Product Testing: How To Get Paid To Test And Keep Free Products

Product Testing: How To Get Paid To Test And Keep Free Products

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There’s an entire industry around giving people free stuff in exchange for product testing. We go over the majority of these programs here.

If you ever wanted free stuff just for giving your opinion on it, this page was created for you.

1. Amazon Vine

Of course the giant e-commerce behemoth has a product testing program as well. You’re able to get 2 products at a time off of the product testing catalogue.

Check out our in-depth guide on how to become an Amazon Vine member.

2. Yelp Elite

While not exactly a product, Yelp elite allows you to product test food in a way.

You get invited to parties hosted by restaurants for free. You get into Yelp Elite by writing thorough and thoughtful restaurant reviews and posting pictures of your food.

We’re in the Yelp Elite program and really love it. We write a how-to guide on how to become a Yelp Elite member here.

3. Vindale

Vindale offers product testing if you’re their target demographic. They offer a small sign up bonus and pay you for filling out surveys as well.

4. Toluna 

Toluna lets you sign up to test products for free and then pays you for a review on them. Fill out your profile and then wait to be accepted for a product test here.

5. Nielsen Home Scan

Nielsen has a program which pays you $5 per month just for installing their software, for up to 3 devices. They also have a program where you scan the groceries you buy. You’ll be able to get paid for installing their software or scanning your groceries.

6. Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos is mainly a survey site, but they offer beauty and consumer goods for product testing as well. You’ll have to register through their product testing part of the site.

7. Influenster

This website gives out VoxBoxes to its influencers. If you go on Instagram, you can see what people have gotten with with the hastag #voxbox. They’re usually brand-name beauty products, kitchen gadgets (Nespresso, anyone?), or snacks.

8. Nike

Nike’s product testing division is called Voice of the Athlete. They take testers at any age, though a parent will need to apply for their children.

Once you sign up to test a product, you’ll have to submit feedback via the website. Once you finish product testing for Nike, you’ll have to send the product back.

9. Adidas

Fill out Adidas’s survey about what kind of athletic products you’d like to test and they’ll reach out when they’re ready. Unfortunately, you do need to give the product back to Adidas after you test it.

10. Reebok

If you exercise frequently, sign up for the Reebok product testing program. Once you get accepted into the program, you’ll get sent products occasionally to test.

Once you finish testing the product, you’ll need to send it back so Reebok can analyze it. Reebok will then send you a new free product to keep in exchange.

11. New Balance

New Balance’s product testing program is similar to the other athletic testing programs on this page. You’ll get to test athletic product from New Balance for 4-6 weeks and then return the product so New Balance can test it.

12. Brooks

Brooks offers 2 ways to do product testing for them. One way is getting gear sent to your house and you using it as you would normally.

The other way is if you live in Washington state and can get to their Seattle lab. Brooks will put you on a treadmill in their Biomechanics lab under their Lab Rat program.

13. McCormick

McCormick offers in-person testing at their product testing centers, as well as allowing you to test products in your own home. You can test up to four times per year, once every 3 months. You’ll get compensated for your time.

14. Mills Advisory Panel

Want to test free food like cereal? Check out the Mills Advisory Panel. Registration is easy, and the site says you’ll get 6-12 opportunities per year, with a maximum of 15.

15. Summer Infant

Summer Infant offers product testing for mom’s with infants ages 0-3. They offer opportunities for product testing, focus groups, online surveys, and baby photoshoots. If you’re a soon-to-be mom, sign up so that you can be contacted in time.

16. Upspring

Upspring Baby is looking for moms who are willing to join Club IMO as a product tester. You’ll be able to get gift certificates, exclusive discounts, and advanced notice of product launches.

17. Philips-Sonicare

Philips-Sonicare is an awesome electronics company, most known for their toothbrushes. You’ll get free or discounted products in exchange for leaving honest reviews and giving your feedback. You’ll get to keep the product when you’re done product testing for Philips-Sonicare.

18. Comforteer

Comfoteer is most known for their Big Joe brand. You’ll need to fill out a profile to review their products and win swag. They’re also looking for brand advocates so if you’re have a large social media profile or platform, you can work with Big Joe that way as well.

19. RavensBurger

RavensBurger is one of the most well known companies that creates puzzles. If you’d like to get some puzzles for free to test, join their product testing group. They have two tiers, one where you need to apply to test products, with the 2nd tier being a VIP tier where you’ll get access to puzzles without having to apply.

20. Red Robin

Red Robin offers taste tests, focus groups, and other research projects as part of their product testing division. You’ll be asked to participate at a physical Red Robin location for about an hour at a time. You’ll get to eat some free food and be compensated as well.

21. Kraft

Kraft’s Insider group provides first looks at Kraft’s new products. You’ll be able to test and sample new food and give Kraft feedback on it.

22. Fruit Of The Loom

Fruit has a program similar to Amazon Vine’s program. The problem with this is that you’ll have to review Fruit of the Loom products before you get accepted into the program so this might only be a good option if you really like Fruit of the Loom products.

34. Tiki

Tiki products are exactly what you’d think they are. You can get access to their newest or in production products in exchange for your review. Need some tiki torches or other accents like that? Sign up for the flamekeepers program.

35. L’Oreal 

If you love makeup, you’ve undoubtedly heard of L’Oreal. Sign up with their product testing group to test their makeup offerings.

36. Try It Sampling

Try It Sampling is run by BazaarVoice, which runs the ratings and product reviews for over 6,000 companies. Create your profile to get the chance to write reviews and test products for their clients.

37. Parent Tested Parent Approved

PTPA offers product testing for various baby and toddler parents. Check out their offerings on their page.

38. Brillo

Want to do product testing for cleaning supplies? Brillo’s product testing panel allows you to do that.

39. Snuggle

After you sign up with Brillo for cleaning products, you can sign up with Snuggle to do product testing for their laundry care. Their panel is called Snuggle Bear Den, which is kind of cute.

40. Crowd Tap

Crowd Tap offers ways to get points via polls, comments, questionnaires, etc. Once you collect enough points, you can use them to redeem for full size samples.

41. The Pink Panel

If you’re into makeup and skincare, this site is for you. You might have to wait for free makeup though, as they get a lot of applicants and you need to meet certain demographics in order to receive free products.

If you participate frequently, you may get gift cards.

42. BzzAgent

This company focuses on food, consumer, and beauty products, though they also work with a luggage manufacturer. You tell them what interests you have, then you get invited to try products. In exchange, you share your experience across social media and review them.

43. Gen.Video

If you’re ok with making video reviews, check out Gen.Video to do free product testing in exchange for making a video about the product. Gen.Video seems to have a lot of small consumer electronics for both men and women in the grooming department.

44. Ripple Street

This product testing panel gives you enough products to host a small get together for free. It’s nice to be able to say to your friends, come over to try out some free stuff! You’ll need to fill out a survey about your experience after and share about it on social media.

45. Smiley360

Smiley360 is another product testing website that offers products for people to try for free. They boast 1 million members.

46. VocalPoint

Vocalpoint allows you to do product testing for household consumer products. You can check out their products under the review tab.

47. Mom’s Meet

Mom’s Meet offers free product testing for health conscious moms. They show the exact products they’re offering and you apply for the ones you’d like to review.

48. Homeschool

If your child is being homeschooled, you might want to sign up to become a product tester for They say all the products they write about on the site are reviewed first by their product testers.

49. Minute Rice

If you’re into free food, check out Minute Rice for product testing via their in-home product research division.

50. Oprah

Oprah magazine has giveaways and special offers for its members. You’ll see offers for product samples and more via the Oprah website.

51. Allure

Allure says you’ll get access to VIP events, makeup and skincare products you can do product testing for, and get access to exclusive offers.

52. Good HouseKeeping

The GH reader panel gives out beauty products, books, trials and services, and other Good Housekeeping products they recommend in their magazine.

You’ll get sent a product, then fill out a survey.

53. Elle

Elle’s product testing group offers opportunities to sample makeup, skincare, and other female products of the style mentioned in the magazine.

54. Marie Claire

Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club gives you access to free makeup, skincare, and the latest fashion pieces.

55. UnderArmour

UnderArmour offers product testing for its athletic apparel performance gear. Sign up and fill out your profile in order to be chose for future product testing opportunities.

UnderArmour offers a 100 percent Guarantee of Performance (UGOP) stamp on all its products, so you’ll be helping UnderArmour by product testing their athletic wear before it is released.

56. Columbia

Columbia lets its product testing group try out free sportswear before it hits the market. They focus on outdoor sportswear, so be sure to apply to their outdoor sportswear product testing program if you love the outdoors.

57. ZTE Electronics

ZTE has a product testing program for its phones and other electronics. You’ll get to see products before anyone else and earn free products and gift cards for your participation. Make sure to fill out your profile accurately to get the best chance at earning the opportunity to product test electronics.

58. Lenovo

The Lenovo product testing panel sends out surveys, reviews, or the opportunity to try a prototype every 4-6 weeks. You’ll get the opportunity to help Lenovo with its electronics and get rewarded with gift cards, a Lenovo product, or just coupons and discount codes. They’re closed to participants at the time of this blog post, but feel free to check back to see if it’s looking for participants now.

59. Target

Target has a program called Hey Bullseye that picks customers who have been writing reviews for Target products. You don’t get paid to write reviews, but you’ll get to test new products and have a special badge on your profile.

They pick Target Hey Bulleye members by their past reviews, so start writing some thorough reviews in order to get picked to do product testing for Target.

60. Walmart

Walmart has a program called Walmart Spark Reviewer that is similar to how the Amazon Vine program is run. However, it seems to have been cancelled and reinstated multiple times. The requirements for getting in are writing thorough reviews of at least 200 words.

61. Home Depot

Home Depot’s Seed program is also similar to Amazon’s Vine program. They pick members based on writing accurate and insightful reviews. Home Depot says members will receive access to new and unreleased products. You’ll also get a badge that says “Seeds Program Review” attached to your review.

62. Glam Magazine

Glam Spotters get to share their opinion on fashion, beauty, entertainment, relationships, etc. You also get the opportunity to try new products before they come out, win products, and insider access to events and offers.

63. Vogue

Vogue’s special Insiders program allows you to try out beauty and fashion samples occasionally.

64. InStyle

Get brand new products from Instyle right as they come out. You don’t get paid for reviewing, but you get to keep the product and will be entered into a quarterly drawing.

65. Parenting Magazine

You’ll get access to kid and teen products to test. These can include media like books, movies, TV, or games. Parenting Magazine might also give you baby gear (strollers, carriers, furniture, etc), bath products for kids or toddlers, and health and beauty products for moms.

66. MomSelect

Mom Select is a marketplace to connect moms and influencers. You can get free products, host in-home parties, share samples, attend brand events, etc with MomSelect.

67. USRobotics

USRobots offers computer electronics parts for its users. They ask for your specific operating system (Mac, Windows, etc) to make sure you’ll get the products fit for your computer.

68. SheSpeaks

She Speaks offers consumer products of food, beauty, etc. They don’t give away tons of samples like other sites, but offer free giveaways for these products under the giveaways tab.

69. BetaBound

Betabound does product testing for electronics. If you’re into electronic gadgets, check out BetaBound! They’re run through the flagship company, CenterCode.

70. Microsoft

Microsoft allows product testing for its software and rewards you with a gratuity. They have various types of ways to participate: going to the actual Microsoft building, participating in focus groups, providing feedback online, or having a Microsoft employee come visit you.

71. Roku

Roku is a online streaming software for watching TV. It’s cheaper than cable and they look for product testers for new versions of their software.

72. Sephora

You can get 3 free samples from Sephora every time you walk into the store. Getting makeup or skincare freebies is as simple as walking into the Sephora store.

You also get 3 free samples when you order online, but you need to order $25 or more to get free shipping.

73. Mead For Teachers

If you’re a teacher, you can get free school supplies via Mead when you sign up to do product testing for them. You can always use some extra school supplies!

74. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson’s Friends and Neighbors offers product testing for consumer products. JNJ offers both the product for free and will compensate you with a gift card or another way monetarily.

JNJ offers product testing, online discussion groups and forums, focus groups, surveys, consumer panels, and sensory panels.

75. Elemis

Elemis is a British luxury beauty company. Join the Elemis product review panel to become one of their testers. Fill out your profile and they’ll contact you when they’re looking for new product testers.

76. Naturally Curly Trend Setters

NC is looking for women with naturally curly hair to do product testing with them. You’ll get to keep the product and make a difference in people with naturally curly hair.

77. Essence Insiders

Get to try new products by product testing for Essence Insiders. You’ll also get access to exclusive events and other benefits for Essence Insiders.

78. In Home Product Testing

In Home Product Testing will send you items to test at home, as well as ask you for your ideas about new products. You’ll be asked to fill out a survey about the products you received.

79. Truth In Aging

Truth In Aging offers a program called Dare To Try, You can do product testing for beauty products designed for aging individuals.

80. The Perfume Club

The Perfume Club has a product testing division dedicated towards testing scents. Once you fill out a profile, you’ll get matched with perfume products that you can test.

81. Seventeen

Seventeen offers free products, VIP access to cool events, and exclusive discounts for product testing subscribers. Check them out if you love the products their brand usually reviews.

82. Remington

Remington accepts product testing applicants for its hair care, shaving, and grooming products. You’ll need to fill out a survey so they can match you to future product tests. If you get an email from Remington, be sure to respond in 24 hours or they’ll move on to the next product tester.

83. Chico’s

Chico’s is looking for product testing members for clothing and accessories. You’ll get the chance to win gift cards and free clothes and accessories.

84. Outdoor Cap

Outdoor Cap looks for people to do product testing on their cap products. They’re closed to new product testers at the time of this blog post, but you can check to see if they’re open again.

85. FreeCycle

FreeCycle doesn’t offer product testing, but members post free products they’re giving away. It’s basically like the free section of Craigslist. You can also post queries for products you want, but I’m not sure how much success you’d get there. No need to test or give feedback either.

86. Craigslist Free Section

This is also not a product testing opportunity, but I’m assuming you read this entire post to either get free stuff or get paid to get free stuff. The Craigslist free section is exactly that. All you have to do is pick up the free item and you can get free stuff. You don’t even have to test it or give your feedback!

87. Saucony

Saucony is a running shoe brand that will ship you shoes for you to test and give feedback on. They also have a physical shoe lab in Boston that you might be able to test at if you’re in the Boston area.

88. Glamorise

Glamorise is a women’s lingere and underclothes company. Sign up for their product testing group to get the opportunity to test these for free.

Why Would A Company Pay For Product Testing?

Many products have failed because a group of marketers and innovators decided to create a product for them, instead of their market.

It’s extremely costly to bring a product to market because of costs like manufacturing, shipping, research and development, etc.

An easy way to check if a product would do well in the market before spending all that money is simply offering the product to a small group of people and reading their feedback.

How Does Product Testing Work?

Randomized Product Testing

Generally, you’ll fill out a profile detailing your interests, demographics, and other information.

If you match the profile that a company wants to product test for, you’ll be contacted and sent the product. When you finish testing and reviewing the product, you’ll write up your thoughts on it. Usually you start off with small and less valuable products, but if you keep writing great feedback for products, you’ll get better and better products.

Special Product Testers

Programs like Yelp Elite, Amazon Vine, Target Bullseye, Home Depot Seeds, etc. invite you to join their special product testing group after contributing a number of thoughtful and thorough reviews to their site. You’ll then get to choose products to review to keep for free.

Tips For Product Testing

Basic Tips

Never, ever, pay to join a product testing site. Don’t pay for lists of product testing sites either. All of the sites above are free to sign up for.

Create A Separate Email For Product Testing

If you sign up for product testing, you’ll get offers via email. It’s best to not mix personal and product testing emails, so set up a separate email for your product testing fun.

When product testing, you’ll start out with small or cheaper products in the beginning. The product testing companies are trying to gauge your attention to detail, writing, and critique. Do a good job in the beginning with the small products so you can later get access to better items to do product testing on.

Are There Any More Product Testing Sites?

There probably are! It’d be difficult to include every product testing site ever. If you have a couple of favorite brands that you frequently use products of, reach out to them to see if they have a product testing group. That way it’s a win-win for you and them. They get loyal customer feedback and you’ll get access to products you would probably use anyway!

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