SlideJoy Lock Screen App: Scam Or Legit Money Making App?

SlideJoy Lock Screen App: Scam Or Legit Money Making App?

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SlideJoy is an Android lock screen app that pays you for unlocking your phone. Is it a scam or legit? We’ll walk you through our review of them.

What Is SlideJoy?

SlideJoy is a lock screen app that runs on Android. It pays you each time you unlock your phone and view an ad on the lock screen.

The app is only available to users in the United States.

Is SlideJoy Legit Or A Scam?

While SlideJoy isn’t a scam, it does take a very long time to be able to cash out — you’ll have to wait three months for your first cash out. SlideJoy has been featured in a number of legitimate publications, as seen below.

SlideJoy has been featured in the above publications

Also, while SlideJoy did pay well in the beginning, it has since lowered its earnings significantly since then. We looked through all the lock screen apps for Android and came to the conclusion that S’more had the highest and fastest paying lock screen out there. It also helped that they paid you the same amount and you didn’t need to try and game the system.

How Does SlideJoy Work?

1. Download the app and you’ll get extra points for registering via FaceBook. The reason for this is that they can tie your account to your personal data and better serve you ads. You’ll get 20 Carats for signing up, which is equal to $.20.

SlideJoy welcome bonus of 20 carats

2. Swipe left to open the ad, swipe up to see a different ad, and swipe right to ignore the ads. You won’t get paid every single time you unlock your phone, but you should see your balance go up when the SlideJoy app updates at 11 AM.

How the SlideJoy app works with sliding on screens

3. Use your phone normally. If you continue to keep opening and closing your phone in order to gain more points, you can possibly get banned.

Other Ways To Get Paid With SlideJoy

You can do surveys on SlideJoy, but we wouldn’t recommend it as they aren’t the highest paying on there.

Here are the companies they source their surveys from:

  • Ascend Media
  • Buzzvil
  • Clint Surveys
  • Fyber
  • NativeX
  • Peanut Labs
  • TrialPay
  • Supersonic

If you’re looking to complete surveys for money, check out some higher paying sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

SlideJoy also has an offers tab where you can install an app and get paid in Carats, anywhere from a few carats to a few hundred. This is because advertisers are willing to pay SlideJoy users to install an app and build a userbase.

There is also a tab called scratch offers that gives you Carats by playing a scratch card game. You don’t have to spend Carats on it, so it’s not like gambling, but you will need to watch a video advertisement each time you play, which can get a little annoying.

Examples of SlideJoy App Screens
Examples of SlideJoy App Screens

How Much Does SlideJoy Pay?

SlideJoy pay depends on how often you unlock your Android lock screen. Unlike S’more, which pays out a fixed amount each month, getting paid via SlideJoy is dependent on frequent use.

SlideJoy used to pay $6 per month, but that has since been lowered with users saying people got paid anywhere from near nothing to $2 per month. Every time you unlock your screen, you might get paid “carats”, which is the official currency that SlideJoy uses.

1,000 Carats equals $1.

If you’re looking for an app that pays you a set amount, check out S’more, which does the same thing as SlideJoy, but you won’t have to wait 3 months to get paid like SlideJoy. You’ll get paid in the first month.

How Do You Get Paid With SlideJoy?

SlideJoy pays out on the 15th of each month. There are no minimum cash out requirements, but new users will have to wait three months for their first payout, which is a long time!

SlideJoy pays out in PayPal, Amazon gift card, or Square. It doesn’t offer gift cards like most other apps do, unfortunately, but what is better than cash?

You ca also donate your earnings to the below charities:

  • Got Your Six
  • Jericho Project
  • Tutor Chat Live

When you sign up, you’ll be directed to two different kinds of accounts, normal or a hero. If you want to keep the money for yourself, sign up with the normal account. If you want to donate your earnings to charity, you can start a hero account.


SlideJoy Referral Program

They pays you 20 percent of your referral’s first-month earnings. Since you’ll earn a few dollars at most, that amounts to less than 50 cents per signup. This isn’t a great signup bonus, but if you think your friends and family might get value out of the app, you can try it out.

Your friend will get 100 Carats for signing up through your link.

SlideJoy Complaints

There have been quite a few complaints about the SlideJoy app on the Google Play Store.

Some people say the Amazon gift card code never comes, people aren’t happy with having to wait 3 months to receive payment, some people did surveys but didn’t get paid for them.

Google Play reviews for SlideJoy
Google Play reviews for SlideJoy

Is There An Apple Version Of SlideJoy?

No, Apple doesn’t allow a third-party application to take over the lock screen but Android does. If you have an iPhone, you won’t be able to take advantage of lock screen apps to make a few extra bucks a month.

SlideJoy Pros And Cons


SlideJoy is easy to use and pays via PayPal. If you’re just using your lock screen like usual, you might make a few extra bucks every few months.

You can also donate to certain charities via SlideJoy.


There are a lot of cons here. You’ll have to wait 3 months for your first payout. The Google Play store has had copious amounts of 1-star complaints recently, with people not getting their Amazon gift card codes, not being allowed to cash out, etc.

Some people have complained about the lock screen being buggy and not working properly.

Why We’re Passing On SlideJoy

We were excited to find another lock screen app, but we think you should pass on SlideJoy.

There have been numerous complaints on the Google Play store where people weren’t getting paid out in carats.

If you’re looking for a lock screen app that pays you a fixed amount each day no matter how many times you unlock your phone each day, check out the S’more app instead.

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