can be a lucrative passive income stream.

Mr. Rebates offers a $5 signup bonus through this exclusive link.

Mr. Rebates Cons

The Mr. Rebates UI isn’t the best, it still works as a cashback site.

Ultimate Online Cashback Recommendations

Though there are a ton of cashback portals, we’d recommend Ebates [$10 Bonus] and BeFrugal [$10 Bonus] for online purchases, DOSH [$5 Bonus] for physical transactions, and Ibotta [$10 Bonus] for grocery transactions.

Mr. Rebates is an interesting cashback portal, but if you’re not looking to collect free money from every single cashback portal out there and just want a few main cashback apps and sites, our recommendations are above.

Get A $5 Sign Up Bonus With Mr. Rebates

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