S’more App Review: Legit Passive Income Lock Screen App?

S’more App Review: Legit Passive Income Lock Screen App?

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We love being able to monetize things we’re already doing. We get paid to search, shop, and with the S’more App, we get paid to unlock our phone. It’s something we do hundreds of times a day, so why not get paid to do it as well?

What Is The S’more App?

The S’more App pays you for your phone’s lock screen real estate.

Every time you lock your phone, you have to unlock it. S’more pays you to show you ads on that lock screen.

The company that owns the S’more App is Lab465, LLC, and created the S’more App in mid-2016.

Download the S'more app To get paid for opening your lock scree.

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Who Can Sign Up For The S’more App?

S'more Earn Cash Rewards with your Android lockscreen

The S’more App is for residents of the United States who have an Android smartphone. There isn’t an age limit on signing up for the S’more App.

Do You Have To Interact With The Ads On The S’more App?

The Smore App front screen

The great part of the S’more App is that you get paid a flat rate for allowing the S’more App to take over your lock screen. You don’t get more money if you click on the ads or unlock your phone more. You simply get the same amount of money each day so there is no incentive for you to do anything extra than what you usually do when you unlock your phone.

Are There Other Ways to Make Money On The S’more App?


Smore App Extra points on your lock screen

There are offers and surveys, but we wouldn’t recommend doing them since they’re quite low-paying. The surveys are run through a company called Peanut Labs, and true to their name, the surveys do pay peanuts.

Sometimes when you do surveys, you’ll get disqualified after a few questions because you’re not their target demographic as well. You do get 1 point if you’re disqualified from the S’more App, but that’s not much at all! We’d recommend skipping the surveys in the S’more App.


Earn points via the s'more app just from opening your lock screen

We checked out the offers on the S’more App and believe that other sites have better offers as well. Check out our favorite cashback and offer sites with sign up bonuses instead of that interests you.

Watching Videos

You now get paid 1 point for watching 3 videos. We recommend skipping this section as well and instead using one of the desktop sites that pay you to watch videos, where you can mute them and put them in the background, while still earning points.

If you’re not using your phone, you can set it to run videos and not look at them. The videos are around 30 seconds long and are actually ads, not long YouTube videos like on other sites.

Earn money with the s'more app through surveys and offers and referral points

Remember, the whole point of the S’more App is to get paid a little extra for renting your Android lock screen real estate.

How Much Does The S’more App Pay?

The S’more App gives you points, with each point being worth a penny. It’s 100 points to $1.

The S’more App pays $.10 per day no matter how much you interact with the ads. You can literally ignore them all by swiping away to unlock your screen and you’d still get $.10.

The S’more App developers probably did this so that people weren’t trying to game the system by continuously locking and unlocking their phones. They probably looked at the average amount of times a normal person unlocked their phone each day and based their daily pay of $.10 around that.

$.10 comes out to $3 a month or $36.50 a year. That’s not a ton of money, but this is just one extra app. Plus, you don’t have to do anything other than unlocking your phone, which you’re already doing, so there’s no extra work for you for downloading the S’more App.

Does The S’more App Have A Referral Program?

S'More App pays 25 cents per referral

The S’more App pays 25 cents per friend you refer once they have the S’more App installed on their phone for 10 days.

This isn’t a large referral bonus at all, so check out our list of free money recommendations if you want higher bonuses.

How Does The S’more App Pay Out?

The S’more App pays you via gift cards. There are no cash, Paypal, or check options, though they do have Amazon gift cards, which are basically equivalent to us as cash since 50 percent of all buying intent starts on Amazon nowadays.

S'more app payout for gift cards

You only have to make $1.5 to cash out the first time, then you can cash out at every $1 increment, which is one of the lowest thresholds we’ve seen in the money making apps niche. Since you make $.10 per day installing the app and get $.50 for installing the app through this link, you’ll get to $1.5 in 10 days for your first cashout. After your first cashout, you’ll get to cashout every 10 days for $1.

In a month, you’ll make $3, which is $36 a year.

Which Gift Cards Does The S’more App Offer?

S'more cash in for gift cards

The S’more App offers the below gift cards from the following companies

  • Amazon
  • AMC Theatres
  • Applesbees
  • Best Buy
  • CVS
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Gamestop
  • Google Play
  • Itunes
  • Starbucks
  • Target

Keep in mind that you can redeem Amazon gift cards for $1 minimum, the rest of the gift cards require a $5 minimum, except for Google Play, which requires a $10 minimum.

Do The Points For The S’more App Ever Expire?

The points for the S’more App expire every 30 days, but as long as your phone is on every day (whose phone isn’t on every day?), you’ll get points every day.

Your points will also expire if you don’t redeem them every 12 months at least. I’m sure everyone is redeeming their S’more App points whenever they have met the minimums, but just wanted to mention it in case some people are hoarding their points in anticipation for a big redemption. We always recommend redeeming points as soon as possible.

Why Is There Only An Android Version And No Apple Version?

S'more android version - no apple

A lot of people complain that there is only a S’more App for Android. A lot of Apple users are upset because they’d like to make passive income as well. The issue here is that  Apple doesn’t allow an app to take over your lock screen, so the developers couldn’t recreate the S’more App for Apple.

S’more App Fraud Protection

Most survey, money making, and get paid sites use fraud protection to make sure one person doesn’t have multiple accounts since it wouldn’t look good to their end clients.

Fraud protection generally tracks the IP address of the device that the app or site is installed on or used. If more than 1 device is running the app at the same time, you could get banned from the app or site if they deem you malicious. In general, this is why most apps or sites limit an account to one user in the household.

Downsides Of the S’more App

Users have said that the S’more App has drained their battery faster than they would’ve liked.

They have also complained of not qualifying for a lot of the surveys. As we stated above, you should skip surveys in the S’more App because they are not high-paying.

S'more app to unlock rewards, just for using your phone

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