Pinecone Research Survey Review: How To Join, Login, or Signup

Pinecone Research Survey Review: How To Join, Login, or Signup

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Here’s our Pinecone Research survey review. If you’re just here for the signup or login link, it’s down below.

Currently the UK potion is closed, but we’ll update this page when it opens back up. The US, Canada, and Germany portals are currently open.

(US) Pinecone Research – Open

(Canada) Pinecone Research – Open

(Germany) Pinecone Research – Open

(UK) Pinecone Research – Closed


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What Is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone research is a survey site that is unlike other survey sites.

Why? Most sites are either survey aggregators or they create surveys that are first come first serve.

Pinecone research sends you surveys through your email, and you’re always qualified. Each survey earns you $3, which is awesome the in survey world, where rewards are much lower. They also do product testing. If you’re chosen, Pinecone Research will send you a free product before it is set to come out on selves. You’ll give your feedback on it in return. If you get one of these, they pay $6, and you’re able to keep the product as well.

Pinecone Research is specifically a consumer product marketing research department. You’ll notice in the profile sign-up that they specifically ask about consumables, ex: health, beauty, perishable food, etc.

Is Pinecone Research Survey Legit Or A Scam?

Pinecone Research front page - as you can see, there's no signup link.
Pinecone Research front page – as you can see, there’s no signup link.

Pinecone Research is absolutely free to join.

Never, ever, pay to join a survey site. The usual scam is that sites will sell you lists of survey sites. Never do that!

With Pinecone Research being so difficult to join, there are a couple of sites floating around trying to sell the invite link. Do not pay for an invite link. If they’re currently filled up, just wait until they’re open again.

Pinecone Research is owned by Nielsen, a Fortune 500 company that generates $6 Billion in annual revenue. You’ve probably heard of them via Nielsen Ratings. Nielsen is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Why Is Pinecone Research Closed Sometimes? Here’s The Sign Up

Pinecone Research is currently open as of the date of this blog post, but is not always open. I’ve included the links below for Pinecone Research for the US, Canada, and Germany, with the UK portal being currently closed.

Since Pinecone Research sends you surveys that you’re directly qualified for based on your profile, they don’t just accept anyone. They accept people whenever they’re missing a certain demographic. I can’t tell you what that demographic is since it’s always changing. Just be honest in your profile.

When you sign up, you get placed in a queue for when they need your demographic. That means if they’re looking for women age 25-29 of a certain income, ethnicity, household with children, etc. for example, they’ll only send out emails to people with those demographics.

Here’s how to sign up with Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Signup Login page - This is what it should look like.
Pinecone Signup Login page – This is what it should look like.

1). Sign up here. You’ll notice on their home page there’s no sign-up button. They tend to not advertise it and rely on people who’ve tried it.

Here are the signup links for their respective countries:

(Canada) Pinecone Research – Open

(Germany) Pinecone Research – Open

(UK) Pinecone Research – Closed

(US) Pinecone Research – Open

Make sure that you read that you’re only allowed to sign up for one account per household, because if you sign up for more than one account per household they will disqualify you (and your household) from taking future surveys. So if you sign up, ask the people in your household not to sign up. They track this and there have been reports of it. Again, make sure you’re only sign up one person per household.

Email example for when you sign up with Pinecone Research
Email for when you sign up with Pinecone Research

Fill Out Your Pinecone Research Profile

2). Once you’ve filled out your basic information, you’ll get an email with a link to complete your profile. Click on the link and you’ll get a few questions on your household consumer demographics. It should take no more than 5 minutes and basically just gives them basic information so they know when to send you surveys. If you don’t fill this out, they can’t send you surveys since they only send out their surveys to specific demographics.

Your username will be a series of numbers and not your email. Make sure not to delete the email with the username. You could also write the username down or save it some other way.

Fill out your profile survey for Pinecone Research
Fill out your profile survey for Pinecone Research

3). It should take no more than 5 minutes to answer the profile basic questions given by Pinecone Research. With Pinecone Research you can’t just log-in and find a survey like other survey sites, they send you an email every time you meet their demographic criteria.

4). When you finish the questions, they’ll place you in the queue for your first survey. Generally surveys take around 15 minutes, so that’s around $12/hour for Pinecone Research surveys. The good thing is you won’t have to deal with not qualifying for a survey like other sites. Since they send you an email every time you’re qualified, that makes the survey process much seamless because you won’t need to check if you have any surveys in the pipeline.

People report getting between 1-2 surveys a week, others report much fewer surveys. It all depends on what demographic you’re a part of and if they have people in those demographics who they trust more (ie, they’ve been with Pinecone Research for longer).

How Does Pinecone Research Pay Out?

Payout System

Pinecone Research pays out via PayPal or via check. If you go with Paypal they’ll pay you within 3-5 business days.

If you go with check, it’ll take approximately 2 weeks to get to you.

Recently they’ve added gift card options (including Amazon) and merchandise for you to test out. The merchandise only goes out to more experienced members, it seems.

They don’t have a minimum payout amount like other survey sites do.

Free Bi-weekly and Quarterly Sweepstakes

Pinecone Research automatically enters you into their bi-weekly and quarterly sweepstakes. You can win $500 in the bi-weekly sweepstakes and $4,500 in the quarterly sweepstakes.

Your real first name and initial and what state you’re from will be listed on the website. I think this is a legal requirement, because you need to prove that someone won your contest, and to do so, you must list out the first name and initial of the winner, along with the state. You will also be issued a 1099.

Below are screenshots of the Pinecone Research’s $500 and $4,500 competition.

Pinecone Research Pros and Cons

Pinecone Research Pros

Instead of wondering if you’ll be screened out mid-way through the survey, you know you’ll automatically be qualified for the Pinecone Research survey.

Surveys are high-paying at $3 and product testing is $6.

Because there’s no minimum cash out, you can redeem your cash the first time you finish a survey.

There’s a free bi-weekly and monthly sweepstakes for $500 and $4,500, respectively.

Pinecone Research Cons

There aren’t unlimited amounts of surveys like other sites. You’ll need to wait to get an email to complete a survey.

The website isn’t the most modern looking.

(Canada) Pinecone Research – Open

(Germany) Pinecone Research – Open

(UK) Pinecone Research – Closed

(US) Pinecone Research – Open


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