Starbucks For Life: How To Get 2x Free Entries Per Day & Win

Starbucks For Life: How To Get 2x Free Entries Per Day & Win

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đŸŽ”Deck the halls with boughs of hollyđŸŽ”… and Starbucks For Life, please?

We’re super happy it’s here and also ecstatic you can get at least 2 free entries per day! We’ll show you how below.

Starbucks For Life started November 27th and will run until December 31 for 2018, a nice festive touch for the holidays. May you win some great prizes gifts for the holidays! Be sure to enter twice a day at least (for free!).

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How To Get 2 Free Game Pieces Every Day For Starbucks For Life

You know why I love sweepstakes like this? Legally, the company that is hosting the sweepstakes is required to offer entries for FREE in some way. Isn’t that awesome?

You also get a piece for buying things from Starbucks, but only two total per day for purchases + free entries total, so there’s no incentive to purchase more items if you know about how to get free entries.

I do love some Starbucks during the holidays though, but all the extra free entries are icing on the cake!

So every day I enter using the free way as explained below:

Step 1: Scroll Down To the “Click Here” Button For Free Entry

Make sure you’re enrolled in the Starbucks Rewards program here to enter. It’s free to enroll.

Then, click here for the Starbucks For Life website, then scroll all the way down until you get to the fine print where the free entry link is (see red arrow).

Step 2: Fill Out Your Info

Since you’ll be filling this out twice every day to get two entry pieces per day, try to save all your info with Chrome, Mac Autosave, etc.

Under the “select challenge” line, you’ll get to chose “daily” play twice per day. You can also get more entries by selecting the other options in the dropdown — the challenge entries.

Outside of the 2 free “daily” entries per day, you’ll get 3 more entries for the “tier 2” challenge option and 1 more entry for the “tier 1” challenge each week.

So it looks like each week you can get 14 entries (two per day) + 4 entries (three tier 2 entries, one tier 1 entry) = 18 per week.

Since the game is running for 5 weeks, it looks like you can enter 18*5 = 90 times, plus 1 entry when you sign up for Starbucks for life.

Fill out the below “Another way To Play”.

Step 3: Check Your Inbox And Click On The Email

You’ll get sent an email and you’ll need to click on each email you receive.


Step 4: Shake That Snow Globe To Win!

Go back to the Starbucks For Life and click on the snowglobe to get your prize! It can either be a badge (you need three different ones to win each prize) or an instant win.Ta-da!

What Is Starbucks For Life?

Starbucks For Life is a pretty self-descriptive name, because the grand prize is one coffee and food item for life. Well, ok. 30 years according to Starbucks. Still, that’s pretty awesome.

Imagine how much you’d save if one food item and coffee was free every singe day for 30 years! There are 5 grand prize winners for this, but also tons of other giant prizes (Starbucks for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc), which we describe in detail below.

Starbucks created this to insert some festive cheer and market its products during the winter holidays.

How To Play Starbucks For Life

Make sure you’re a member of Starbucks Rewards first by going here and filling out your information. Becoming a member is free. You’ll also get a free drink every year for your birthday as a birthday freebie.

When you first join Starbucks For Life, you’ll get one free piece.

Every week, you’ll be able to get:

  • 1 entry for a Tier 1 challenge
  • 3 entries for a Tier 2 challenge

Each day you’ll get:

  • 2 entries

In total, you’ll have 91 entries by the time you’re done. There are 27 possible badges to win, with 3 needed per each of the 9 large prizes, so maybe you’ll have some luck wining big prizes?

1st-8th, and 10th-17th prizes (as explained below) can be won when you start playing.

To unlock 9th place (Starbucks for Life Coffee), you’ll need to get 3 of the same game pieces.

How Rare Are The Starbucks For Life Pieces?

You know how the McDonald’s Monopoly pieces work? For every color block there is one rare piece. That way you feel like you’re winning, even though the rare piece will likely never materialize for you.

Starbucks does the same thing. For each prize, you need to collect three badges. The third badge is the rare piece. Starbucks doesn’t give out the odds of winning the first two pieces, but says they are given out frequently. They do give a table of odds for the third piece though.

I think they literally mean the piece in the third column of the Starbucks For Life game board is the rare piece, but the terms and conditions do not specify which pieces exactly are the rare ones (in the McDonald’s game they name the exact Monopoly piece that is rare).

There are 10 large prizes, as well as instant plays that give you small amounts of stars, food, or coffee. The below table is for 1st-9th prizes.

 Prize#Rare PiecesEst. Value Of Prize Per Win
Grand PrizeStarbucks For Life5$56575
1st PrizeStarbucks For A Year15$1825
2nd PrizeStarbucks For 6 Months75$900
3rd PrizeStarbucks For 3 Months50$450
4th PrizeStarbucks For A Month75$155
5th Prize1,000 Bonus Stars100$38
6th Prize500 Bonus Stars125$19
7th Prize250 Bonus Stars2000$9.5
8th Prize125 Bonus STars25000$4.75
9th PrizeCoffee Collection 2000$94.85

You’re only allowed to win one prize from each tier — ie only one grand prize, one 2nd prize, one third prize, and so forth.

Starbucks For Life: What Are The Prizes And Odds of Winning For Instant Win?

Starbucks For Life also has instant win pieces:

  • 10th Prize: 50% off any breakfast sandwich OR Sous Vide Egg Bites (25,000 Winners)
  • 11th Prize: One brewed coffee (40,000 Winners – $3 Value)
  • 12th Prize: One bakery item (45,000 Winners – $2.6 Value)
  • 13th Prize: BOGO on any Grande or larger handcrafted holiday beverage (45,000 Winners)
  • 14th Prize: 50% off any Grande or larger handcrafted espresso on or after 2pm local time (40,000 Winners)
  • 15th Prize: bakery item for $1 (plus tax, where applicable), with the purchase of any handcrafted espresso beverage (25,000 Winners)
  • 16th Prize: Fifty (50) Bonus Stars (100,000 Winners)
  • 17th Prize: Ten (10) Bonus Stars (1,289,475 Winners)

Much like its name, instant win means you win as soon as you click on the snowglobe and play.

You can only win one prize from each prize tier — ie, you can only win one 10th prize, one 11th prize, one 12th prize, and so on until 17th prize.

Starbucks For Life Game Board

You can see your game board with all your pieces by clicking on “Game Board” in the menu bar.

Here’s what my current game board looks like after playing 9 times. I haven’t gotten a duplicate badge yet and am one badge away from winning 125 stars! I’ve also won 10 stars from the instant win.

Starbucks For Life Challenges

Each week, you can win 4 entries through special challenges. Make note that we explained above you can still get entries for these challenges for free through the form.

30 Days Of Starbucks: Extra Starbucks For Life Game?

You can also enter 30 days of Starbucks, but you can only enter if you’ve become a member after November 27th. Yes, you read that right, AFTER. I don’t know why Starbucks is rewarding new members and not old, but here are the rules according to the website.

Curious, I tried to fill in my info with my actual Starbucks Rewards membership details. It did let me enter, so I’m not sure what is going on here. I’ll update if I get any more info as to whether it allowing me to enter is is a bug or not.

Prizes possible from 30 Days of Starbucks:

  • 1st Prize: 50% off any breakfast sandwich OR Sous Vide Egg Bites (40,000 winners)
  • 2nd Prize: BOGO on any grande or larger holiday beverage. (76,000 winners)
  • 3rd Prize: 50% off any grande or larger handcrafted espresso after 2pm local time (90,000 winners)
  • 4th Prize: Any espresso beverage and get any bakery item for $1 (50,000 winners)

As a reminder, Starbucks For Life started November 27th and will run until December 31 for 2018, a nice festive touch for the holidays. Let us know what you win!

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    1. Thanks Penny! I was trying to explain it to a friend and wanted to just send a link, but I couldn’t find a good breakdown. So I went and wrote it, haha. Hopefully someone wins something for free :D. I’ve now won 20 points but nothing super exciting (yet?).

  1. I actually have 2 badges in every category. Haven’t won an instant win. Now I just keep getting duplicates. Really hoping to win one soon.

  2. I have 2 badges in each category, instant win of 30 points, a coupon for a $1 bakery item with any purchase and a free coffee exp. on January 17th or the 7th for 2019

  3. I played pretty much every day and got 2 badges in every category. I won a couple of instant prizes – 10 bonus stars and a cup of brewed coffee.

    Today, I got an email that said I’ve won Starbucks for a Month. I am so excited!!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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