Review: $20 SwagBucks Sign-Up Code Promo Bonus

Review: $20 SwagBucks Sign-Up Code Promo Bonus

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Have you heard of SwagBucks yet? It seems everyone keeps talking about it yet no one has explained how to use it in the best way to make the most money. This guide shows you the ultimate hacks to do just that! #makemoney #swagbucks #extramoney #income #sidehuslte

Swagbucks offers gift cards, Amazon payments, or just cash via Paypal! The SwagBucks sign-up code is currently awesome and we’ll be discussing that first. Then we’ll go over how SwagBucks works, and ways to make money on SwagBucks, which consist of searching, cashback, watching videos, doing surveys, and more. We’ll go over passive ways to make money on SwagBucks first, then some other ways which might take a bit more energy.

Get $20 In SwagBucks Bonuses

Since SwagBucks is a survey and cashback site, here are some other survey and cashback sites with signup bonuses or are just awesome:

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What is SwagBucks? Is SwagBucks A Scam? How Does SwagBucks Work?

SwagBucks is listed with an “A” grade on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a score of 9 on Trust Pilot. They also have 2.4M likes on FB and 314k followers on Twitter. SwagBucks has also paid out $250M+ to date. It’s safe to say SwagBucks is legit and not a scam.

You can sign up if you’re from the following countries:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Portugal

Sites like SwagBucks can feel a bit weird if you’re not used to it. It’s kind of weird to think a company will pay you for doing things like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and offer cashback for your purchases. Basically, companies will pay SwagBucks to offer surveys in order to gather market data. Surveys aren’t intrusive and you don’t give any personal info. SwagBucks passes part of that payout along to you. The same thing happens when watching videos; SwagBucks gets paid in ad revenue when you watch videos and gives a portion to you. In terms of cashback, they get paid from the site you buy things from and give a percentage to you.

You can earn retail gift cards, cash via Paypal, or get paid in Amazon gift cards.

SwagBucks Sign-Up Code ($20 in Free Money!) Bonus Promo

1). Get $5 just for signing up to Swagbucks after you confirm your email address.

SwagBucks Sign-up code bonus promo - $5 Just for signing up!
SwagBucks Sign-up code bonus promo – $5 Just for signing up!

2). Get an extra $10 when you spend $25 on a site that SwagBucks offers cash back for in the US. *Hint* Amazon, Walmart, etc — all the well known retailers are on there! You’ll get an email with this bonus code after you sign up.

Get $20 In SwagBucks Bonuses

Swagbucks sign-up code $10 shop bonus promo - $15 in total!
Swagbucks sign-up code $10 shop bonus promo – $20 in total!

3). You get another $5 bonus after you link your credit card with SwagBucks local. You just go about your normal business but you get cashback on brick and mortar purchases.

I’ve only included these 3 cashback offers as they don’t require you to do anything you weren’t already doing. You already shop online and probably buy things at a grocery store or restaurant.

Get $20 In SwagBucks Bonuses

Easy Ways To Make Money On SwagBucks

After you get money from completing the Swagbucks sign-up code through this special link, you can get to earning even more SwagBucks!

SwagBucks (SB) are redeemable at 100 SBs per $1. So 1 SB is 1 cent.

I use SwagBucks to earn money for doing things I already do — nothing extra. That being said, you can use it for extra ways to earn SwagBucks, which we’ll discuss after this section.

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Use The Search Engine To Earn SwagBucks

Facebook, Google and other tech companies take your information and collect money when advertisers want to pitch you ads. Instead of giving your information away for free, SwagBucks will pay you to use its search engine (run by Yahoo). You get 4 to 49 SB for every search you do. What’s better than getting paid for something you already do? Probably nothing. You randomly get paid out in SB on searches and can win up to 4 times a day. Just replace your normal search engine and you’ll get on average 800 SB in a month (200/week roughly).

If you’re worried about personal information leakage, SwagBucks is safe and stores your data anonymously in large datasets. Companies want to know what people are searching for.

Install the SwagBucks search engine to make it easy to use their search engine.

SwagBucks Search Engine - SwagBucks Review
SwagBucks Search Engine

Click here to start earning money just for searching the internet.

Get Up To 5 % Back on Amazon & Cash Back On Other Sites

SwagBucks has one of the best cashback programs for Amazon. Most other blogs and sites collect a small commission via Amazon when you click on a product from there. They don’t share their commission, but if you use SwagBucks, you’ll get cashback up to 5% from them! You shop on Amazon anyway, might as well get a little discount and cashback from it!

The average Amazon Prime member spends $1,300 per year, so that’s up to 540 SB per month.

SwagBucks also offers all of the “normal” retailers as well, so if you spend money anywhere else, you’d get cash back for not doing anything extra. They even currently have 10% cashback on Jet, which is insane.

If you have the SwagBucks extension, it’ll alert you whenever you’re on a site that SwagBucks will offer cashback on. If you’re using Adblock, be sure to disable it when you’re making a purchase, or else the extension might not be able to track your data to give you the cashback. All cashback sites work like this, so if you’re missing cashback, this might be the reason why!

You do not need to give out your credit card information in order to use this part of SwagBucks, so you’re safe in that sense if you’re worried about that. The retailer you are buying stuff from gets a tracking signal, which is called a “cookie”, from SwagBucks in order to reward your cashback.

Click here to start earning cashback +  get $10 extra on your first purchase through SwagBucks cashback.


SwagBucks partnered with Mogl to create SwagLocal. Mogl has a lot of local restaurants and shops and offers cash back when you go to them.

When you link a credit card to SwagBucks, you can earn cashback when you’re shopping at local places. I don’t suggest going out of your way to find a restaurant that will give you cashback — enjoy yourself, link your card, and be happily surprised when you get cashback. It doesn’t require any extra effort, so it’s a nice source of passive cashback.

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SwagBucks Deals for Things You’d Already Buy

If you’re considering Hulu, they currently offer $21 cash back. If you’re considering Blue Apron, they offer $55 cash back and 5 free meals. Both the Hulu and Blue Apron deals are the best deals on the market, and you’ll get extra SBs. Most blogs or news sites get paid $ when you buy something through them. SwagBucks is just turning the tables and giving you a portion of that affiliate commission.

If this is your first time purchasing on SwagBucks, keep in mind that you’ll also be collecting an extra $10 when you spend at least $25 through the SwagBucks Sign-up code at the top of the post.

There’s also 3500 SB for getting a $5 dollar shave club starter set — they only offer the $5 on Dollarshaveclub, yet offer an extra $35 on SwagBucks.

If you were going to buy the product anyway, check if there is a cash SB points option. Don’t buy the product just because there are free points involved! SwagBucks cautions that those who buy things but are not serious about the product will be banned (I assume if you do a ton of free trials yet never continue with the subscription they might see this as negative).

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Swag Coupons For Groceries/Cleaning Products You’d Already Buy

SwagBucks gives you 10 SB for each coupon you redeem at the grocery store and 1 SB for every coupon you print out. Only buy things you’d buy anyway or if it is a good deal and you’ll actually use it! They usually have a few hundred offers in there. They’re all everyday food, cleaning, or daily consumables. Coupons range from $.5 to $5.

I picked a few I’d use on a normal basis. Who doesn’t need Mayo and Ketchup? $3 off. I usually get some different brand of yogurt each week. $1 off of a 4 pack of Activia yogurt makes each morning serving 30 cents. $4 off my monthly Zyrtec buy since I have allergies a lot. Savings $8 for 5 minutes of checking coupons? Not bad. Plus you get 30 SB. Let’s assume you use 3 coupons a week for 120 SBs per month.

I wouldn’t go around printing all the coupons for the 1 SB each though, as ink is expensive! Print the ones you’ll use for a nice discount.

SwagBucks Tasks That Require Some Time

If you’re in college, high school, or just have lot of free time and want to do laid back work, consider the below. If you’re an adult with great employment options, perhaps consider a better use of your time than the below parts for a side hustle.

The search engines, multiple cash back options, and coupons above are great uses of your time for doing things you’re already doing or great savings. I’m a firm believer in monetizing your life by making money doing things you already do anyways.

The below have much smaller hourly payouts so be sure to keep that in mind!

Watch Videos On SwagBucks

Swagbucks pays 2-3 SB per 30 minute video. If you have a computer, tablet, and phone, you can max out the daily earnings for SBs. You can earn 150 SB per day on your computer and 40 SB a day on your phone or tablet.

If the videos are annoying, you can always put the sound on mute and have it play in the background while you work on other things. You don’t need to click through to the next video on your phone or tablet, but you do have to click through on your desktop.

There are also 7 other video apps that SwagBucks operates. Open up your App store to download them (free) by searching “swagbucks apps”. They pay out around 100 SB per day if you use all of them.

Here are the 7 apps listed below:

  • SwagBucks Mobile
  • SBTV Mobile
  • EntertaiNOW

Here’s a screenshot of the payouts. It might not be worth your time to click a button every 20 minutes for 2 SB (2 cents!), but you’ll have to be the decider of that. It isn’t worth it to me now, but back when I was a teen or in college and studying at the library? Maybe.

Download Random Apps On SwagBucks

Free app downloads will earn you 15-50 SBs. There are higher redemptions for paid apps, but I wouldn’t recommend those as you’re here to make $, not spend it! You’ll usually have to play the game until a certain level or score. It’ll probably be 10 SB for a few minutes of game fun. If you’re sitting in a waiting room or listening to a podcast during your commute already and bored, consider playing for fun.

There are only 3 free games to play and they’re all from the SwagBucks brand:

  • Swagasaurus Run
  • Swag Jump
  • Swag Memory

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Gold Surveys On SwagBucks

Most surveys pay you peanuts, but some of the gold surveys will pay up to $6-$8/hour. Just a quick glance will tell you the 300 SB one for 25 min is the best one out of the options.

Sometimes you’ll try to complete a survey but it will say you’ve been disqualified after answering some questions. You’ll get up to 5 SwagBucks for your trouble.

Make sure to answer honestly and not go too fast with random answers. They track answers across an account, so if you are answering inconsistently, you might get in trouble with SwagBucks.

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SwagIQ is somewhat like HQ Trivia, where each weekday there will be a game where you answer questions in live time. Occasionally, there are two games per day, but for the most part there is one. Games are usually hosted on weekdays and ~15 minutes long. In between the questions the host talks.


Make Money With The SwagIQ Trivia App

The grand prize has ranged from $1,000 to really special times where there were $10,000 in prizes. Answer one correctly, and you’ll move on to the next. You get 10 seconds to answer (okay, fine, guess) for each question so there really isn’t time to Google things for super random questions. In the beginning, it seemed questions were Google-able, but to make the game more fair, I’m guessing they now check if answers can be found in less than 10 seconds. They usually can’t.

You earn Swagbucks for each question you get correct, even if you’re out of the running. The questions get progressively harder as you move on. You can buy back in once per game but it does cost you SwagBucks so I would’t recommend it unless you were pretty far along in the 10 rounds. I think the cost of rejoining is more expensive the more correct questions you get in a row. Make sure to stay until the end though or else you won’t get your Swagbucks.

There are 10 rounds in total. If you answer them all right and make it to the last round, you get the grand prize. When there are multiple winners, you split the pot evenly with them. If there are no grand prize winners, the pot will simply roll over to the next game.

I’m not sure how they’re earning money off of this but here are a few guesses:

  • Eventually add ads
  • They’re making money off of people who pay to buy back into the game once they lose
  • They’re trying to get the HQ Trivia audience to join SwagBucks
  • They do actually have a sponsor button on their website now, so perhaps that’s how they monetize

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Special SwagBucks Codes and Bonuses

Swag Codes

You get 50 SBs for downloading the SwagBucks extension, 1SB per day you have it installed, and everyday you’ll see codes for free SB redemptions. Don’t want to clutter your browser with an extra extension? Go to Sbcodez. The daily codes are only 2-3 SB but once in a while they have extravaganzas where they offer a ton of codes for more SBs due to a holiday or celebration. Sbcodez publishes all the codes online for the US, Canada, and United Kingdom (not sure if Australia has swagcodes, couldn’t find anything there. Please let me know if you know of another site!).

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Birthday SwagBucks Code Freebie

On your birthday, you’ll get 55 SwagBucks to use for a redemption discount. You can use it up to 30 days after your birthday, so be sure to keep that in mind so you don’t forget it.

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SwagBucks Daily Goal Bonus

You’ll get bonus SBs for earning a certain number of SBs each day. The thresholds are pretty small, and you get bigger bonuses for 7, 14, and 30 day in a row SB Daily goal completions. The bonus is usually 10 percent of SBs earned. This is an example of the daily bonus below.

Refer A Friend For A Bonus

SwagBucks offers 300 SB for every friend you refer and 10 percent of their SwagBucks that they earn forever. They don’t take 10 percent away from your friend, they just give you an extra 10 percent of what they earn.

Ready to start earning SwagBucks? Click here.

SwagBucks Games

Play SwagBucks Swago For Bonus SBs

Swago is like Bingo where you complete random actions (fill out Gold survey, fill out profile, etc) and your square gets marked. The more difficult your pattern, the more SBs you earn in the end. The pattern redemptions are on the right.

Play SwagBucks Spin & Win

You also get spins for even more bonus SBs for part of the rewards you can get when you play Swago! You can earn 1-2500 SBs or 25 entries into their $1,000 sweepstakes. Assume most spins end in 1 SB.

What I DON’T Recommend Doing

  • DO NOT enter the Swagstakes (lottery ticket where you pay with SwagBucks to enter). It’s like buying a negative expected value lottery ticket. Your odds of winning are tiny — save up for a SB redemption instead.
  • Consider the hourly payout for any survey you try and answer. Don’t take a 60 minute survey for $2 unless you’re already listening to a podcast or music on your subway ride to work and can’t do anything else in the meantime — and even then consider if that is worth your time.
  • Decide on a strategy and stick to it — don’t let this be a time suck unless you think the money is worth it!
  • You can’t quit your job on surveys, and any site that tells you you can is lying to you. For some, it’ll be a great way to make some extra money online for gifts, shopping, or just to save more money. But be wary of any site that tells you that you can make a TON of money off of it.

When Can You Redeem Gift Cards & Best Cash Out Deals

You can cash out in $5 increments for Paypal or other gift cards for 500 SB, but you can redeem 2200 SB for a $25 Amazon gift card. That means you’re getting 14% cashback essentially for SBs for that $25 gift card. You can only usually redeem those $25 gift cards once a month. So if you don’t earn 2500 SBs in a month, consider waiting to redeem until the next month so you can get the redemption discount. You can redeem up to twice per day.

If you’re cashing out via Paypal, make sure that both your SwagBucks email and your Paypal email are the same so you’re verified and there is no holdup. Transfers usually take 10-14 days.


Ready to start using SwagBucks to make some extra money each month?

Click here to start using SwagBucks and get a sign-up bonus through this special link.

How Much Can you Earn Per Month?

If you’re earning via the “Monetize Your Life” section and just using SwagBucks to monetize things you’d do already, you can expect around $15-$30 per month. But if we assume you pick up a few deals a year because you’d have bought an item anyway, $225 to $400 per year for doing things you already do: using search engines, getting cash back for things you’d already buy, and saving extra money via using a few coupons.

If you’re going hard by spending time clicking “next” on the videos (phone, tablet, computer, etc), doing gold surveys, playing games, doing the Swago and Spin and Win, you could make $100 a month, or $1,300 a year (assuming you pick up a few extra deals a year). Keep in mind this will take a lot of time though. But if your schedule won’t allow you to pick up another job or other side hustles, then maybe consider it. $1,300 a year is nothing to sneeze at.

But then again neither is a few hundred bucks a year for not doing anything you wouldn’t have done anyway.

Have you ever used SwagBucks? Considering it? Let me know!

Get $20 In SwagBucks Bonuses

Author: Olivia

Olivia worked in finance and wants you to learn the secrets of financial independence. She believes there are so many ways to monetize your life and make money doing the things you're already doing because so many companies offer free money.

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If you have a car, Rideshare apps allow you to pick a direction you want to go twice a day, so you can get extra money going somewhere you were driving to anyway at least twice a day. Get a $300 sign-up bonus with Lyft.

One of my favorite ways ways of monetizing my life is via credit card bonuses with cards that give you cashback or rewards. Check out our review of the Chase Sapphire cards, which give you at least $500 in cash or $625 in travel credit.

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