Scribd Vs Audible Comparison Review: [Free Audiobooks]

Scribd Vs Audible Comparison Review: [Free Audiobooks]

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Audiobooks are all the rage now — they’re easy to listen to, whenever, wherever. So which audiobook platform is the best? We compare Scribd vs Audible for you.

What Is Scribd?

scribd logo

Scribd was created by Jason Friedman, Tikhon Bernstam, and Trip Adler in 2007. The company is like the Netflix of books — you get to read an unlimited amount of books and magazines, as well as listen to an unlimited amount of audiobooks, all for $8.99 per month. Scribd generously gives you a 30 day trial period.

Scribd free trial

What Is Audible?

Audible audiobook amazon company logo

Audible was created in 1995 and bought out by Amazon in 2008. Audible is an audiobook subscription-based service that allows you to redeem audiobooks for a fixed price. While Scribd has magazines, ebooks, and audiobooks, Audible only has audiobooks. For a limited time, get 4 free audiobooks from Audible when you try it out – 2 free audiobooks and 2 free Audible originals. Cancel before 30 days and you get to keep the audiobooks!

Do Audible And Scribd Have The Same Audiobook Titles?

If both Audible and Scribd have the exact same titles, it would be a clear answer. Scribd is $8.99 for an unlimited amount of audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines while Audible offers 1-2 credits per month for at least $11.48 per month per audiobook.

We looked at very well known book titles and found a ton that was missing on Scribd.

Below are audiobooks that are available on Audible, but NOT available on Scribd:

  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  • David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell (Scribd has a Russian version but not English!)
  • The entire Harry Potter series
  • The Twilight Series
  • The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis (author of The Big Short, Moneyball, Blindside, etc)

We only picked incredibly well-known books because that is what most people read. Scribd’s collections of indie audiobooks is even sparser.

On the bright side, here are some famous audiobooks that Scribd and Audible both have:

  • The Power of Habit/Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Grit by Angela Duckworth
  • Crazy Rich Asians

Magazine Titles For Scribd

Keep in mind Scribd offers magazines while Audible doesn’t, so they clearly win in this category.

Scribd offers 124 magazine titles — here are some of the more famous ones:

  • Bloomberg Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fast Company
  • Fortune
  • PC Mag
  • People
  • Time


Scribd offers an $8.99 unlimited plan for reading ebooks, listening to audiobooks, reading magazines. That’s right, UNLIMITED. The downside is they don’t have as robust a library for audiobooks.

Audible has much more tiers to its membership.

Audible has two secret memberships, Silver ListenerLight. Silver is just half of the Gold plan, which means you get a credit every 2 months and are billed every two months. ListenerLight is $9.95 per year to get access to their member discount prices of 30 percent off and member deals on audiobooks.

The table below shows the pricing for the Audible plans. Note that you get a 17 percent discount if you pay for a year-long plan. Keep in mind the credit rollover limit as well, so that your credits don’t expire.

Scribd Vs Audible pricing

Scribd Vs Audible: So, Which Is Better?

As always, it depends! Audiobooks are usually 5 to 9 hours long. Sure, there is the occasional 20-hour book (I’m looking at you Harry Potter book 6)! If you listen to audiobooks for an hour each day on your way to work, you’ll get through a few audiobooks per month if we assume the average audiobook would is around 7 hours long.

If You Only Like Ebooks

Scribd is the clear winner on this one, since Audible doesn’t even offer ebooks.

Category Winner: Scribd

Ownership of Audiobooks

One major downside for Scribd is that you don’t own the audiobooks you listen to. If you ever quit your Scribd membership, you don’t get to access those titles anymore. With Audible, you get to keep the books you bought with your credits.

If you have a family membership, you can share the audiobooks with each other to save money while still owning the books!

Category Winner: Audible

Voracious Audiobook Listener

If you go through audiobooks incredibly quickly, it’s going to get expensive if you buy from Audible. You can have a 1 audiobook per month subscription for $14.95 and a 2 audiobook per month subscription for $22.95 through Audible. If you need more credits per month you can get 3 extra credits for $35. If you pay for a year’s subscription, you get 17 percent off, which is equivalent to 2 months free.

Compare that to Scribd’s unlimited plan, Audible is much more expensive. Keep in mind that Scribd’s audiobook library is much more limited, so during your free Scribd trial make sure you check if there are titles you’d want to listen to.

Category winner: Scribd, if the platform has the audiobooks you like. Audible, if you can’t find any of the titles you like on Scribd.

More Expanded Audiobook Library

Audible has 450,000 audiobooks, while Scribd only has a fraction of that. If you’re concerned about the price of Audible vs Scirbd, sign up for a free month trial of Scribd and see if there are audiobooks there that you like. If there aren’t, check out a free trial of Audible, which is offering 7 free books now!

Category Winner: Audible

Syncing Audiobooks and Ebooks: WhisperSync

Audible has a feature called WhisperSync that allows you to switch between audiobook and ebook. Audible keeps track of where you are in the book so you can toggle easily between the both of them. Keep in mind that you have to get the Kindle version and audiobook, so this can get a little pricey.

Scribd doesn’t have this feature.

Category Winner: Audible

Which service do you guys usually use?

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One thought on “Scribd Vs Audible Comparison Review: [Free Audiobooks]

  1. I was thinking about switching subscriptions because it makes me absolutely crazy that every month, a couple weeks before my payment is due to come out of my account, Scribd changes the availability date on all the audiobooks in the categories that I read.
    Their reason? “For a small percentage of Scribd users who consume an unusual volume of materials, not every book or audiobook in the library will be immediately available. Scribd reserves and shall have the right in its sole discretion to add, modify, withdraw or delay at any time any particular Scribd Commercial Content from access by you for any reason including, without limitation, based on the costs generated to Scribd by such content or the nature of your use of the website. Scribd makes no guarantee as to the availability of specific titles or the timing of their availability.”
    Apparently I listen too much. My job requires that I drive a lot often in areas without good radio reception so I listen to books. I also read some books with my students and I guess Scribd doesn’t like that. Maybe they think I’m getting too many books for my money.

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