ShopTracker App Review: Get Paid To Shop On Amazon

ShopTracker App Review: Get Paid To Shop On Amazon

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Have you ever wanted to get paid to shop on Amazon? The Shoptracker app pays you for your Amazon data. You get $3 just for joining and $3 every month you’re with the company. It’s awesome to get money $36 a year so passively. There is no fee for joining ShopTracker.

Join Shoptracker ($3 bonus with this link)

What Is ShopTracker?

Sign up for the ShopTracker app to earn a $3 gift card each month.
Sign up for the ShopTracker app to earn a $3 gift card each month.

ShopTracker is a part of the Harris Poll company, which in turn is owned by Neilsen, which is a company that earns $6 Billion per year and has been around for nearly a century. Their Shoptracker division collects data on Amazon purchases.

Harris Poll’s ShopTracker app collects Amazon data. ShopTracker simply wants to see what products Amazon shoppers purchase.

They’re not selling your personal data, but want to see how Amazon shoppers purchase things in aggregate.

ShopTracker will give you $3 just for signing up. You’ll get an email the sign up bonus within 48 hours. If you decide not to participate, you’ll get to keep the sign up bonus anyway.

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Who Can Sign Up For ShopTracker?

You need an Amazon account, need to be be older than 18, live in the US, and your PC must be Windows based.

ShopTracker will ask for your name, birthday, and street address in order to make sure you’re over 18 and live in the US.

You’ll need to have made at least one purchase on Amazon in the last month, but let’s be honest, we buy things from Amazon all the time!

You can have three Amazon accounts per ShopTracker member, for a total of $99 a year. That’s free Amazon Prime membership!

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ShopTracker Sign Up Process

Sign up with your email — they’ll only use this to send you a $3 gift card each month.

You’ll now get your link to download the ShopTracker app. Connect your Amazon gift card and wait for your first $3 gift card to show up in 48 hours!

After the first time, you can login to Shoptracker here:

The ShopTracker sign up form. Pretty simple!
The ShopTracker sign up form. Pretty simple!

Here’s the ShopTracker sign up form above. It’s pretty quick and simple to sign up.

Is The ShopTracker App Safe And Secure?

If you’re worried about security, one way to feel better is to not save your credit card information when you use Amazon.

ShopTracker removes your name, shipping address, and any personal information when collecting your Amazon data.

How Much Does ShopTracker Pay?

ShopTracker pays a $3 bonus within 48 hours of sign up. You’ll get paid $3 per month for each month you’re with ShopTracker. That’s $36 a year! You’ll also get extra opportunities to make money if ShopTracker sends you a survey.

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