[$10 Bonus] Mypoints Review: Make Money With Cashback, Surveys, and More!

[$10 Bonus] Mypoints Review: Make Money With Cashback, Surveys, and More!

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Mypoints is a site that allows you to make money from cashback, surveys, watching videos, and other activities.

It’s very easy to use and if you’re looking to make a little bit of extra cash, you should check out our in-depth review of them below!

If you’ve already heard of them and just wanted to get your $10 MyPoints bonus for signing up, click below.

Get $10 With MyPoints

What Is MyPoints? Is It A Scam Or Legit?

MyPoints is owned by Proledge, LLC, the same company that owns SwagBucks.

MyPoints was created in 1996, went public by IPO’ing in 1999 on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and was bought out by SwagBucks in 2016. United Online was the company that sold MyPoints, the same company that owns companies that give you internet for free through Juno and NetZero.

It currently has a 4/5 rating on TrustPilot with 2,879 reviews.

Mypoints Trustpilot Rating

Who Can Join MyPoints?

You are eligible to join MyPoints if you’re older than 18 and are a United States or Canadian resident. If you’re not a resident of either the United States or Canada, we have a list of international survey and cashback sites that you can join.

Filling Out Your MyPoints Profile

The first thing you need to do after you join is get free points for filling out your MyPoints profile.

Users get 30 points for filling out their MyPoints profile.

This is so MyPoints can match you to surveys that most fit your demographic. They don’t know all the questions a survey might ask about demographics though, so it isn’t perfect.

MyPoints Survey Profile - Get 30 points!

Then you get 5 points for every 10 questions you answer on your survey profile after the basic questions.

How To Make Money On MyPoints

Ways To Make Money On MyPoints [$10 Bonus]MyPoints has a wide variety of ways to make money, and we’ll go over each of them in the sections below. You can get cashback, make money watching videos, take surveys, get discounted gift cards, play games, redeem coupons, and more.

Each point on MyPoints is worth about 6 cents. Sometimes you can get better redemption offers via gift cards though.

MyPoints Surveys

MyPoints tells you how many points you get for completing a survey and how long it takes. This is awesome because you can calculate your estimated hourly rate and see if a survey is worth it to complete.

Surveys range from a few points to 500 points.

If a survey has a star next to it, it means it is almost finished looking for participants.

In general, you can get disqualified for some surveys after finishing a few demographics questions if you aren’t the kind of person they’re looking for.

MyPoints Surveys Earn Money

The first survey in the above would be a great option to do because that would be an hourly rate of 1,700 points, which is more than minimum wage for answering questions and sitting on your couch.

Would I recommend surveys on this site? After testing it out a bunch, it seems that MyPoints has a higher disqualification rate than most survey sites. But that might be because I’m a woman in my 20s living in NYC. Surveys are always looking for different demographics, and maybe my demographic wasn’t in particular demand when I was testing it out.

I’d recommend Survey Junkie or SwagBucks if you’re really serious about answer surveys for money. This is because both SwagBucks and Survey Junkie give you points even if you get disqualified for an unlimited amount of times. MyPoints only gives you 5 points for the first 5 surveys you get disqualified for.

Get Paid To Search On MyPoints

MyPoints allows you to make money from just searching the internet like you usually do.

How many times a day are you Googling something? You randomly get points back with MyPoints when you Google things.

Here I earned 12 points for just spending a few seconds doing something I would’ve done anyway in Google.

Get Paid To Search On MyPoints

Why does MyPoints pay you to do this? I’m assuming they’re either getting kickbacks from the end search engine (which looks like Yahoo) or they’re selling the search data to a search company. Though this feels a little weird, Google gets our search data for free, so you might as well get paid for it!

I’m not sure on the maximum number of times you can win, but after testing it out, I’ve gotten points for several searches a day.

Daily 5, Bonus Mail, And Point Perks On MyPoints

The Daily 5

MyPoints The Daily 5

Every day, you can complete 5 tasks on “The Daily 5” and can earn a 5 point bonus from this. Voting in the daily poll is super easy and literally requires one click of a button. If you’re just trying to monetize things you already do, it might not be worth it to do the other tasks.

Point Perks

MyPoints Points Perk get bonuses submitting codes

MyPoints also has Point Perks. MyPoints will post a Point Perk code on social media. You can follow them on Twitter to get the Point Perk code. Here’s an example of what it looks like below. The code you have to enter in order to get Point Perks is “PurpleHaze” in this case. Note that codes expire during that day, so this won’t work forever!

MyPoints Twitter Points Perk example

Read Your MyPoints Bonus Email

Get 5 points for clicking on your bonus email. You literally get an email and click a button on the email that redirects to the MyPoints site.

MyPoints CashBack

MyPoints also has a cashback portal where you get cashback for every purchase you make. There are 1,900 retailers you can get cashback with on MyPoints.

MyPoints Amazon earn rate example

Here’s an example. Amazon is on the platform and gives some sweet cash back for certain Amazon categories.

A company pays MyPoints every time you buy something and MyPoints kicks back a portion of that to you for using the portal. It’s a win-win, you get cashback and MyPoints gets a small sliver for facilitating it — MyPoints makes a tiny bit of money off of each transaction.

MyPoints Score Search Bar

MyPoints Browser Score Search Bar

MyPoints also has a cashback Score bar in case you forget to go through the portal. We recommend Ebates [$10 bonus] instead for this because you’ll get paid out in actual cash.

MyPoints Score Tool Bar

MyPoints Travel

The MyPoints site also has a section for earning cashback or points on travel.

MyPoints Travel Cashback

MyPoints Travel Deals

MyPoints Earn On Local Deals

You can earn extra points through Groupon, Living Social, and other local deal platforms, so you’ll save money with those deals and get points back.

Watch Videos On MyPoints

Earn up to 6 points for each video set you watch on MyPoints. You don’t have to actually watch them, you can mute the video screen and just hit next when the video finishes. That adds up if you just click next every time the video set is finished playing.MyPoints Video Earn Points

After looking through the video sets, I’d recommend aiming for video sets that are shorter than 30 minutes that pay more than 5 cents. You could earn up to 160 points per day (assuming you’re up for 16 hours a day) on each device you have MyPoints on. I believe you can run this on your phone, tablet, and desktop/laptop.

MyPoints Videos don't work on AdBlocker

Make sure you have AdBlock disabled so that you can get points back. MyPoints probably gets money from you watching the ads, so they can pay you.

The max amount of points you can earn each day is 500 points per day.

Does MyPoints Have A Referral Program?

MyPoints Refer A Friend system

MyPoints has a referral program where they pay 25 points per referral.

If your referral spends $20 or more through the cashback portal, you’ll get a bonus 750 points.

After all this, you’ll still get 10 percent of your referral’s point earn forever.

You can invite an unlimited amount of friends.

That’s a pretty sweet referral system.

MyPoints Games

You get 5-10 points per dollar for games in which you pay for, so don’t do this! Don’t spend money on games!

You’ll notice that they only give you points for games you need to pay for. You’re trying to make extra money, not spend it, so skip this section.

MyPoints Games

Earn Money Printing Coupons On MyPoints

Get 10 points for each coupon you print and redeem.

During special times, you’ll get more points per coupon. This offer also allowed you 2 points per coupon printed, up to 500 coupon prints per month. That’s 1,000 points just for printing coupons.

Printing coupons on MyPoints and redeeming them to make money

This should go without saying, but don’t use a coupon on something you wouldn’t have already bought! Just think of the coupon as extra free money if you would have bought the product anyway. If you’re looking to double stack coupons, get Ibotta – you get a $10 bonus for signing up and get rebates on grocery/pharmacy store purchases (which I feel is what coupons are used for usually).

If you print and redeem more than 15 coupons a month, you’ll get a 25 point bonus.

MyPoints In-Store Promotions

The in-store promotions are like rebates.

For example, the deal will be buy a can of X branded coffee to get $4 back. Once you buy the item, you’ll need to upload your receipt to then get credited the points.

Unlike coupons, you won’t get this amount off directly when you buy the item, but you’ll get points when you scan the receipt.

MyPoints Android and IOS Apps [100 Points To Install]

Get 100 points for installing MyPoints on your Android or IOS phone.

Complete surveys on the go when you’re bored to make extra money on that subway, bus, or while you’re standing in line waiting.

How Do You Get Paid On MyPoints?

MyPoints pays in cash, gift cards, airline miles, etc.  MyPoints PayPal redemption

If you want to get paid in cash, you’ll need to earn at least 3,970 points to get a $25 by PayPal. That’s about 6.3 cents per point.

MyPoints miles redemptions

The interesting thing is that you can get paid in miles on MyPoints. Travel hackers might rejoice because they can top off their miles balances by answering a few surveys. As a travel hacker, you know that you can get redemptions up to 10 cents (or even higher!) per mile for business and first class redemptions or last-minute fares.

MyPoints pays out in the form of three airline program miles:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

MyPoints Amazon gift cards

We looked up the Amazon redemption to see if it was a better deal than cashing in via PayPal and it was pretty close at 6.29 cents as well (the difference is minimal!).

For some other gift cards, MyPoints tries to incentivize you to redeem points for certain gift cards by giving you more value through those cards for the same number of points. Just make sure you’re going to be spending money on those brands anyway!

Once you request a redemption, you’ll normally get paid within minutes. No more of those sites that take forever to pay via PayPal or send a gift card.

How Do I Contact Customer Service On MyPoints?

MyPoints users have said there were slow responses to customer service due to the volume of users MyPoints has.

To contact MyPoints, you can reach them at (415) 676-3700 or through their customer service email in the contact page on their website.

Should You Join MyPoints?

You should join for the $10 sign up bonus, since it’s free money.

As to whether you should spend time taking surveys, that’s something you’ll have to decide.

You definitely won’t get rich taking surveys, but if you’re bored in front of Netflix or watching TV, consider doing it if you find it fun. Each little bit adds up!

If you need extra airline miles, take a look at MyPoints.

That being said, if you want to make more money, I’d recommend investing in your skillset to get raise and promotions at your job, starting a side hustle, investing, or finding better ways to make money.

Surveys are just fun money, not a job!

Tips For Taking Surveys

Set up a separate email for taking surveys!

Some sites will send you invites a few times a day or week for surveys, and you might want to keep your inbox free of survey emails.

I’d recommend an email called [email protected], with oldemailname being your current email username.

Don’t spend your free time doing surveys because there are better ways to make money. Just do it if you’re already watching TV, standing in line, or trying to kill time.

MyPoints Pros And Cons

Now that we’ve gone over all of the ways you can make money with MyPoints and redeem that for cash, gift cards, and miles, we’ll summarize the top pros and cons below.

MyPoints Pros

The site is well designed and offers a lot of ways to make money when you’re waiting or watching TV.

You can download the MyPoints app for an extra 100 points and you can do surveys on the go when you’re on the subway or bus and listening to a podcast or music.

MyPoints is one of the only survey sites that can reward you with airline miles.

You can simply put MyPoints videos on in the background and mute the sound and make extra money that way.

MyPoints Cons

Some users report not getting points credited to their accounts. MyPoints uses anti-fraud software to make sure people are not using duplicate accounts, so you might need to contact MyPoints if this is happening to you. Don’t do anything shady! If multiple people in the same household are trying to run MyPoints on the same computer, that might be a red flag to anti-fraud software.

MyPoints might not always have the best cashback offer, but no cashback site always has the best cashback offer. If you’re purchasing something online check out Ebates [$10 bonus] and BeFrugal [$10 bonus] and check which of the sites have the best offers. Sometimes affiliate programs will give one site a boost, or a certain site will increase cashback rates because they think a higher commission rate will entice users if there is a sale, new product line, etc.

Get $10 With MyPoints

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