How To Do a No-Fail No-Spend Money Challenge (Free Printable!)

How To Do a No-Fail No-Spend Money Challenge (Free Printable!)

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You need to do this no-spend challenge in order to change your financial life. Get the free printable in order to get ahead. #nospend #printable #nospendprintable #savemoney #lifechanging #changeyourlife

Ready to start your no-spend month? Here's a free printable for you, with awesome motivational sayings, your own rules, and visualizing the debt you can pay off. #financialindependence #retireearly #earlyretirement #savings #nospendprintable #nospend

No spend month?! No problem! Get our handy printable so you can track your progress and do it over and over. Get motivated, set rules, and pay off that debt! #debtfree #nospendmonth #nospend30days #nospend #buynothing #buynothingchallenge #financialindependence #studentloans #payoffdebt

Need to gamify your savings with a money saving challenge? Do the No Spend Money Challenge and start your journey to being confident with your finances. It’s difficult to save sometimes with everyone around you spending and buying things all the time. But so what? Why get yourself deeper in debt and poorer so you can keep up with the latest Instagram trends? Being financially stable is more important than living that perfect life on social media.

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1. Start Today, Not Next Month

Instead of declaring that you need to wait next month to start your no-spend month, start the money challenge today. Don’t waste time stocking up on random things you need to buy or risk not even doing it next month at all. If you’re like the average American, you’ve got a ton of stuff hidden away that you didn’t even realize! Get the free no-spend printable so you can track your days, get motivated, and finish your challenge with a win:)!

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2. Decide On Things You Can Buy

The point of a no-spend month is to not spend on things that are not necessities. I’ve listed the below as necessities on the free printable, but only you can determine what else you need every month:

  • Groceries
  • Medicine
  • Toiletries
  • Gas
  • Bills
  • Etc

The money challenge is unique to you. Some things you need others don’t, but be mindful of your needs and wants.

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3. Know You Don’t Need To Spend Money

Most of us don’t spent money on clothes because we don’t have enough to wear. We spend money on clothes because we’re bored and want to click the “buy” button online.

Did you know a certain very large flash sale website decided to make their sales at 10PM when your self-control has worn off and you’re more likely to have had a glass of wine? Your self-control wears off during the day, so the later it gets, the more likely you’re going to buy something. Keep your printable with you at night so you can be motivated to not spend! Better yet, stay off of ecommerce sites in the afternoon and at night so you can get your self control in check and complete your money saving challenge successfully.

A fellow blogger wrote a list of 25 reasons why we spend. I thought it was interesting to read so you can see the temptations before it occurs.

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4. The No Spend Month Money Challenge Will Change Your Life

There have been multiple bloggers and readers who have mentioned a no-spend month has changed their life. Angela tells her tale here.

It makes sense because research has shown that it takes 28 days to break a habit. So what’s the habit that you’re breaking here?

The habit of consumerism. Historically, we haven’t been able to buy things as easily as the click of a button online or by walking into a store. We used to “buy it for life” – an article of clothing was supposed to last your entire life. Things were supposed to be sustainable and reusable. But with the rise of cheap trinkets and different options, instead of paying down our debt and retiring earlier, we’re spending money on things we might not need.

No Spend Money Challenge
You probably still have a ton of clothes in your closet. You shouldn’t have issues with the no spend month money challenge.

The habit you should be building is a habit of restraint and finding happiness without spending money. Don’t worry, the no spend money saving challenge will help you!

Spend your month figuring out your finances by using these 20 Free Money Tools And Resources To Fix Your Finances.

5. What Will You Spend Time On Instead?

It takes a lot of time to look through shopping sites and decide on things to buy! What are you going to do with all that free time?

Why not take a double edged sword to your debt problems and find a side hustle or way to make money? Here’s 150+ different ways to make money. Pick one or a few and start chipping away at that debt with a double edged sword! That way you’re saving money and making it. Kind of genius.

Take up exercise a few times a week so you become more energetic for your side hustle and lose some weight or get fit and get paid to do it! Once you realize the amount of work exercise is, you’ll rethink those delicious cupcakes you used to shell out $4 for.

Read a few books during those 30 days so you can soak up some new knowledge. The library is free or Amazon gives you two audiobooks for a free trial. Podcasts are a great source of knowledge as well. Check out Freakonomics to change the way you think.

Fix your 401k to finally get your financial life in order.

Start a DIY project. Have a piece of furniture you’ve always been wanting to fix up or a dish you’ve always wanted to cook?

You could also declutter your home. Look in your pantry and around your bathroom. I’m sure you have a month’s worth of food in there and tons of random shampoo, conditioner, makeup, skincare, etc. samples that will tide you over for the next month. There’s probably also books that you haven’t read, clothes you haven’t worn in quite some time, and other gadgets and trinkets you’ve forgotten about! The no spend money saving challenge will allow you extra time to declutter your house and find cool things in your house that are new to you.

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6. Figure Out Your Temptations To Win The Money Saving Challenge

Write down your temptations when you’re considering buying something or feel the itch to go on your favorite shopping site.

Write down the date, time, item you wanted to buy, and the reason why on the back of the printable. You’ll be able to see when you’re most likely to buy things and why:

  • Do you buy things when you are bored?
  • At night when there is no one around you?
  • Do you only like items from a certain store? Why is that?
  • Is it a certain day of the week?

Figure out why you’re buying things and eliminate that kind of thinking from your thoughts.

Run from the temptations! Don't give in. The money saving challenge will work.
Run from the temptations! Don’t give in.

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7. Plan Out Alternatives To Your Spending

Know that you buy a coffee everyday? Figure out a cheaper coffee alternative.

Used to buying your lunch at work? Pack your lunch every night before you go to sleep. Are you really going to get up bleary eyed and risk not spending time to pack your lunch? Make sure your money saving challenge will be a win! Plan ahead.

Meal prep on Sundays if you constantly come home tired and are tempted to order in instead of cooking.

Spend time with a friend via a home cooked meal instead of going out. A restaurant is loud anyway and you’ll be able to get into more private conversation.

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8. Think Of The Debt You’re Going To Eliminate

Keep your debt in mind when you’re thinking of not spending. Have you paid off your student loans yet? Do the one thing you need to pay them off earlier, refinancing! Think of how good it would be to become debt free and put that behind you.

What about your credit card payments or other debt?

Have you done a no-spend month before? What was your experience like?


Author: Olivia

Olivia worked in finance and wants you to learn the secrets of financial independence. She believes there are so many ways to monetize your life and make money doing the things you're already doing because so many companies offer free money.

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7 thoughts on “How To Do a No-Fail No-Spend Money Challenge (Free Printable!)

  1. Great actionable tips. I have been doing a “buy nothing” year just to hold my wife and I accountable for all the material things that we do buy. It’s a fun challenge!

    1. I feel like that one is super hard for you because of all the adventuring you do! I’m sure you guys saved a ton.

  2. I’m definitely one of those bloggers that counts a no spend month as life changing for us. It was our first month with a 50% savings rate (including weeklong trip to Hawaii), and it gave me the confidence that we could rock this whole savings thing in 2018.

    1. And you’ve been continuing that ever since! Linking to your post about it, to show others how much of a change it can be!

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