Survey Junkie Review: Make Money With Surveys

Survey Junkie Review: Make Money With Surveys

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We decided to do a Survey Junkie review since we’ve heard so many good things about it. They’re pretty aptly named, “Survey Junkie”. The name suggests people are addicted to surveys, so it’s a great website for those who want to sit on their couch and each some extra money.

Survey Junkie Review: What Is It?

The 3 step process for Survey Junkie. Take surveys, earn rewards, and get paid.
The 3 step process for Survey Junkie. Take surveys, earn rewards, and get paid.

Survey Junkie is a survey site that aggregates a bunch of survey sites onto one platform so you don’t need to look through a ton of different survey sites.

Survey Junkie even gives you points for just signing up, filling out your profile, and answering questions about your basic interests.

Every point is worth 1 cent, so 1,000 points is $10. Points are in your account the second you finish your surveys. There’s no extra vetting or waiting with Survey Junkie.

With every survey site though, the biggest question has to be: do they actually pay or are they a scam? So here’s the payment screenshot first thing.

Survey Junkie Payment Proof
Survey Junkie Payment Proof

Check Out Survey Junkie!

Is Survey Junkie Legit Or A Scam?

Survey Junkie is completely free to use. It also has one of the best graphics for survey sites (the other one is SwagBucks) and is super easy to use. Survey Junkie was started in 2005 and currently has over 7,000,000 members.

Never pay to use a survey site — those are the scams. You should only be using free survey sites.

Survey Junkie also has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have the highest rating of any survey site on TrustPilot. Even higher than SwagBucks!

Survey Junkie Trustpilot Reviews: 8.8/10.
Survey Junkie Trustpilot Reviews: 8.8/10.

The best part is they actually say on the website, “You will not get rich!” Unlike other survey sites, Survey Junkie really don’t seek to over-promise in terms of how much you can make.

Who Can Join Survey Junkie?


Survey Junkie is free to join and accepts people who are at least 13 years old. It accepts people from the US, Canada, or Australia.

They look for all demographics, but each survey might look for different demographics. If you fill out your profile and special interests ahead of time, you can be matched better.

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Which Surveys Will Maximize Your Earnings?

Survey Junkie examples above. The bottom right is a good survey to do.
Survey Junkie examples above. The bottom right is a good survey to do.

You should only take surveys that are high-paying so you’re not wasting your time. If you’re trying to make $10 an hour while watching Netflix, you can just use this simple formula below.

(# of points * minutes needed)/60 = $/hour

The above are examples of surveys on Survey Junkie. See the 65 point/5 min one? Odds are it takes around 4 minutes, so your payout per hour is $9.75. That’s not bad for sitting on your couch watching Netflix, filling out a few questions.

Each survey tells you how many points it is upfront and how long it takes to do the survey.

The above formula tells you how much you can make per hour doing the survey. Decide if it’s a good rate for you to complete the survey. Go for the high-paying surveys and don’t waste your time.

On average, surveys seem to take less than the time estimated. Most surveys show the percentage that you’ve completed of the survey, so it’s easy to see how much more of the survey there is.

You shouldn’t be spending 8 hours a day filling out surveys. Contrary to what other people say, there aren’t enough surveys for you to make a full-time living off of it. Anyone who tells you that is flat-out lying.

If you’re looking for different side hustles, we’ve got over 150 ways to make money.

Survey Junkie Best Practices

Survey Junkie front page, one of the nicest UI's out there for survey sites.
Survey Junkie front page, one of the nicest UI’s out there for survey sites.

Create A Separate Email Account

It’s nice to have a separate email account so your inbox doesn’t have survey emails. When I tried Survey Junkie out, I got 3-5 emails per day with new surveys. To test out the spammyness, I went to settings and turned off the email setting. They stopped (unlike some other survey sites).

If you’re worried about spam mail, always give your email out as [email protected] The “+surveysite” portion will allow your emails to go to your normal inbox, but will allow you to figure out which site is sending you the spam. This is more of a tip for whenever you give your email out, because some retailers have been known to sell emails.

Take Your Time & Have Your Answers Be Consistent

Just like SwagBucks, if it looks like you’re just picking answers at random, you might be warned off of Survey Junkie. Answer honestly and be consistent. Ie, don’t say you’re a vegetarian in one survey, then say you like meat in another. Be honest and you’ll be fine.

You should try for a few a day. This is because Survey Junkie will start sending you better surveys if you’re a consistent survey taker. Don’t take a ton just because of that though, remember to only take the high-paying ones.

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Detailed Interest Surveys

Most survey sites ask you these interest questions on every single survey, then disqualify you when you don’t meet their criteria.

Survey Junkie makes you fill out those interests just once so you don’t need to waste time. They give you 10 points per specialized survey you fill out and it helps you get screened better!

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No Personal Information Shared Unlike Other Survey Aggregators

Survey Junkie doesn’t share personal information like your phone number, address, exact birth date, etc. unlike other survey aggregators.

How Does Survey Junkie Pay Out?

Is there a minimum payout?

Survey Junkie has a $10 minimum payout. Unlike other survey sites with payout thresholds as high as $30, you can cash out at $10 for Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie gives you 25 points just for confirming your email and 50 points for filling out your profile. You get 10 points each for filling out a short specific interests questionnaire.

You can cash out via Paypal or gift cards if you’re in the US. If you don’t have a Paypal account, it’s free. If you decide to cash out via Paypal, you’ll need to cash out all at once.

Get paid via gift card or Paypal on Survey Junkie
Get paid via gift card or Paypal on Survey Junkie

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Can You Get Cash From Survey Junkie? Is There A Fee?

When you reach 1000 points, which is $10, you’ll be asked to verify your information for 50 points. This takes less than a minute and you get an extra 50 points!

Survey Junkie Redemption 50 Point Bonus
Survey Junkie Redemption 50 Point Bonus

You can cash out with an Amazon giftcard of Paypal. If you’re looking to save money, cash out via Amazon gift cards and only buy things when you have enough on your Amazon gift card balance.

You’ll get your Paypal cash immediately after you hit the redeem button. Honestly, I was surprised it was so easy and quick. For whatever reason, most other survey sites take forever to

Survey Junkie Payment Dashboard
Survey Junkie Payment Dashboard

If you cash out via Dwolla, it’s automatically deposited to your account.

Cashouts are immediate, so there’s no waiting a few days like some survey sites make you do. There’s also no fee to cash out, which is great.

These are the gift cards they offer:

  • Groupon
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Walmart

They’re offered in denominations of $10, $15, $20, $25, and $50. Unlike other survey or cash back sites, Survey Junkie doesn’t offer a redemption bonus for gift cards.

Survey Junkie Gift Card Redemption Possibilities
Survey Junkie Gift Card Redemption Possibilities

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How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

Survey Junkie pays between 50 to 500 points per survey, which roughly translates to $.50 to $5 per survey, depending on how long it is.

You are NOT going to make a thousand dollars a month like some sites promise, but if you have a bunch of spare time and just want to answer surveys on the couch or on your subway or bus commute to work, then this is a fun way to do so. There simply aren’t enough surveys around to make you $1,000 a month. Keep in mind that other ways to make money or side hustles might pay more.

If you get disqualified for a survey, you’ll get 3 points. I would recommend taking short surveys that are on a $10/hour pay rate so that if you get disqualified, it’ll be very quick and you’ll still get 3 points.

For example, a 80 point, 5 minute survey is $9.6/hour.

How Do I Redeem Points?

Survey Junkie Point Redemption page under "My Points".
Survey Junkie Point Redemption page under “My Points”.

Click on your profile in the top right and then go to “My Points”. Once you’re there you can redeem points when you have at least $10.

Your points don’t expire as long as you take one survey every 12 months, so you don’t have to worry if you need to take a break from surveys.

How Does Survey Junkie Make Money?

Market Research

Survey Junkie makes money from collecting market research. Companies use this data to see how customers are reacting to a product, as well as what kind of products customers want.

You don’t have to give your real name or real birth date, they’re just looking for data from a large pool of people so that they can accurately predict what consumers want. Your answers help companies better cater towards consumers.

Brand Specific Data

The special interest surveys are great because they ask if you’re a customer of specific brands — these often pay more because there’s a more limited audience who can answer these questions. Some examples are the below:

  • Which brand of cleaning products do you use?
  • Do you have any pets? What kind of food do they eat?
  • Which airlines do you fly most frequently?

You get paid just to answer your specific interests, and then if you’re matched with a company who is doing specific research on their products, you’ll get higher-paying surveys.

Survey Junkie Pros and Cons

Get paid with Survey Junkie!
Get paid with Survey Junkie!

Survey Junkie Cons

Sometimes you’re not going to qualify for a survey, and that will be annoying. At least you’ll get 3 points for not qualifying. Try to do short high-paying hourly surveys, based on our formula above, so if you’re kicked out, you won’t lose that much time and still get a small reward.

You won’t get an unlimited amount of surveys, so try to do a few a day to maximize your earnings. Don’t just do every single survey available, unless you really like doing them and would otherwise do another activity that wouldn’t make you money anyway.

Survey Junkie Pros

If you’re the type of person who wants to make a few hundred dollars a month sitting back and answering survey questions, then check out Survey Junkie. If you want to be more active and make a few thousand and optimize your time with a side hustle, this might not be for you. Only you can decide for yourself!

Check Out Survey Junkie!


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