Ubud Monkey Forest: Visit Some Friendly Bali Creatures!

Ubud Monkey Forest: Visit Some Friendly Bali Creatures!

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The Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the most magical places we’ve been. With over 700 monkeys and 196 species of trees in 12.5 hectares of forest, this place is a must on your trip to Ubud, Bali.

The Ubud Monkey Forest, which is called the Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana in its native language, mainly houses the Balinese long-tailed monkey. The temple area of the Ubud Monkey Forest was built upon the concept of Tri Hita Karana, which means harmony with God, people, and nature.

Ubud Monkey Pro Tips

If you want to get a picture with a monkey on you, the park rangers charge $1USD or so to get a monkey on you and take a picture with it. It’s worth it if you want a cute picture. I wouldn’t suggest coaxing a monkey to climb onto you, because they’re not as familiar with you as the park rangers. It’s also only $1!

Ubud Monkey Forest Stream

Visit The Stream

There is a small stream through the forest — be sure to walk above the stream to get a view.

Don’t Bring Food Into The Forest!

Make sure you empty your pockets of any sweets! Their sense of smell is great and they will hound you for it until they get it. Better yet, scarf it down before you enter!

The Ubud Monkey Forest is generally safe, and the monkeys won’t bother you if you leave them alone. You hear stories about people getting scratched and bitten, but what do you expected when you dangle something in front of them and taunt them?

Celebration Religious Ubud Monkey Forest
Picture from monkeyforestubud.com

Be Respectful Of The Temples

Just as you would respect a church in western culture, be sure to respect the Balinese temples. The temples are closed off, only allowing locals dressed in Balinese worship wear to pray.

Don’t forget to visit the temples in the Ubud monkey forest as well! The temples were built in the 14th century and contain a lot of historical significance. Pura Dalem Agung (The Main Temple), Pura Beji, and Pura Prajapati (which hosts a mass cremation once every 5 years) are the names of the three temples.

Ubud Monkey Forest Warnings

Though the monkeys are cute and small, they will run off with small items if you don’t secure them! Also, note that the park rangers carry small slingshots in case a monkey gets aggressive. This is rare, but if you taunt the monkey, they might have to deal with this.

Ubud Monkey Forest Monkey
Picture from monkeyforestubud.com

Secure Your Small And Shiny Items

This includes sunglasses, jewelry, and other small or shiny things. I suggest taking off all small items and putting them inside a purse or other small bag you can tie around your wrist.

Ubud Monkey Forest Monkey eating some food
Picture from monkeyforestubud.com

Don’t Look Them In The Eye

Ubud Monkey Forest climbing over some construction materials

Though they’re friendly and cute, if you look them straight in the eye, they’ll lunge at you and try to attack you!

They believe eye contact is a form of aggression, so make sure to not look them in the eye.

Don’t worry, the monkeys are omnivores and don’t eat meat. They mostly eat sweet carbohydrates and fruits.

Don’t Tease The Monkeys

Don’t taunt the monkeys with food, don’t chase the monkeys, and don’t try to scare the monkeys! They are aggressive but cute creatures.

The Ubud Monkey Forest sells bananas that you can feed the monkeys. Don’t try and feed them random food you bring in! It’s not good for their diet. Their diet includes sweet potatoes, bananas, coconuts, corn, and papaya.

Don’t Panic!

If a monkey does get on you, stay calm and alert a park ranger. If you start panicking, you’ll only start attracting more monkeys!

Ubud Monkey Forest Parent And Their Kid
Pictures from monkeyforestubud.com

Ubud Monkey Forest Cemetary

How To Get To The Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest is in the village of Padantegal.

You can rent a scooter for the day, which is only $6, take a rideshare, or hire a private driver.

You can see the official Ubud Monkey Forest website here.

How Much Does The Ubud Monkey Forest Cost?

The Ubud Monkey Forest fee is 50,000 IDR for an adult and 40,000 IDR for children.

What Time Is The Ubud Monkey Forest Open?

The Ubud Monkey Forest is open from 8:30 AM to 6 PM every day. However, they only sell tickets from 8:30 AM to 6 PM every day to ensure that you have enough time to visit the monkeys.

Ubud Monkey Forest Injuries and Rabies

Though the Ubud Monkey Forest monkeys probably don’t have rabies, there is rabies in other areas of Bali, so you need to be careful. If you don’t bother or try to touch the monkeys, you probably won’t get scratched.

If you do get injured there is an emergency house in the Ubud Monkey Forest so you can get treatment with antiseptics.

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