Toluna Review: Survey Site, Scam Or Legit? Product Testing

Toluna Review: Survey Site, Scam Or Legit? Product Testing

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Toluna is one of the most unique and modern survey sites out there. They stand out by offering free products for you to keep after you test and allowing you to pick categories of surveys to take.

They also pay you up to $108 for just installing their app and software on your electronic devices.

In this thorough Toluna review, we’ll go over how to make the most money with them.

What Is Toluna? Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Toluna is a market research company. It was created in 2003, employs over 800 people and has over 13 million members in over 86 countries. Toluna has 21 offices worldwide.

Toluna pays you for giving you your opinion in the form of surveys or product testing. It’s the only survey site that gives you free products to keep in exchange for your opinion. There aren’t that many legit survey sites, but Toluna is one of them that actually pays out, offers surveys, pays you to install software and apps, and gives away free products for you to test.

Toluna has nearly 200,000 likes on FaceBook and 23,000 followers on Twitter, along with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How do You Sign Up? Does Toluna Offer A Sign Up Bonus?

You can sign up with Toluna if you’re 13 and over. Toluna is available worldwide.

Get 500 Bonus Toluna Points

To sign up, Toluna will need the following information: Name, gender, date of birth, country, email, and zip code.

Sign up for Toluna Influencers

Create an account with Toluna

Toluna offers a 500 point sign up bonus through this link, and a few 100 point bonuses for just filling out your profile surveys. Toluna will send you a verification email to make sure it was you who signed up with your email. Once you click on the verification button, you’ll get your bonus points.

Toluna confirmation email

After signing up with Toluna, you can download the mobile app to make survey taking easier.

Toluna mobile apps

Does Toluna Have A Mobile App?

Survey sites with mobile apps or platforms are the best for people who are just trying to make a spare bit of money while waiting in line, on the bus, or sitting on your couch watching Netflix.

If you can make money giving your opinion on products and services while on your phone when you’re waiting, why wouldn’t you?

The app alerts you whenever a new survey in a category you like appears so you can take it immediately.

What Kind Of Surveys are On Toluna?

Profile surveys on Toluna are worth 100 points each and only take a minute or two to complete.

Toluna profile surveys

You can also answer mini-polls for 15 points. These are usually a yes or no question on Toluna.

Toluna Quick Polls

For longer surveys, you can choose which topic interests you and only do surveys for that topic. These pay between 15-20,000 Toluna points per survey. These usually last 10 to 20 minutes. It didn’t look like there was an end to the parade of surveys, so you’ll have plenty to fill out if you join Toluna.

Toluna is the only survey site that allows you to pick surveys by topic, so if you only want fun surveys about your favorite foods, beauty products, or other topics, this might be the survey site for you.

For each survey you attempt, you can get disqualified if the survey is not looking for your specific demographics. In general, you’ll get disqualified quickly after start the survey, so you’ll know soon usually. Sometimes, it takes a while to get disqualified though and you’ll have gone through some of the survey. You’ll get an entry into a monthly sweepstakes from Toluna if you get disqualified.

If you want to avoid being disqualified as much, make sure to fill out your profile surveys to get surveys that are targeted towards your demographics.

Product Testing On Toluna

You have the opportunity to test products for free on Toluna.

If you want to do product testing, you sign up for free and are put into a lottery for free products.

Toluna Digital Tracking Consumer Insight Report (Earn $108 per year)

Toluna Digital Track Consumer Insights Panel

At the bottom of the rewards page in your account, you’ll see this banner. Click on it to get access Toluna Digital Tracking.

Toluna will pay you 9,000 points per month per electronic device if you install Toluna Digital Tracking on your device.

Toluna Digital Insights Panel

If you install this on your phone, tablet, and computer, that’s 27,000 Toluna points per month, which translates into $9 per month.

Toluna Digital Panel explanation

That’s $108 per year for just installing an app on your electronic devices.

If you’d like to make passive income from other companies that pay you just to install apps, check out our compilation of passive income apps that add up to more than $500 per year.

Areas That Don’t Pay On Toluna

There are two areas that don’t pay on Toluna, so we’d recommend you stay away from these two areas.

Battles: You give your opinion in a battle of two products or services. This section doesn’t pay anything.

Thumb It: People come up with topics and others upvote and downvote it.

How Much Does Toluna Pay?

Each survey will give you a certain amount of points, which can then be converted into rewards.

You need 3,000 Toluna points to exchange for $1. The minimum payout for gift cards is at 30,000 points, which translates into $10.

Here are some of the gift cards they offer:

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • iTunes
  • Target
  • More

Toluna gift card types

Paypal payments start at 90,000 points, or $30. Checks start at $25 for 75,000 points. All these redemptions are at the same rate of 3,000 Toluna points for $1.

Toluna offers PayPal, Amazon GCs, and other kinds of gift cards.

You can get enter the $4,500 monthly drawing for 500 Toluna points and an LED TV for 1,000 Toluna points. I wouldn’t recommend this though, as you’re simply playing a lottery. Just wait to get enough points and then cash out.

Toluna Sweepstakes

You can also use between 50 and 500 Toluna points to enter gift card and physical product drawings.

If you’re using Toluna to test products for free, you can keep the product after you write a review and give your opinion on it.

Toluna points expire after 12 months of non-use.

If you’re looking to redeem a physical gift card, it could take up to 8 weeks to get the gift card. If you want an eGift Card or to be paid in PayPal, you’ll get your rewards almost immediately.

Does Toluna Have A Referral Program?

Toluna gives you 500 Toluna points for each person you refer.

What Does Toluna Do With Your Data? Is It Safe?

Toluna provides aggregate data to the companies it works with in order for them to produce better products and services. They don’t use direct marketing and don’t sell your email to other companies. Feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions about your data.

Toluna Pros

Toluna offers a sign up bonus of 500 points and $3 per month per electronic device you install their software on. That’s $108 a year in passive income.

You also get to choose products to test and keep for free and choose which surveys to take by category.

The site also has an intuitive UI design.

Toluna Cons (Complaints)

Like all survey sites, you’re not going to get rich taking surveys and testing products. That’s just the truth about survey sites. Anyone promising you’re going to strike it rich or make thousands of dollars a month with survey sites is just lying.

Physical gift cards take up to 8 weeks to process, which in our opinion, is quite long. However, if you request a PayPal or Amazon gift card, it’s almost instantaneous, so we can’t really complain there.

Verdict: Toluna – Legit Or Scam?

Get 500 Bonus Toluna Points

Well, that’s the end of our review!

Toluna is a legit site and not a scam. It’s free, so check it out if this is something that interests you. If you’re looking for more ways to make money, we compiled a list of 150+ ways to make money.

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