SwagIQ Review: Earn Up To $1,000 Per Game With This Trivia App. Scam Or Legit?

SwagIQ Review: Earn Up To $1,000 Per Game With This Trivia App. Scam Or Legit?

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I love answering trivia questions. It makes me feel all of the random (and normally useless info) inside of my head is now useful! Now, there’s a new free trivia app that pays you up to $1,000 per game to play — it was launched earlier this year by parent company SwagBucks. Meet SwagIQ!

Make Money With The SwagIQ Trivia App


With HQ Trivia, you have a ton of people playing (up to a 2.5 million in a single broadcast earlier this year). That’s way to many people to compete with in my book. With SwagIQ, there are around 20,000 people, which is a much more manageable amount in my opinion, and gives you much better odds at winning.

What Is SwagIQ?

SwagIQ is a live trivia game that rewards you with cash when winning, paid through via Paypal.

The app is completely free, and you should never pay money to use a money making app.

SwagIQ is a fun app created by SwagBucks, a site and app that pays users for completing surveys and watching movies, gives users cash back, and offers fun games to play for extra cash.

If you haven’t heard of SwagBucks or signed up with them yet, they’re offering $20 in bonuses when you sign up. Check out our review of Swagbucks here to get all the details. Or, if you’d rather just sign up, you can do sign up by clicking this special link.

SwagBucks has come up with this game in an effort to branch out into digital media marketing. If you’re playing live trivia, SwagIQ can partner with companies to bring you creative content.

How Does The SwagIQ Game Work?

The grand prize is $1,000 per game usually — it has been up to $10,000 on occasion.


An example of a SwagIQ Question
An example of a SwagIQ Question

There are 10 questions with 3 choices each. Once you pick a choice, you can’t go back and pick another one. Your answer is “locked” in.

SwagIQ Rules

SwagIQ Rules

SwagIQ Rules

You earn 1 SwagBucks per question that you get right, except for the last question, which is usually worth 5 SwagBucks if you get it right. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, you can collect your SwagBucks if you stay till the end of the game.

Make sure you stay until the end of the game in order to collect your SwagBucks. If you don’t stay until the end of the game, you won’t get them. I generally just leave my phone on and mute it, then wait until the end of the game to collect my SwagBucks.

If you accidentally hit the home button and exit the app, you can still get back in the game as long as the next question hasn’t been asked. This is to make it fair because SwagIQ wants to ensure that you answer all 10 questions in order to win the grand prize.

So even if you don’t win the grand prize, you get a little something, which is more than you can say for when you watch games like Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, or Family Feud. This way you can win just playing from your phone.

One Life Per Game In SwagIQ

In SwagIQ, if you answer a question wrong, you’re out of the game unless you’re willing to buy back in. You only get one buyback per game.

In general, I don’t recommend buying back in, because the math doesn’t make it worthwhile to do so, unless maybe you’re on the last question. In the games I’ve lost, I’ve seen buybacks of 18 SwagBucks on the third question to buybacks of 300 SwagBucks on the eighth question. That’s 18 cents on the 3rd question and $3 on the 8th question.

Again, not worth it in my opinion.

You do get one free life per friend that you refer so, if you have lives, you should save them for when you’re in rounds 8-10 so you have a better chance of winning the grand prize.

You Can Rejoin One SwagIQ Once Per Game
You Can Rejoin One SwagIQ Once Per Game

In general, I’ve seen multiple people win the game and split the grand prize of $1,000. You’ll see their names at the very end. That’s great because I’d rather have a better chance to at least win at something, vs a small chance to win the grand prize.

How Much Can You Win With SwagIQ?

SwagIQ currently offers $1,000 per game, split between the winners.

SwagIQ Winning

Make Money With The SwagIQ Trivia App

I’ve played multiple games and it seems each game has had more than one winner. In general, the questions are decently easy up until number 4 or so and then Googleable until you get to questions 7 or 8.

SwagIQ Winners

SwagIQ Tests Your Googling Skills

SwagIQ doesn’t explicitly say you cannot Google answers, as I found out after reading both the terms and conditions and policies in the app.

Most live trivia apps do not explicitly say you cannot Google answers. In fact, HQ Trivia says it outright.

The reason for this is because you only get 10 seconds in between questions. If you assume a second to read the question, a second to think of a good phrase to Google, and 2-3 seconds to type the phrase into Google, you really only have 5 seconds left to find an answer. Considering most websites take at least a second to load, you’re really not getting a lot of time to Google it.

After playing a few games, it felt like you could get to question 7-8 out of 10 if you were really skilled at Googling.

An example of a super hard question would be if they asked which property wasn’t a cheap or expensive piece in Monopoly in questions 7-10. If you tried to Google the exact phrase, you’d get nowhere. A good Google search term might be “Monopoly prices”. Click on the second link and you can see the prices of all the cards and pick the one that isn’t the cheapest.

Another example would be if they asked “Which of these is not ___”? It’s difficult to eliminate two answers in less than 10 seconds because you just don’t have enough time. These are times when you really have to know your trivia or be incredibly fast at Googling.

How Does SwagIQ Prevent Cheating?

While SwagIQ doesn’t say you can’t Google, it does say that you only get one account per user. They have you verify your account with your phone number so that each person can only have one account. The reason for this is because they don’t want you having multiple phones and answering differently on each phone. If you consider that the first 7 or so questions are decently easy, then in order to win from the last 3 questions, you’d need 27 phones. Considering you can usually eliminate at least one answer, that brings you down to 2^3 = 8 different phones.

I’d be annoyed at playing a game when others are trying to game the system, especially when it comes to being able to actually win money. I think SwagIQ allowing only one phone per user is a great way to combat that.

You’re also not allowed to script bots that answer differently as well, otherwise it just wouldn’t be free to the rest of us.

It’s great that they’re enforcing a one account per person rule by requiring a telephone number to make the game more fair for us.

How Does SwagIQ Make Money?

In the digital marketing world, you can make money 3 ways:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising

SwagIQ goes for sponsorships. For example, a SwagIQ game might be about baking and a popular baking company will have sponsored the prize and might also offer a small discount for SwagIQ players at the time. You’ll have references to the company during the game.

SwagIQ will get paid by that company for sponsorship and that might cover part of the prize money they offer for that day.

In general video CPM rates are decently high

 Does SwagBucks Have A Referral System?

You get a free life for every friend you refer to SwagBucks and 10 percent of their winnings. You can only use one rejoin per game. While this isn’t as lucrative as some other sign up bonuses, if you and your friend play together, you’ll have a better chance of winning if you both know some trivia.


SwagIQ Pros and Cons


Overall the app is pretty fun to play and feels like an app you’d play for free. It’s kinda similar to playing trivia pursuit on board game night, being there for Family Feud, or just a round of Ellen’s mobile app Head’s Up!

The app is completely free to use and you can win up to $1,000 per game. I suspect over time as they gain more players, they’ll up the prize amount.

You get an extra life for referring a friend, so if you’re on question 8, 9, or 10 and need a second life, that’d be the perfect time to use it!


SwagIQ does charge SwagBucks for rejoining the game, but you can simply choose not to. You can’t buy SwagBucks at all, so it’s not like you can lose money.

Also, sometimes the app is a bit laggy with 20,000+ people logged onto it at once. They’re working on that though and the laggy parts are just when the host talks and doesn’t affect the text questions on the screen so it doesn’t really matter that much to me.

Make Money With The SwagIQ Trivia App

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