Eat 2 Meals/Day For $160/Year: The Six Flags Season Dining Hack

Eat 2 Meals/Day For $160/Year: The Six Flags Season Dining Hack

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I’ve always loved finding things that were so grossly mis-priced. It is an extremely fun past time. So, when I went to Six Flags and saw sign after sign for a “Season Dining Pass”I crunched the numbers. For just ~$170 per year you can eat 2 meals plus a snack every day for a year (minus the holidays). Most people spend more than $170 per month on food. Just imagine the thousands of dollars you’d save with the Six Flags Season Dining Pass.

FYI, I’m not getting paid to write this article, nor are there any affiliate links on this page. I’m just writing this for fun because I think it could be useful.

I assumed a Season Dining Pass was for the summer, as I didn’t really know if amusement parks were open during the cold months. Apparently, they are open all year!

That Season Dining Pass gives you lunch, dinner, and a snack. Every day. 365 days a year Ok, fine, not 365 day a year as they’re closed for some holidays. But still.

What is your grocery spend? I spend $40 a week on groceries, and that’s what most people would consider pretty frugal. That’s ~$2,100 per year. I still dine out, so my food bill is actually higher.

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How Much Is The Six Flags Season Dining Pass Worth?

The Six Flags Season Dining Pass has two variations.

The Basic one includes lunch and a snack. If you make lunch each day from groceries, let’s say you’re spending $2 per lunch and $1 on a snack. If you’re eating out every day, let’s assume it’s $10 for lunch and a snack. That means you’re spending ~$1,100 to $3,650 per person on lunch and a snack, depending on if you’re making your lunch at home or buying it from a restaurant.

The Deluxe Pass includes lunch, dinner, and a snack. Let’s assume you’re spending $5 per day on lunch, dinner, and a snack if you’re making the food yourself, and $20 per day on lunch, dinner, and a snack. You’re spending between $1,825 and $7,300 per year on lunch, dinner, and a snack!

Considering the Six Flags Dining Season Pass will cost you ~$160, it’s a steal if you live or work near a Six Flags.

If you decide to get it, make sure you’re stacking your cashback.

Which Six Flags Season Pass Do You Buy?

To get into the park you need a Six Flags Dining Pass and a Six Flags Season Pass. The Season Pass is for the ability to get into the park and ride all the rides for free, while the Dining Pass is for your food.

Each Six Flags park has a slightly different price, but should be under $200 for your park if you buy during a Labor Day or Halloween sale. Every year, there are huge discounts in September as a push to sell next year’s passes.

If you’re going to be driving to Six Flags, be sure to get the Gold Six Flags Season Pass because it includes free parking for the season. If you don’t have the Gold Six Flags Season Pass, it’ll be $20-$25 each time for parking.

Able to walk to the Six Flags or can bike there? You can just get the regular Season Pass.

Most of the time, Six Flags offers a free upgrade to their Gold Six Flags Season Pass if you’re buying during one of their sales. The best time to buy each year is after Labor Day and before Halloween. You’ll get a Six Flags Season Pass for the rest of the current year AND the next year. That’s 15 months of the Six Flags Season Pass if it’s your first time!

If you buy a Season Pass during September, you get the rest of the year for free. This doesn’t mean you get 2 Season Passes if this is your second year. You won’t be able to get 4 meals + 2 snacks for those 3 overlapping months. You just get your normal 2 meals + snack.

During this sale, the Six Flags Season Pass and Dining Pass are up to 75 percent off.

Also, you’ll get several Bring A Friend days!

What Kind Of Food Is Included In The Six Flags Season Dining Pass?

There are 10+ restaurants at our nearest Six Flags, and they have 5-10 meals you can get at each restaurant.

I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle and hope you want to as well, so I checked to see if they had any healthy options. There are chicken breast salads, chopped fruit, steamed veggies and protein, etc.

Obviously if you go in and eat burgers, fried foods, and other unhealthy meals, you might end up paying back your food savings in medical bills eventually. But the choice to eat healthy is definitely there if you want it.

Best People To Take Advantage Of The Six Flags Season Dining Pass

There are three distinct groups of people I can think of who would get a ton of value out of this pass.

1. College students who don’t have to purchase a meal plan on campus and live near Six Flags.

If you’re a college student, the Six Flags Season Dining Pass is a godsend. Even if you live a little further from six flags, you can always go there to hang out in the afternoons and early evening and get studying done in the restaurants. There are outlets in the large dining restaurants, but only wifi in select places. I guess that’s good, you won’t be distracted trying to surf FaceBook and Twitter every few minutes.

I don’t know about you, but this would’ve save a few thousand dollars over the course of my college career if I lived near a Six Flags and could have taken advantage of this.

The best part? Usually Six Flags is the most crowded in the summer due to everyone having summer vacation. The college school year has summer vacation off too! So, you’ll be in the park when it’s at its emptiest.

2. People who work or live near Six Flags

If you have 30 min to an hour and can take a short drive to Six Flags, eat some lunch, go back to work, that’s like the ultimate afternoon coffee break. More points for you if you can get your co-workers to join in. Imagine how much fun that would make work each day!

You also get free access to the rides, so you can always ride a bunch of them before going back to work.

FYI, Six Flags also has a lunch Season Dining Pass for a little more than half the price of the Lunch, Dinner, and Snack Season Dining Pass, so if you work near a Six Flags but need to make it home to eat with your family, you can always consider that one as well.

3. People who are willing to drive to Six Flags each time.

If you love amusement parks and are willing to spend time there, you can get the Season Dining Pass if it fits your lifestyle. Someone who loves amusement parks and rides might love to get the pass. Others who hate them might not.

You know yourself the best.

Six Flag Spending Tips

If you have the Season Dining Pass, there’s not much else you can spend money on other than merchandise and the carnival games.

If you’re trying to save money, obviously try not to buy merchandise or play those carnival games ($6 per game?!). Though they do say “Winner Every Game!”, if you’re into playing games, get a board game or video console. Or just play candy crush for free on your phone.

If you love the merchandise, consider seeing whether you can find it on Amazon or Wish.

Skip The Ride Line: Six Flags Season Flash Pass & Single Rider Line

There are two Season Flash Passes: Gold and Platinum.

1. The Season Flash Pass means you get access to the Flash Pass throughout the entire season.

Gold allows you to make a reservation at a ride, cutting your wait time by about ~50 percent. That’s still pretty long since I’ve heard some roller coasters have up to an hour wait at prime time.

Platinum lets you skip to the front of the line, I believe. It also allows you to ride the ride, again, right after you first rode it.

You don’t need to buy the Season Flash Pass at all to get the Dining Pass. If you’re a super park junkie and don’t want to wait in lines, it’s there as an option.

2. The second option is the single rider line. It means you don’t care about going with your group and are ok sitting next to anyone. This line is usually pretty short because the long rides are roller coasters and people tend to want to sit next to their friends because it might be scary.

Why Would Six Flags Allow Unlimited Season Dining Pass?

As I walked around the park with tons of Unlimited Season Dining Pass Signs, I wondered why they wouldn’t just limit the amount of times one can visit, but just make it a really high number.

Allowing someone to eat 365 days a year at Six Flags just seems like a losing proposal for Six Flags.

So, I took a look at Six Flag’s Earning Reports. In 2017, they made $273 Million in net income from $1.36 Billion in revenue. That is a very healthy profit at 20 percent.


Six Flags has A LOT of advertising. As a child I’ve been to Disney and amusement parks in Asia. They definitely don’t have these kinds of ads in the parks. Well, I suppose the entirety of Disney is just an ad for Disney merchandise?

Snack food ads on the back of ride car, so you’re staring at a brand the entire ride. Candy tied to certain roller coasters, so every time you think of adventure you get a small craving for that specific candy bar.

There was one brand at Six Flags I had never heard of prior (Takis), and the next time I went to the grocery store, I noticed those snacks in three separate places. Walked past Times Square and saw that brand on a billboard. The company had been sponsoring Six Flags for 3 years, so those snacks were definitely not just put there in the last few weeks, I had just never noticed!

So, be careful of the ad bombing — your brain probably subconsciously starts to notice those brands more if it sees 20 ads for it in a day.

According to a study, someone needs to see your ad seven times before they purchase the product.

Data Analytics Department:

I’m sure Six Flags is tracking the average amount of times someone eats at the park with the Dining Pass. People who go there to eat every day must be a tiny percentage.

In an advertisement, the word “unlimited” carries much more buy power than say, “Up to 10 times”.

They probably know that people like diversity, and that eventually, someone might get sick of going to Six Flags.

Bottom line, I’m sure they’ve done extensive research on this subject, and won’t stop allowing the pass since it seems to be working for their net income so well.

Any Other Awesome Food Hacks Like Six Flags?

The only other great food hack I know is becoming Yelp Elite and getting free food that way. Unfortunately, you can only do it once a week or month, depending on which city you’re in.

Make sure if you’re eating somewhere to get a stamp card (buy 9 get 1 free!) or sign up for the app/email service to get something for free.

The biggest hack is probably to cook at home yourself. Here are 11 other tips to save money on food. Restaurant food is 4-5 times as expensive as buying groceries and cooking it at home.

Any other food hacks for us here? Let us know in the comments below!

Unfortunately, our nearest Six Flags is a 1.5 hour drive from us, so we definitely can’t eat there every day. I hope some of you reading this every day can!

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    1. You just made me check haha. Couldn’t find anything :(. Their annual passes are super expensive at $600+ compared to the Six Flags/Cedar Point ones. Guess it makes sense because DisneyWorld is so much bigger with so many employees. Even a super expensive dining pass might be worth it if it’s still cheaper than groceries. Maybe they’ll come out with it one day :D.

  1. I looked into this for Kings Island, a park located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio and in the Cedar Fair Chain (the same that owns Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm, Carowinds, ect.). Their season pass that includes Admission/Parking is called a Gold pass and costs $100. If you want the Season Eating plan (2 meals a day) it costs you $95. Kings island is open for a total of 139 days. So if you got 2 meals every operating day it cost $.70 per meal, not bad, plus you would get park admission. They have good food options including Chick-fil-a, Tom and Chee, Skyline, and some in house food.

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