[$5 Bonus] UseJewel Cashback Review: Luxury + New Brand Cashback Site

[$5 Bonus] UseJewel Cashback Review: Luxury + New Brand Cashback Site

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UseJewel is a cashback site geared towards luxury and new brands. There are a ton of cashback sites, so we were a little suspicious when we first heard about it. Don’t worry, it’s a completely legit and safe site, and Jewel even has exclusive rights to offering cashback with some famous new retailers, like Everlane, Glossier, and Serena & Lily.

Get A $5 Signup Bonus With Jewel

What Is Jewel?

Jewel is a new cashback site that focuses on both new brands and luxury brands. Their domain is called UseJewel, but their company name is actually Jewel. If you’ve ever tried to find your favorite luxury or new brands on Ebates and BeFrugal, but haven’t been able to, fear no more! Jewel is here to get you get cash back on those purchases!

UseJewel was started in 2017 by Andrew Landau in 2017 in Detroit, Michigan.

Jewel Cashback Process

How Does UseJewel Work?

Jewel works just like any other cashback site.

You start at Jewel, and then click through from Jewel to the site you’re buying something from. Jewel gets a small commission from the site you purchased from, and you get most of that cash back from Jewel. It’s a great way to get cash back for not doing anything extra except clicking through to a site!

Cashback sites, credit card rewards, and discounted gift cards save me thousands of dollars each year. That’s on top of my savvy shopping for sales!

Earn up to 15 percent cashback on every purchase

What Is The Jewel Boosted Rate?

You’ll notice that tons of brands have something that says “Jewel Boosted Rate” on them. This is a higher rate that Jewel has managed to negotiate exclusively with a brand, so they can give more cash back to you. We’ve compared the boosted rates versus Ebates and BeFrugal and find them to be much higher for luxury brands.

UseJewel exclusive cashback boost
UseJewel exclusive cashback boost

How Much Cash Back Does UseJewel Give?

This obviously depends on which retailer you’re shopping through. There are two tiers of cashback though. If a brand says “Jewel Boost” as we showed above, you’re unlikely to find the same amount of cashback through another cashback site.

If it doesn’t say “Jewel Boost”, check with Ebates and BeFrugal to see which of the three sites will give you the most cash back.

What Brands Does UseJewel Work With?

UseJewel works with over 500 brands, but we wrote a program to cross-check the stores they gave cashback to versus Ebates and BeFrugal. About 20 percent of the brands they work with are exclusive to their site.

Here are some of the most well-known brands that are exclusive to UseJewel:

  • Carbon38
  • Everlane
  • FEED
  • Glossier
  • Serena & Lily

When Will You See Your Cashback In Jewel?

It usually takes 7-10 business days to see your cashback in Jewel. This is because most retailers don’t credit the commission to Jewel until your order has shipped or arrived. UseJewel can’t credit your cashback until the retailer credits it to Jewel.

How Does Jewel Track My Purchase To Make Sure I Get Cashback?

The great thing about the great cashback sites is that they track your clicks from the site. Ebates, BeFrugal, and Jewel all employ this benefit. You can see that they have a click number, the exact time you clicked to a site, and which site you clicked to. This is to ensure there is an electronic paper trail to make sure Jewel, and therefore you, get the cash back you deserve.

UseJewel Cashback Tracking
UseJewel Cashback Tracking

How Do You Get Paid With Jewel?

Jewel pays out via PayPal or check.

Jewel has a similar payout program to Ebates, who pays out once every quarter. Jewel pays out 5 times a year. It seems they pay out every two months on even numbered months, but skip December for some reason. I have no idea why. If your order is confirmed by the 1st of the month they pay out, they’ll send you a check or Paypal payment on the 10th of that month.

Here is the payout info:

Orders Confirmed By:                        Payout Date:

February 1                                           February 10

April 1                                                   April 10

June 1                                                   June 10

August 1                                               August 10

October 1                                             October 10

Your cash back can be pending for up to 90 days, depending on how long the return policy is for the retailer you shopped at. If the return policy is short, you’ll get your cash back sooner than 90 days. This is because stores don’t want to have to take back cashback if you return the item. The retailer would rather just wait until the return period is up. So for example, if a retailer has a 30 day return policy, you might get your cashback way before 90 days!

The minimum payout for UseJewel is $15.

You can add your address for a check or your PayPal email by going to Profile -> Payment Settings.

Common Cashback Problems With Jewel

Super common issues include not logging into Jewel, using gift cards, or clicking through from another cashback site. Affiliate commissions are “last-click”, which means only one site will be able to give you cash back — you can’t double or triple dip this way, unfortunately.

Return Something, Don’t Exchange

This isn’t Jewel being nefarious or anything, but if you exchange an item, Jewel won’t be able to issue your cashback. I assume it has to do with how the underlying system works. No worries, though, just return the item and reorder it to make sure you get your cash back. If a store is trying to charge you return shipping, if the item was defective, you can ask them to waive the cost of shipping.

Make Your Purchase When You Click, Or Click Again Next Time

Different sites have different expiry times for when they agree to award cashback. Some sites will only allow 24 hours, so if you’re ever purchasing something, make sure to click through from the site before you make your order, just in case. In affiliate marketing, the fastest expiry time I’ve ever seen was 12 hours, so don’t worry if you’re taking a few minutes to place your order.

Cash Back Limits On Gift Card Sites

We haven’t seen limits on most retail site, but most gift card sites only allow a certain amount of lifetime cashback through cashback sites. If you’ve used up your limit with CardPool, Raise, or Gift Card Granny on a cashback site, check out all three of the major cashback sites: Jewel, Ebates, and BeFrugal.

You Didn’t Enable Your Cookies

Cookies are what is used to track your purchase. If you have them disabled or aren’t sure if you do, you can google “how to enable cookies on __________ browser” with the _________ being replaced by Chrome, Safari, Edge, or whatever browser you’re using.

You Purchased From A Reseller

Some sites have resellers on them. For example, Amazon uses its FBA program for their private sellers. You’ll notice because products will say “sold by ________”. If it doesn’t say Amazon.com, that means it’s sold by a third party seller.

Jewel ESG As A Corporation: Charity Donations!

UseJewel gives 1 percent of its profits to Charity Water and The Empowerment Plan. In the age of social responsibility, that’s awesome!

Jewel Referral Program

If you’re the personal finance or fashion lynchpin of your group, you’ll be glad you discovered Jewel early. You get $5 for each friend you refer. I signed up and got the bonus immediately. Use this link to get a $5 bonus.

How Jewel Got The Luxury Brands To Give You Cashback

Getting luxury brands to work with a cashback site has always been difficult. Have you ever wondered why something like UseJewel didn’t exist before? Luxury brands don’t want to dilute their luxury brand with a cashback site. Most cashback sties have rebates, discounts, and coupons. Not something a luxury site wants to be associated with.

But throw in UseJewel, whose tagline is essentially: People who want luxury also love great deals and value. So let us give it to them.

Because you know who loves a deal? People with money. They love a deal more than anything.

How Do I Contact Jewel?

Chat with Jewel customer service

If you’re looking for help, you can send an email to [email protected] They also have a blue chat icon on the bottom right hand of their site during normal buisness hours.

Jewel Pros And Cons


Jewel has a lot of exclusive luxury and new brands that are only on the UseJewel platform. UseJewel is easy to use and has a pretty intuitive UI.

They also have the Jewel Boost, which means a brand has chosen to give Jewel a higher cashback rate than other cashback sites.


UseJewel definitely doesn’t have as many retailers as Ebates or BeFrugal, but that’s because they’ve chosen to just go after cashback for the luxury market. Check with Ebates or BeFrugal if the retailer you’re trying to shop at doesn’t have a Jewel Bost.

They also have a smaller sign-up bonus at just $5 than Ebates [$10 Bonus] and BeFrugal [$10 Bonus], but if you shop at luxury or new brands often, you’ll make it up quickly!

Get A $5 Signup Bonus With Jewel


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